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2016 Truck Camping Bucket List Adventures

After this year, we’ll go to Canada and Alaska.  I’m 56 and I don’t think I’ll ever hit all the places I want to hit in the USA.  There are too many places, and not enough time.” – Dave and Cheryl Barker, 2014 Ram 3500, 2015 Northstar 850SC

“All of the National Parks in The West are a short term goal.  Alaska and the Gold Rush areas in Canada are also on the bucket list.” – Tom Waters, 2003 Dodge 2500, 2014 FWC Grandby Shell

“I want to go to Newfoundland by way of Banff and Niagara Falls.  The idea of a ferry ride enthralls me.  Next is the Florida Keys.” – Steve and Joyce Hannan, 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500, 2013 Hallmark Everest

“I would love to camp at NASCAR races.  I would also want to see the national parks when I retire.” – Jerry Estelle, 2005 Ford F350, 2000 Lance 920

“I want to complete the US 83 drive which runs from the Canadian border to Mexico. Visiting small-town America is as rewarding as off-the-grid.  And yes, I have plans for some of that, too!” – Phil Cohen, 2015 Ram 3500, 2016 Northstar 950SC

“We want to tour The West and go to Alaska.” – Steve Wright, 2015 Dodge 3500, 2015 Lance 1172

“We have been to 49 states from one end to the other, and have gone through Canada except Labrador.  Maybe we could fly to Hawaii and rent a VW bug camper and island hop.  No motels.  We’d just bum from island to island.  We could drive around one and go on the ferry to the next one.   I would love to hear it if someone has done this!

Next, we want to head down to the Panama Canal.  Wow what a trip!  My wife, daughter, and I went down into Mexico, almost to Guatemala, ran out of time and came back to Mazatlan.  We took the ferry on the Baja side up and crossed in Nogales.  It’s a great place to cross.  What a fun trip with just the three of us!” – Neil Steirer, 2008 Ford 2008 F350, 2015 Lance 1172

“We have been detoured several times, but Blue Ridge Parkway is our present dream destination, then on to Niagara Falls, Vermont, Maine, etc.” – Paul Roberson, 2014 F350, 1988 Lance 980

“My bucket list would be to travel across the United States to national monuments, national parks, and boondocking in the national forests.  But, since my camper is a tad too much for my truck, I’m relegated to just local places here on Arizona.  I will upgrade my truck and camper to do the serious stuff, which will come in due time.” – DuWayne Hermann, 1996 Ford F150, 1993 Fleetwood Elkhorn

“Like many fellow truck campers, I would like to tour around the roads of Canada and the United States.  Also on my wish list, I would like to have fellow truck campers come to a gathering in my hometown in the first weekend of September to participate in the Hot Air Balloon Festival.  That way I can meet you all in person.” – Denise Hupé, 2010 Ford F-250, 2004 Adventurer

“My wife and I are planning a trip to Alaska in 2017 after she retires.  We are looking forward to seeing the Canadian Rockies on our trip north.” – Dan Forry, 2004 Ford F-250 Lariat SC, 2006 Palomino 1251

“I would like to hike the Appalachian Trail.  Don does not want to go, but has agreed to meet me at road intersections in the truck camper.  I can have a hot meal, hot shower, and sleep off the ground.

We are also national park junkies and still have a few on our must visit list, like Yosemite, King’s Canyon, and a couple others that can be driven to, plus Banff and Jasper in Canada.  For the ones we can’t drive to, we’ll go as close as we can in the truck camper.

Someday maybe we’ll go to Stanfest in Canso, Nova Scotia.” – Sue and Don Graf, 2008 Ford F350, Arctic Fox 865

“I plan to go on the truck camper caravan with Spike in Alaska in 2017.  We plan to make this a three month trip and circumnavigate the country.” – Tim Tuttle, 2005 Chevy Silverado 3500, Chalet DS RB

“I want to follow the entire Mother road (Route 66) from Chicago to Santa Monica.” – James Comperchio, 2013 Ram 3500, 2015 Northstar 850SC

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