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Cool Camping Spots For Hot Weather

Editor’s Note: Okay folks, this next one is from none other than Mike Tassinari, aka Mikeee the Grand Poobah of the North-East Truck Camping Jamboree.  Mikeee thinks this Question of the Week is our way to rationalize not having generator, a topic we have discussed with him for some time.  It wasn’t, but he makes a fair point.

“Do not let the heat chase you out of anywhere.  We promote truck campers as the go anywhere and camp anywhere type of RV.  Buy a generator and get it over with.  Stop worrying about the weight factor!  I do not like the parameters of you question as it is darn silly.  Double darn silly, so take that!

Some of us have purchased an on-board propane generator, so to pretend that it was stolen just does not cut it and I suspect a lot of truck camper owners with on-board generators agree with me as well.

I used both 30-pound propane bottles at the Florida Flywheelers this past year and had less than one-pound left in the second one when I finally topped them off.  I put close to 25 running hours on the generator running the air conditioner during the fair and stayed nice and comfortable.

I also have set up my RV to run on a portable 2,000-watt gasoline generator and, with my 6-gallon extended fuel tank, can go many, many days on that 6-gallons as well.

The day that I have to run from the heat is the day I hang up my hat, sell the RV and sign up for the old age home.  Last time I checked, my hometown Senior Citizen Center has an air conditioner and I am pretty sure their roof top air conditioner unit was there and not stolen.” – Mike Tassinari, 2002 Ford F350, 2016 Lance 1172


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