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Truck Camping to the Easter Jeep Safari

Right now I have a factory receiver hitch on my truck.  My friend who happens to be a certified welder made me a stinger hitch that’s a solid twenty-eight inch long bar.  We fabricated the chains and lights and then got under truck and changed out to grade eight bolts.

Torklift makes a SuperHitch and I’m going change to that soon.  It’s a better set-up than what I’ve got.  Before my next long excursion, I’m going to buy it.  Twenty-eight inches isn’t long enough because my camper jacks hit my trailer when I make tight turns.  I’m going to a thirty-six inch hitch.

TCM: Do you ever go truck camping without your Jeep?

Dennis: Yes.  We went to Peoria, Illinois to visit Cindy’s youngest son at Bradley University.  We have also gone to Lake Peoria.  There’s a RV park next to Lake Peoria.  It’s not new and modern, but it’s right on the lake.

TCM: How is Johnson Shut-Ins State Park related to your truck camper?  I didn’t see any pictures of your Palomino in those photos.

Dennis: That was our very first trip with our Palomino 8801, other than the trip back from the dealer.  Missouri has some of the best state parks in the country.  They are so well maintained and clean.  They’ve even got hook-ups.  We were at Johnson Shut-Ins State Park in late October and the weather was so nice. It was Halloween weekend and all of the RVs there were decorated!  There was a full moon, we were out in the country, there were coyotes calling, and we had a bonfire.  We had a good time.

We are very comfortable and enjoying our camper.  After we got home from our last trip we looked at the size of the house and we said that we couldn’t believe we had to clean all of it.

TCM: We know that feeling all too well.  Thanks for the interview Dennis.  We’ll have to get out to the Easter Jeep Safari one of these years.  That looks like fun.

Dennis: You’re welcome.  And come on out to the Jeep Safari.  There are lots of truck campers there.  You would love it.


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