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The Hottest Truck Camper On Earth

We have discovered the most sweltering truck camper on planet Earth.  Farewell furnace!  Adios Alde!  This steamy slide-in throws water on those old rocks.  Warning: You are probably a little overdressed for this.

The Hottest Camper On Earth

File this under, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

This week famed Four Wheel Camper sales guru, Stan Kennedy, sent us something he found on Sacramento, California’s Craigslist; a truck camper converted into a sauna.  Yes, a sauna.

Hot Sauna Truck Camper

At first blush, it looks like something Four Wheel Campers might have made.  The aluminum trim work and siding look like a vintage Four Wheel Camper.  Nobody at the company – past or present – has fessed up, but we are a bit suspicious of the source.  Come on, Stan.  Is this your portable man cave, ah sauna?

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Sauna Slide In Camper
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Hot Sauna Camper Back
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Hot Camper Side
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Hot Sauna Camper Side

Jokes aside, it’s clear that someone brilliantly designed and built this one-of-kind slide-in sauna.  The exterior doesn’t look half bad (gotta love that chimney) and the pine inside showcases some impressive woodwork.  Check out the dual benches, wood-pillows, warm lights and thermometer.  So cozy.

Hot Sauna Camper Interior

At the center is a wood-heated Harvia M3 stove with a glass door (for a warm fire atmosphere), a graphite black stove, stainless steel top, and a bottom fire chamber.  We found this sauna stove on Amazon.  Not too bad at $1,170.  Next time you see an old truck camper that’s past its travel time, maybe you’ll think, “That could be a sauna.”

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Hot Sauna Camper with Benches
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Hot Sauna Camper Benches
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Hot Sauna Camper Inside
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Hot Sauna Camper Benches

Are you laughing?  Or are you thinking, “You know, if we had one of those right now, I’d be in it.”  With low temperatures dipping into holy-cow territory coast-to-coast, and the rather impressive winter storm that just crawled up the Northeast, I bet more than a few TCM readers wish this was in their backyard.

Thank you, Stan.  You never know what you’ll find on Craigslist.


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