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Dry Bath Truck Camper Confessions

We asked our loyal, and evidently squeaky clean, readers a simple question, “Do you use the shower in your camper?”  While nobody admitted to playing with a rubber duck (we know you’re out there), they have revealed exactly what they do with their truck camper showers.

Here are the dry bath responses:

“I have a dry bath.  Yes, we use it all the time when camping.  The only problem is pressure, and that’s a campground issue.  If we are boondocking, we ration water carefully, but that shower sure feels great!” – L and G Knechtel, 2008 Chevy 3500, 2004 Lance 1161

“I have a dry bath.  We do use our shower regularly when there is isn’t a campground shower.  We find it good once you get over the plastic curtain sticking to you while you shower.  It’s all in the mind.

A suggestion I would have for manufacturers to install the bent shower support (similar to many hotels) that increase the space in the shower stall.  There may be a need to increase the step to make sure the curtain stays in, but I’m sure that can be minimized with a bit of thought.” – Areef, 2005 Ford 350, 2008 Arctic Fox 990

“I have a dry bath.  We definitely use the shower and really enjoy it.  True it’s not like the shower at home but, as the home away from home shower, it’s great.

We recently outfitted it with a new cloth-like shower curtain and new shower head.  Works great!” – Dave Riddle, 1997 Dodge 2500, 2006 Host Tahoe

“I have a dry bath.  We know who has been in our shower.” – Jim Todd, 2009 Dodge 3500, Lance 1191

“I have a dry bath.  Yes we use the truck camper shower.  We had a 1999 with a wet bath.  Personally I liked it okay, but the wife didn’t like taking a shower with the commode.  That is the only reason we upgraded was for the dry bath.

We use our truck camper for dry camping or going on short trips out of town for personal and business reasons.  The shower is one of the reasons I have the truck camper.  Also, the grandkids live four hours away.

On special occasions, when both sides of the family goes, there is not enough sleeping room or hot water in their house.  So, we just set it up in their driveway with everything we need.  If not for the shower, a tall tent would do for me.

We do use the shower for hanging clothes on the way.  Then we can hang them outside somewhere when we get to our camping spot.  I would sell my fifth wheel before my truck camper at this stage in life.” – Jeff Lewis, 2001 Ford F350, 2011 Lance 1181

“I have a dry bath.  We tend to travel in the Spring and Fall when campground showers are pretty cold.  We use our shower almost every day and enjoy knowing it is clean and warm.  It is also our drying place for wet gear and a great place to store muddy boots.  Keep on trekk’n.” – Dave Miller, 2015 F350, 2002 Bigfoot 10.6E

“I have a dry bath.  I have never used it once.  It’s too small and we need the space for storage.” – Jim Dickson, 2006 Dodge 3500, 2004 Alpenlite Santa Fe

“I have a dry bath.  I do use our shower in the camper.  I like a shower to end my day of outdoor activities.  It’s long enough with the hot water but the pressure is low due to water saving.  I turn the water on and off during the shower with the off switch on the shower head.  I would not say that I like the shower, but I am glad to have it at times.

My current camper is a Host Tahoe 10.5 and has a dry bath, no tub, but has a shower and toilet, and a larger bathroom.  I am not a fan of this set up after owning it for a few years, as it takes space out of the camper.  My last camper was an Arctic Fox 990 with a excellent set up for us.  It had a wet bath and was a better size.” – Brent and Patti Portschy, 2005 Dodge Ram 3500, 2006 Host Tahoe 10.5

“I have a dry bath.  On really hot days, I might even take two short showers.  We pull a man cave with a car in it, and extra water.  There are lots of showers in our past and in our future.” – Bob Nelson, 2001 Chevy 3500, 2013 Arctic Fox 1140

“I have a dry bath.  We do use our shower, both for storage (dog food bins, laundry, coats) and showering.  Everything just gets hauled out and put back.

We did install a hanging rod across the length of the shower to accommodate coats and wet towels.  It’s just too much space to not use it for something!” – Audrey Ruccio, 2008 Ford F450, 2008 Host Everest

“I have a dry bath.  I love my shower!  It is large enough for adults, and the pan area makes an effective tub for small children to soak off the day’s dirt, play, and get relaxed for bed.

I especially appreciate not having to use public facilities.  My husband, on the other hand, is willing to go public, thus leaving more capacity for baby and I.

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