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Return of the Amphicamper

All photos above are screen caps from Flipping Ships’ video.  To see this amphicamper in action, check out their video below:

Not the Whole C-Dory

The 1960 Cee-Camp was able to go from land/truck, to sea, and back to land/truck again.  It was as a true amphicamper; part truck camper, part boat.

Flipping Ship’s Avion creation is a truck camper, but it’s now permanently attached to a boat.  This means it’s stuck at sea unless it’s being towed on a trailer.

Wait a minute…

As I write this admittedly insane article, we are staying at a Florida fish camp.  During our afternoon walk two days ago, a couple in a 25-foot C-Dory boat pulled up to the dock.  It turns out that they are living full-time on the C-Dory and traveling the waterways and highways throughout the United States.  Here’s the really interesting part; they live in the C-Dory whether it’s on the water or on a trailer behind their truck.  The C-Dory is both a boat and a travel trailer.

Minutes after our conversation, we looked up their C-Dory model on the internet and stared at the floor plan.  It’s very similar to a truck camper with a 26-foot interior floor length, forward sleeping area, full-booth dinette, kitchen, and a wet bath with shower and toilet.  The C-Dory also features 12-volt power from a battery bank, fresh and black tanks, and a refrigerator.  Grey water requires an external container, like many pop-up truck camper models.

When pressed for details about land camping, they explained that some RV parks had turned them away.  Evidently some campgrounds have rules against putting boats in a campsite, or didn’t understand that their boat was also a land-worthy RV trailer.  He later explained that most RV parks welcomed their business and thought their C-Dory RV-boat was a neat idea.

Once trailered, the Flipping Ship Avion could, at least theoretically, be used in exactly the same way.  Going further out on the nuttiness limb, one could probably make use of almost any truck camper to build a hybrid boat and travel trailer.  What’s funny is that I can’t tell if this idea is totally brilliant or heretical blasphemy.

“Magic 8-Ball, Magic 8-Ball… have we finally lost our noodle?”


Calling Animal Planet

We attempted to contact Animal Planet for more information on the Avion build, but no dice.  We are hoping to hear from the Flipping Ships crew in the future and get more information on this incredible build.

In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for more amphicampers.  They’re out there, cruising waterways like the Lockness Monster; somewhere between myth, mystery, and madness.  But unlike Nessie, these beasts are real.

truck camper house boat

Amphicamper creation near Niles Channel Bridge, Florida Keys, Thanksgiving weekend 2015.  Photo by TCM reader Jim Bywalec.

Chime in on whether you think the Amphicamper is practical or practically nuts by answering this week’s Question of the Week.


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