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The Furmans Take On The White Rim Trail

Even though the Shaffer trail is steep, windy, and on the edge, it is not that hard to drive.  However, it is steep with sharp turns that kept me on my brakes.  The road is slightly rutted which caused some camper rocking.  The road on the east side of the White Rim Trail is easier compared to the west side.

I didn’t air down as I was waiting to see if I would need to.  I never did, but I think ten to twenty pounds might have made the ride a little smoother.


Above: The first leg of the White Rim Trail

The rest of the road to our first camping spot was slightly rocky, but not too bad.  When we arrived at our first camp spot, called Airport, it was very windy.  We decided to create a U-shaped wind block with our vehicles for the tents.  Even with the wind block, the tents did get battered around quite a bit.


Above: The U-shaped wind block

We were able to fit all seven of us in my camper to hang out, stay warm, and out of the wind.  A great thing about the interior of my Northstar TC800, which does not feature a bathroom, is the open interior space.  Room enough for seven!

It was fun to be packed into our camper drinking wine and getting to know each other a little better.  The Four Wheel Camper had a head and shower, which took up a lot of room for a small camper.


Above: Seven people staying out of the wind and warm in Bertram’s Northstar pop-up camper (the seventh person is obviously taking this picture)


Above: The view from the campsite

The campsite was nice with only one other group.  The pit toilet was clean and had a great view.  After all, it is a national park!


Above: Traveling the White Rim Trail and White Crack campsite – click to enlarge

The next day we were off to White Crack camp.  The going was pretty easy with some great views from the apexes of the canyon edges.  Truly spectacular!


Also, it was a little it scary as we drove around the edges.  As you see all around us, these rocks break.  The trail was rocky, but not too technical.  Basically, the White Rim Trail can be done easily with a light jeep type vehicle.

The difficulty comes in with our heavy campers.  Dave’s FJ did not have too much trouble.  Eric’s Dodge with the Four Wheel Camper also did not have much trouble.  My vehicle was the heaviest and I had to take the road very slow to prevent too much rocking.  My average speed was about five miles per hour.

White Crack campsite is beautiful, on the edge of a spit of white rim sandstone on the edge at the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers.  It was still a bit windy so we re-created our wind block U.  Again, views from this point were stunning.


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