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Truck Camping Plans for 2014

This week’s Question of the Week was, “What are your summer truck camping plans for 2014?”  Fifty-three readers responded with truck camping plans that are sure to get you inspired.

“Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.” – Carlos Armas, 2014 Ford F450, 2013 Arctic Fox 990

“I am leaving northern Wisconsin about June 1st on a solo road trip driving north through Canada, including the Alcan and Top of the World Highway.  I am planning on driving the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay, then down to Seward, Alaska for some fishing.

On June 26th, I am meeting a group for a ten day backpacking trip in the Denali National Park backcountry that includes a fly-in and fly-out.  Then it’s back to the lower 48 via western British Columbia and Vancouver.  Once back in the United States, I’ll travel US Highway 2 across Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota.  I plan to arrive home about the 15th of July.” – Paul Schwenzfeier, 2011 F350 Super Cab 4X4, 1998 Palomino B-1200

“It’s going to be a cowboy summer.  My first stop is Oklahoma City to the Cowboy Hall of Fame.  Then I’ll go to Cheyenne, Wyoming for the Frontier Days celebration.  After Cheyenne, I’m on to Pinedale, Wyoming where, in 1833, one of the mountain man rendezvous happened.” – Everett Baird, 2009 Ford King Ranch 350 dually, 2010 Lance 950

“I’m headed to the Black Rock, Nevada playa for two weeks of dust and rocket launches.” – Gary Lech, 2007 Ford F350 SD, 2004 Eagle Cap 1150

“A timely question you are asking.  On June 1st, my wife and I are heading westward for at least three months.  We will head from York, Pennsylvania to Cheyenne, Wyoming for the start of mostly National Forest boondocking.  We will zig-zag northwest to the Tetons, cross over into southeast Idaho, zag-zig again through central Idaho into northern Idaho and western Montana.

After Montana, we will cross into British Columbia into the Kamloops area, swing east into Jasper and Banff, and then cross back into the United States to Glacier.  From there we’ll go south to Yellowstone and then to Custer National Park, the Badlands, and then homebound.” – Jesse Taylor, 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, 2005 Lance 815

“Cathy is a writer and has had one of her books published.  Later this summer we will be traveling throughout the northeast more than three days a week to visit bookstores to promote her latest book.  The truck camper will be our mobile motel room.” – John and Cathy, 2012 Chevy 2500HD, 2012 Lance 855-S

“We are new to truck camping and planning some local trips (six hours or less) to fishing tournaments.  We are also planning a two-week trip to Michigan.

We’ll start in Copper Harbor, work our way across the northern Upper Peninsula to the Soo Locks, and head down the Mackinac Bridge into the Lower Peninsula along the shore of Lake Michigan to Ludington.  Then we’re going to visit some old haunts inland and make our way to southern Michigan to visit family and do some boating/fishing.” – Darin E. Price, 2011 Ford F350, 2014 Arctic Fox 811

“So far we have two trips planned; one short trip, and one a little longer than a week.  The first will be a two night trip to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for vintage motorcycle races the first of June.  The second is heading to the BMW Motorcycle National Rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota for three nights.  From there we are heading to Wall, South Dakota to the Badlands for two nights.  Then we’ll go to Custer State Park in the Black Hills in South Dakota for three more nights.

My wife retired on December 31, 2013.  I have two years to go until I can retire at 62 and I have five weeks vacation.  So, it should be a good year!

We already have seven nights in the truck camper in Flager Beach, Florida in early March.  Our fall trip in October is not planned at the moment.  Maybe we’ll go to the mountains of North Carolina or Tennessee.” – Shrop, 2014 Dodge 2500, 2014 Palomino SS-1251

“We are renting a truck camper from ABC Motorhome in Anchorage.  My college buddy, who is a nature photographer who specializes in Alaska and the northwest, and I are spending a week in Denali (backcountry pass) and nine days in and around the Kenai Peninsula.  I’m looking at truck campers now so this should be a good test.  Can’t wait!!” – Scott Henry, 2009 Chevy 3500, 2010 Lance Camper

“I am traveling across the country and up to Alaska.  I’m loafing up the coast of Oregon now.  I plan to return home around the end of July.” – Larry Rathburn, 2013 Ford F550, 2012 Chalet TS116

“This is my newbie summer.  I am taking several trips to prepare to join the Truck Camper Caravan from Kingston, Ontario to British Columbia this September.

The first trip is in early June.  It will be a long meander through Northern Ontario, exploring backroads (some that my grandfather showed me from the train as they were being built in the 1950s).  I will be researching family information for my niece who is creating the family tree.  I will also be stopping to visit friends and family and working out a daily travel process and habit.

What didn’t I pack?  What shouldn’t I have packed?  Does this store best here or there?  I am hoping to be brave enough to boondock a night or two.

The second trip is in July when I plan to head east through Quebec City then down through Vermont and New Hampshire to the North-East Truck Camping Jamboree on July 24th.  Overall, I am spending the summer as a truck camper trainee. ” – Michele McLeod, 2013 Ford F150, 2002 Northstar TC800

“We will do multiple long weekends towing our Jeep on a flatbed trailer to off-roading excursions.  We also plan to take ten days to explore Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Smoky Mountains National Park on our way to Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tennessee.  Can’t wait!” – Mary Cyr, 2010 Ford F-250, 2013 Northstar Liberty

“We just picked up our Four Wheel Camper and are planning on doing some weekend trips around Ontario and New York this summer.  On the first weekend after picking up the camper, we overnighted in our friend’s driveway in Niagara wine country.  Our six week old son loved sleeping in it!

In July, we’re renting a hard sided truck camper in Vancouver, British Columbia and will be spending two weeks touring around.  We’ll go three nights to Whistler and the rest of the time on Vancouver Island.  We can’t wait!” – Darrin P., 2011 Dodge Ram 1500, 2014 Four Wheel Hawk

“We plan to get as much camping in and around Alaska as we can.  This will include canoeing and using the Prowler Side by Side.  We plan to move south to the Lower 48 in the spring of 2015.” – Darrell Watson, 2012 Dodge Ram 2500HD, 2007 Lance 815

“As soon as we finish here in Mayflower, Arkansas, where we have been since the tornado, we will be heading to Dallas for our oldest grandson’s wedding.  Then we are heading mostly west and northwest for sightseeing.  When we see a trout stream, I will fish, show folks our trout lures, and how we catch while others fish.  We hope to get home before school starts so we can help some folks.  This can all change if there is a need after a disaster.” – Ed Krech, 2006 Dodge, 2011 Northern Lite 8-11

“I’m leaving shortly for my second camping rally of the season.  I’m hoping to meet some friends in Moses Lake, Washington for a bash.  In the third week of June I’ll be teaching “Solo RVing and Hobbies for the Road” at the RV Owners Lifestyle Conference in Kelowna, British Columbia.  I’ll also be the entertainment on Saturday evening telling about one of my solo adventures.

From Kelowna I’ll head up towards the Yukon border selling my books along the way.  I want to settle into a campground in Dawson Creek – Mile 0 – on the Alaskan Highway for a month or two.  No rushing around.  I’ve been up there before.  I want to sit back and take in the sights, do some writing, and jewelry-making.” – Joei Carlton Hossack, 1997 Ford F250, 2004 Adventurer

“On Thursday I’m heading north to Gates of Lodore in Dinosaur National Monument to go boondocking.” – John I., 1999 Ford F250, 1999 Four Wheel Grandby

“I will go from my home to Lake Chippewa in Hayward, Wisconsin for at least a week shake out in my truck camper.  Next I’ll go to Madison Lake in South Dakota and stay a little longer there.  Then I’ll go to Merick State Park on the Mississippi before going back home to get things ready for winter in Nevada where I’ll visit friends and family;” – Jim, 2008 Chevy 2500, 2014 Palomino 8801

“We already took a seven week trip in 2014 to California, up the coast on Highway 1, and then on to Crater Lake, Oregon.  On the return we stopped at Yosemite and Sequoia National Park.  Later this year, we will take a two month trip to South Dakota, Wyoming, Canada, Washington, and Oregon.” – Ken Hill, 2006 Chevy 3500, 2007 Host Tahoe

“My daughter and I are going to the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, Kentucky in July.  It’s a celebration of all things related to the early 19th century and the British author, Jane Austen.  I am guessing this may be a unique use for a truck camper among your readers!” – Lorraine Schwass, 2009 Dodge Ram, 2013 Four Wheel Hawk

“Late July into early August, my wife, two kids (13 and 11) and myself will be heading out to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for two nights.  Then we’ll spend a day at the Four Corners Monument on our way to Mesa Verde National Park.

After that, we will visit my folks for two to three nights in Rociada, New Mexico.  We’ll circle back through Arizona to Los Angeles to visit my in-laws for two to three nights and then back home to Mammoth Lakes, California.  This will be our first long road trip in the camper for my family.  I grew up with one and am happy to own my own now.” – Robert Wiliams, 2012 GMC 3500, 1994 Elkhorn 10.5

“We just returned from a eleven day trip from here in Minnesota to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and Great Smokey Mountain National Park.  We stopped off at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to get in on their annual Dulcimer Gathering.

In a week we put the camper on again and head to Indiana and Michigan to attend graduations of grandchildren.  Later in June we will be spending a week in the Lewis and Clark Recreational Area near Yankton, South Dakota camping with our children and grandchildren.  Maybe we’ll take a trip to the Black Hills and/or a hunting trip to Wyoming in September or October.” – Allen Brummel, 2008 Dodge Ram 1500, 2008 Northstar TC650

“First, I’ll go to Bar Harbor for a week in June.  Second, Cape Cod for a week in July.  Third, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec in September.” – Joe Woods, 2013 Ford F350, 2013 Northstar Igloo 9.5

“Our plans are to go where it’s cooler and wander about until the temperatures come back down.  We should be gone two to three months and are headed north.” – Jack Lochhead, 2011 Toyota Tacoma, 2009 Four Wheel Camper Eagle

“We’re loading our camper this week getting ready to leave Oklahoma and head to Alaska via Canada.  We plan on taking a month to see Canada on the way and will spend about five weeks in Alaska.  Then we’ll head to the West Coast through Washington and Oregon and then head down to San Diego before returning to Oklahoma. ” – Gene and Donna Miller, 2008 Ford F350, 2012 Eagle Cap 1165

“We’re not sure.  We just came off a near month long, 2,653 mile trip up through Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee.  We had a wonderful time seeing old friends, attending the NRA Convention in Indiana, and following our noses to great BBQ joints along the way.  Who knows what summer will bring?” – Don Pryor, 2011 Ford F350, 2009 Arctic Fox 1150

“Pacific Northwest” – Gerry and Susan, 2014 Ford F250, 2014 Lance 825

“We will be going cross-country from Massachusetts to Washington State.  We are allotting four weeks for the trip.  This will be our longest trip yet with our truck camper.” – Tom, 2006 Dodge Ram 3500, 1989 Lance 9000

“I will be going fishing as often as possible and in as many different locations as possible.” – William C. Steger, 2005 GMC 2500HD, 1995 Kodiak SC83

“How does four months sound?  We are looking forward to leaving our home near Yosemite National Park in late June and heading out to June Lake and the Grand Canyon before spending the 4th of July with our new granddaughter in Phoenix.

Then we’re off to San Antonio, Texas visiting as many national parks, monuments, and historic sites as possible along the way.  Then we’ll go to Padre Island and Galveston Island.  There is a free ferry off the north end of Galveston Island.  Jim wants to see Civil War battlefields.  I would also like to see Revolutionary War sites so we will incorporate those as we continue.

Then we head to Florida to see Key West, Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, and St. Augustine.  Then we’ll go on to the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland.  There are great battlefields here. We’ll also go to Kitty Hawk and the Pilgrims first landing.

In Philadelphia we hope to see our daughter.  Then we’ll go on to New York and Niagara Falls.  Next is New England where we hope to start seeing fall colors.  And then we’ll go to the Canadian Maritimes.

We are scheduled to meet up with the truck camper caravan in Ontario leaving the beginning of September for a cross Canada trek.  Once in Vancouver, British Columbia, we will visit friends on Gabriola Island and Vancouver Island before heading south via Olympic National Park.  We have a favorite campsite right on the water here which should be available that time of year.

Continuing south, we will stop at Shasta Dam and take a tour, if available. We will take the coast route down until we have to head east to return home, probably somewhere near Bodega Bay.” – Jim and Cindi Goodrich, 2008 Chevy 3500, 2006 Lance 1191

“We’re headed for South Dakota.  There were a lot of things we didn’t get to see the last time we went through.  We’re also going by Devils Tower National Monument and I’d like to see some of the Montana Dinosaur Trail, but there’s only so much time.  I’m still working.

On the way back we may swing down through Yellowstone for a day or so.  We’ve seen it a couple of times before but you can never see too much of the Yellowstone.” – Joe Garrett, 2008 Chevrolet 2500, 2005 Arctic Fox 990

“We are going to cruise around British Columbia and Alberta.” – Brad Slatford, 1997 Ford F250, 1986 Edson 11.5

“Our daughter got an intern job for a Senator in Washington D.C., so we’re going to spend about ten days in DC staying at KOA.  They have a pool and a free shuttle in the morning and at night.  There are no dual rear wheel trucks allowed in DC.

Then we’re going boondocking in upper Wisconsin for eight days.  My wife and I bought new 13 foot kayaks.  That should be interesting.  We’re traveling with our black lab who is only seven months old!” – Neil Steirer, 2008 Ford F350, 2015 Lance 1172

“We plan on camping in northern Ontario.  There are lots of beautiful lakes, great provincial parks, and remote places.” – Bruce Gamsby, 2008 Toyota Tundra, 2008 Lance 825

“I will be going on lots of little trips to the beaches and mountains with a few larger trips for speaking up and down the East Coast.  The biggest trip this year will be the American Legion National Convention for eight days finished off with a few days in Myrtle Beach.  There is a possible trip to Glacier National Park while cutting the ribbon on a new TBI/PTSD recovery ranch that focuses on Equine Therapy.” – Kent W. Phyfe, 2014 Toyota Tundra, 2014 Northstar Liberty

“Memorial Day weekend we are driving from Minnesota to the amazing Panorama Amethyst Mine in Thunder Bay, Canada.  They have pick up your own amethysts for my future geologists.  We will also visit to Fort Williams, the largest fur trading fort for reenactments.

In August, we will be driving from Minnesota for our annual trip to Colorado, Utah, and South Dakota summer vacation.  There will be lots of hiking, biking, white water and rafting for our family of four.  These trips wouldn’t work for my poor husband with his bad back if we had to stay in crappy hotel beds.  Instead we have a mattress that costs more than our camper.  Off we go for another adventure.” – V. Anderson, 2004 Ford F350, 2004, Don’t know the camper brand

“We drove our camper to Alaska last summer.  Since we live there part-time, we plan to take it salmon and halibut fishing in Seward.  We will also explore the Kenai Peninsula and head to Homer to stay with friends near Big Lake.  After that maybe we’ll go north to Chena Hot Springs near Fairbanks.” – Bruce and Sherri Weiler, Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, Arctic Fox 811

“This is our first year with our new truck camper (after nearly a decade in a VW Westfalia) and we are very excited!  Our summer calendar literally only has a few gaps for the occasional work day.  We have two big trips planned to Yellowstone and Tofino, British Columbia and small trips around the Pacific Northwest to fish and just hang out with our kids.  We couldn’t be happier with our new rig!” – Matt Roelofs, 2014 Dodge Ram 3500, 2014 Northern Lite 10.2 CD SE

“We will travel a big loop from California to Virginia.  The loosely planned route going east is to see the southern states and returning via middle America, all on secondary roads of course.

Initially, the purpose of the trip was to spend one week seeing the Monuments in Washington DC and also to stop at many of the national parks, historical parks, and battlefields along the way.  Now the eight week trip will also include stops to re-connect with a few of the guys that I was with in Vietnam.” – Claudia and Bill Gahafer, 2008 Ford F450, 2013 Lance 1181

“Our plans are not very ambitious this year.  Mostly we’ll go on fishing trips for two to four days in Utah along with a couple of Skeet shooting tournaments out of state thrown in for good measure.  This was our reason for buying the camper in the first place; fishing, hunting, and shooting trips.” – Robert Hicks, 2008 Chevy 3500 HD, 2011 Lance 992

“We do a lot of camping and fishing all around New England.  Bill does tournament fishing and is also involved with the RI Federation Youth Fishing group, which we follow.

We hope to get to St. Petersburg, Florida in the Fall to see our two daughters.  We would also like to take our grandchildren on a few campouts, since we now have a big enough camper to take them.  They have already chosen their dates!” – Bill and Janice LoDico, 2010 Ford 450, 2011 Host Everest

“We will be spending June and July in Maine.  For August, we’ll be visiting family in New York, taking a roller coaster trip to Cedar Point in Ohio, and visiting more family in Tennessee.  That’ll be our Summer!” – Cindy Gilbert, 2011 GMC 3500, 2011 Northern Lite 10-2RR

“The big trip will be through France and Switzerland to visit the Italian Dolomite Mountains, climb some Via Ferrata, then return through Austria and southern Germany meeting up for a friend’s 50th birthday.  Oh, plus some shorter trips later in the year, probably to the south of France.” – Steve Blackman, 2007 Ford Ranger, 1991 Shadow Cruiser Sky Cruiser 1

“Returning from a Winter spent in Florida, we attended the Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally at Tall Pines Harbor in Virginia.  After the rally, time was spent with friends RVing and camping in state and Corp Of Engineer parks in Virginia and North Carolina for a total of 113 days out so far this year.

Future plans for the Summer and Fall include camping in Pennsylvania state parks and Corps of Engineer campgrounds (Ives Run, Thompkins and Youghiogheny).  We’ll go to North-East Truck Camping Jamboree Rallies (Traveler’s Woods and Gettysburg), and camp at various bluegrass and acoustic music festivals in Pennsylvania including the NEPA Festival in Tunkhannock, the Pocono Festival in Newfoundland, and the Remington Ryde Festival in Centre Hall.

Time will also be spent at flea markets, antique malls, and Flywheeler gatherings.  We might have a chance of breaking our old record of 198 days out RVing in a year!” – Carl and Kay Goode, 1998 Dodge 3500, 2008 Okanagan 117 DBL

“Sue, Bob, Judy and I are planning to leave in July.  We’ll spend one month traveling from Pennsylvania to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Then, we’ll go on to Oregon with stops at various interesting places on the way.  In Oregon, we plan to visit family near Bend.  Sue and Bob will visit family at the mouth of Columbia River.  We will then team up again and travel to Utah to visit the national parks and other sites.

We will then travel back to Pennsylvania.  We plan to boondock as much as we can.  We want to thank Angela and Gordon for helping us finding information on where to boondock.  We hope to keep a journal so that we can inform you where we stayed and visited when we get home.” – Judy and Bob Lawrence, 2004 Chevy 3500 HD, 2002 Lance 1161

“North Korea, but Bing maps does not show a bridge from Oregon.” – Roy Garland II, 2011 Ford F350, 2011 Outback Apex

“The first week in May I started my ninth year of traveling for six months in my camper.  The only for sure destination is my usual two week visit with my cousin in Dillon, Montana for plenty of fishing.  Outside of that, I usually mostly wing it.

If it’s as hot as last July in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, I might go further north into Canada.  I’ve been thinking about visiting the Dakotas for the last few years.  Maybe this year is it.  I’d go there from Montana after Labor Day and visiting my cousin.  Hopefully, it would be starting to cool down by then.  You can find out exactly where I went on” – Ralph Goff aka Ramblin’ Ralph, 2006 GMC 2500HD, 2001 Lance 845

“I went to the Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally May 1st through 4th, camped near my son’s graduation at UVA last weekend, and I’m going to Virginia Beach for a long weekend from May 24th through 26th.  I am a delegate, so I will camp near the Virginia State Republican convention June 6th through 8th.  The summer has just barely begun!  I don’t have the summer completely planned out yet, but have a great start already.” – Fred Patterson, 2013 Ford F350 SD, 1977 Mobile Traveler

“I will be heading up the East Coast from Florida with stops in the Carolinas to enjoy the Outer Banks.  Then I’ll go on to Montauk, New York and continue up to New England for a stop at one of my favorite museums in Mystic Seaport.  Cape Cod will be on my list of places to visit.  I am looking forward to bicycle riding on the trails there.  I will visit family and friends along the way.  There is no set time frame.  The luxury retirement affords.” – Keith Callahan, Ford F350, 2014 Northern Lite 10RD

“I’ll be one month in the Sierras near Bear River Reservoir in Amador County, California.  There are lots of public boondocking sites, places to hike, or just get away.  And, of course, I’ll go on my annual five weeks in southwest Idaho.  I love the high desert where your only neighbors are the passing cowboys.” – Steve Cilenti, 1999 Ford F350, 2012 Arctic Fox 990

“I will visit western New Mexico and central/northern Arizona.  Maybe a possible trip to Missoula, Montana for a visit with my wife’s family followed by trip to Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.  Otherwise, I’ll go on a few fishing trips to northern New Mexico.” – Harry, 2008 Dodge 2500, 2008 Lance 915

“I’m going on a trip to Glacier National Park.” – David Clardy, 1997 Chevy 2500HD, 2010 Northstar Igloo

“I hope to leave the Bay Area July 6th driving the Feather River with a stop at Quincy.  I’ll camp at Lake Davis, Lake Frenchmen, and Lake Almora.  I hope the fish are bitting.  Next, I’ll go on to Mt Lassen, Hat Creek, and McCloud.  From there it’s a toss up.  If all goes well, I should return in September.  Go Camping!” – Ron Johnston, 1991 GMC 2500, 2012 Palomino 1500

“We’re loading up the camper and towing the ski boat to Lake Cumberland, Kentucky!” – Kim Fine, 2012 Ford F450, 2008 Host Everest 11.5

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