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Sixty Truck Camping Plans for 2015

“As I type this, I am in route to Moab.  I left Florida last Saturday and will be riding in the Skinny Tire bicycle event.  It is a four day charity bike ride for cancer.  Each day it starts in Moab and heads out to a different park; Arches, Canyonlands and two other routes in the area.

I rode last year and found it such an inspirational event.  The scenery is breathtaking as is the mountain riding.  The people are fantastic that put on the event.  If you are a bike rider, I would put this on your bucket list as a must do.  I will then stay in the area for about a month and explore the other parks; Zion, Bryce, etc.

I have a summer trip heading up to the Carolinas that is not all planned out yet.  And I have family reunion at Emeral Island that I will be working around.” – Keith Callahan, 2014 Ford F350, 2014 Northern Lite 10-2 RD

“I’m retiring from my job May 31, 2015 and we’re headed for Alaska the first part of June.  We’ll be on the road the entire summer seeing the sights of Alaska, and visiting family and friends across the U.S.A.” – Alex Blasingame, 2007 Ford F250, 2002 Lance 815

“Plans!  Wow, we have a lot of plans – and we are excited about all of them.  You asked for them, so here we go.  Not sure if we will get them all in, but we will try.  We have already started off 2015 with a trip to Illinois and Wisconsin in January.  We visited friends and family.

Since we are the Wagon Masters for the Midwest Truck Campers, we are constantly looking for places to check out for potential gathering spots.  We thoroughly check places out online, and through phone calls.  When we narrow places down that might fit our needs, we go check them out in person.  We love doing this and, every time we check out a new campground, we always find an adventure along the way.

We consider this part of our vacation.  These adventures brings us along some beautiful country, and sites to see, plus it can be educational too.  Sometimes we stop and see museums and historical sites along our path.  This is and can be very educational for us and our homeschooled daughter.

In March, we are headed to Minnesota to check out Flying Goose Campground, which could be possible rally or gathering site for the Midwest Truck Campers in the future. We also hope to visit Big Spirit Lake, and camp at Marble Beach near Spirit Lake, Iowa with a buddy of ours that we’ve meet through the Midwest Truck Campers.

In April, we are hopeful to have a truck camper gathering at Prairie Rose State Park here in Iowa.  Another potential campground that we plan to check out is Lake Rathburn State Park in Iowa.

If you’ve never caravanned with a group of truck campers,  you’re missing out.  We are trying to organize a north, south, east, and west group of truck campers to caravan from their respective regions and slowly verge into Eureka Springs for a rally.  Of course the Midwest Truck Camper Rally is in Arkansas July 13th-17th, 2015.

After the gathering, we plan to rest awhile at Treasure Lake Resort, the site of the Branson gathering.  We’ve made a lot of friends there, and there is so much to do at the park, and in Branson.  I learned to wood carve there last summer, and there should be a big wood carving fair at the park when we are there.

It’s amazing how the counties throughout the midwest offer such wonderful facilities and represent the history of the United States, and the sacrifices of the people to build this great nation of ours.  Life’s short, go truck camping.” – Doug, Tammie, and Katie Baughman, 2011 Ford F-350, 1994 Lance 990

“We are planning a six-week trip around Lake Huron and Lake Superior.  We will start at Niagara Falls and head north to go along the east coast of Georgian Bay, making several one-night stops at Provincial Parks like Kill Bear and Killarney.

We’ll spend a couple of days in Sault Saint Marie watching the ore boats go through the locks.  We plan on taking three or four days going north of Superior to Thunder Bay.  From there we go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area where we will take a four-day/three-night guided canoe trip.  That has been on our bucket list for many years.

The other highlight of the trip will be three days on Isle Royale, another long time bucket list place.  After Isle Royale we will meet our daughter and her family at Pictured Rocks in Michigan, spend several days there on Mackinac Island and at Sleeping Bear Dunes.  We will end our trip in the Detroit area for Carolyn’s 50th High School Class Reunion.” – Dave and Carolyn Thalman, 2013 Dodge Ram 2500, 2013 Northstar 850SC

“Having driven to Alaska twice, out West numerous times, new England twice, Father Time is catching up with me.  We plan on staying in Tennessee, hooking the pontoon boat behind the camper, and fishing as many Tennessee lakes as we can.  Tennessee has gorgeous spring weather, great lakes, great fishing, and great campgrounds all at a reasonable price.  Why go anywhere else?” – Kenneth and Evelyn Wright, 2005 Dodge 2500, 2011 Travel Lite 860

“We had amazing trips to the southwest the last two years.  This year we decided to see a different area so we’re heading north.  We’ll take our four week trip in September beginning with five days in Washington for a family wedding and then off to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota on the way home to California we’ll stop at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.  As you can tell our bucket list includes national parks and national monuments.  We love the freedom our truck camper gives us.  We can spend as much time as we like in beautiful areas and it’s easy to take unplanned side trips.  Can’t wait to see what adventures and amazing sights are in store for us.” – Tony and Linda Perez, 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, 2013 Wolf Creek 850

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