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Off Road Truck Camping 101

In any unexpected situation, and I know it can be easier said than done, but it’s very true and essential to remain calm!  Bring extra gear, tools, and basic parts.  Be prepared for being in the middle of nowhere in an unplanned extended stay.  The truck camper can make that situation more tolerable.  And when it’s a planned extended stay in the middle of nowhere (those are the best), truck campers help you get lots of gear and supplies out there with you, along with all the creature comforts your particular camper offers.  Get out there!

TCM: Thanks Jim.  I hope we can be as daring and adventurous off-road as you are some day.  We may bring you with us.

Jim: You’re welcome.  That would be fun.

Truck: 2003 Dodge Ram 2500, quad cab, short bed, single rear wheel, 4×4, diesel
Camper: 1990 Hallmark LaVeta
Tie-downs and Turnbuckles: Generic steel chains, bed mounted
Suspension Enhancements: Firestone Airbags, Rear: stock springs, 1.75 inch rear shackles by Thuren, Rancho 9000 shocks, Front: KORE variable rate 3 inch springs in the front, Bilstein 5100 shocks to match that set-up
Gear: 37 inch tires, winch bumper in the front, back of truck rack that has shovel, ax, pick matix maddox, high lift jack and extra fuel can


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