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50 Falling and Busted Camping Stuff Stories

She turns to me after several miles down the road and asks about the tea.  Oh my soul, it’s still on the stove steeping.  I come to a very slow stop and go inside the camper, expecting a catastrophic mess.  There sits the tea on the stove and the two travel mugs on the table ready to be used.

We both sat right down and added cookies to the fare and thanked the good Lord for the safe passage.  The tea was well steeped!” – Lewis Turner, 2003 GMC 2500HD, 2008 Northern Lite SE

“On one of the very first trips to the mountains of Colorado, my mother went with me and my four kids.  My wife was studying for a college exam and couldn’t go on that trip.  She made a very large bowl of potato salad for the rest of us to enjoy on that mountain trip.

When we got to the first food stop we set up before opening the camper’s back door.  There had been a big KA-BOOM that none of us heard because we were so busy having a great time in the roomy crew cab.  But when we opened the camper door, there was the much-looked-forward-to special potato salad all over the floor and the bowl smashed into many pieces.

The Lesson?  Make sure both the upper and lower pins that hold the refrigerator door closed are in place.  Of course we’ve gone down the road a time or two with the back door held open, again not checking before starting the truck.  We quickly developed a checklist.” – Jack Fletcher, 1969 Dodge 2500, 1969 Mitchell 11 foot


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