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2016 CampLite Decor Battle Results

If we had a dollar for every time we’ve seen a reader jump on their truck hood and yell out, “Hey industry, 1975 is calling and they want their interior decors back!” we would have exactly $1,152.  Yes, we counted.  Honestly, it’s not the kind of thing one forgets, especially if the reader just got out of the shower.  That’s always a crowd pleaser at the rallies.

To directly address this crisis, this week we conducted the world’s first truck camper decor battle with CampLite’s all-new 2016 interiors.  Never before in human history has such an event taken place.  No wonder folks have been screaming with bald frustration.

Here are the results (click to enlarge):

Will this be enough to prevent further indecent exposures?  Can the denuded angst finally be put to rest?  Probably not, but now that raw numbers have been laid bare, the industry can make some educated decisions on how to dress their future decors.

Here’s another look at the three 2016 CampLite decors.  We put them in the order of their battle results.

First Place: Alpine – 51.44%

The 2016 CampLite Alpine interior features white wood cabinetry, grey solid surface countertops, grey vinyl flooring, and Riollo accent fabric.  Click to enlarge the Alpine decor photo below.


Second Place: Sierra – 33.23%

The 2016 CampLite Sierra interior features caramel colored maple cabinetry, raised panel doors, grey solid surface countertops, and tile-pattern vinyl flooring.  Click to enlarge the Sierra decor photo below.


Third Place: Cascade – 15.34%

The 2016 CampLite Cascade interior features dark zebra wood cabinetry, while solid surface countertops, light wood plank vinyl flooring, and Fireworks accent fabric.  Click to enlarge the Cascade decor photo below.


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