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Dry Bath Truck Camper Confessions

We have a closet rod inside the shower stall where we hang towels to dry and other clothing, which can just rest on the bed while the shower is being used.  We also have an outside shower for cleaner feet and rinsing off from the pool, river, or seas.  I love my own bathroom and hot running water!” – Candace Krewer, 1996 Dodge, 2005 Lance 1181

“I have a dry bath.  We have showered in our campers for years.  We now use it more often, since it is large enough to towel off without hitting walls with your elbows.” – Philip Tron, 2009 Chevy 3500, 2012 Lance 1050

“I have a dry bath.  Sure I use it, except for showering.  It’s where my laundry hamper lives, and our portable electric heater storage and other small items are also stored here.” – Sally Stomberg, 2006 Ford F550, 2006 Lance 1191

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, we use the shower in the camper.  Most of our trips are boondocking and, since we do not have other shower facilities, the camper shower is a welcome reprieve.  I have also used the outdoor shower.” – Terry Berg, GMC 3500, 2013 Arctic Fox 992

“I have a dry bath.  Yes we certainly do use our shower.  One of the reasons we have an RV is that we can’t take staying in filthy motel rooms. We do not use campground facilities for the same reason.” – Thomas Andersen, 2006 Dodge, 2003 Lance 1121

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, we use it on almost every trip.  The Host Yellowstone camper has sixty-six gallons of fresh water and a thirty gallon grey tank so we have plenty of capacity.  We stay out most of the time for a week or two and spend lots of time doing outdoor activities.  A shower at the end of the day is a necessity.” – Mike Borrego, 2005 Ram 3500, 2008 Host Yellowstone

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, we use it to take showers.” – Robert Adams, 2011, Chevy 3500, 2013 Lance 1191

“I have a dry bath.  We use the shower every day.  It is a little cramped and we have to be aware of water and tank capacity, but it is worth it.

Having a shower in the camper is one of the things that makes camping more enjoyable.  We do not like campground showers.

One of the major reasons for our particular camper is the dry bath.  Other manufacturers could learn from Bigfoot.” – Randall Rice, 2012 GMC Sierra 3500 HD, 2002 Bigfoot 2500 10.6C

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, I use the shower.  I am a large person and the size and accessibility of the shower in the 2011 Chalet DS116 camper, I believe, is one of its major selling points.” – Douglas Diehl, 2010 Ford F450, 2011 Chalet DS116

“I have a dry bath.  I use the shower in the camper since many times we are camped for riding quads.  I take a quick shower at night before crawling in bed to clean up the dirt, dust, etc.  It keeps the sheets clean.  If we are camped in a campground, I still prefer the shower in the camper.” – Elliot, 2011 Ram 3500, 2011 Arctic Fox 1150

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, I use it almost all the time.” – Richard C. Raymond, 2005 Silverado 3500, 2007 Palomino Winter Creek 11.5RS

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, I use the shower in my truck camper.  I enjoy the convenience of having everything right there and not having to carry everything to a campground shower house.

In all the many nights I have spent in my truck camper, I think I may have used the campground showers three times.  I usually shower just before going to bed and it’s really nice to get out of the shower and go right to bed.” – Eldon Rhodes, 2008 Chevy 3500, 2011 Lance 1050

“I have a dry bath.  We, as a family always use the truck camper shower and are really enjoying the dry bath of the Chalet.

Wild camping is more or less the only way we use the camper, so we make use of all the facilities it has to offer.  I take a water barrel with us and fill it in streams or rivers and use a little twelve volt sump pump to lift the water into the camper’s tank.” – Allan Huntly, 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, 2014 Chalet TS116

“I have a dry bath.  The dry bath was one of the big factors in purchasing our Lance.  The thought of turning the whole bathroom into a shower was not appealing, nor was the prospect of dealing with wet toilet paper.

We often boondock and the on-board shower makes it much more appealing, knowing that it is possible to shower with a minimum of fuss.

The rest of the story is my dislike for campground showers which I find to be generally grungy and often downright dirty; a most unappealing place to try to get cleaned up.

The real appeal of a truck camper is that it can be parked and used in a great variety of locations and, therefore, should be as self-contained as possible.” – Peter Staples, 2013 Chevrolet 3500HD, 2013 Lance 1172

“I have a dry bath.  Since our camper is brand new, I haven’t yet had the chance to use the shower, but I fully intend to do so.

I used the shower on a regular basis in our old trailer.  I hate, hate, hate, having to lug all my shower gear and clothes to a campground shower room.  I’m a bit squeamish about using public facilities like that.

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