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Alaskan Campers Starring Bryan Wheat

Bryan Wheat, President of Alaskan Campers, goes in front of the camera to present the Alaskan Camper.  See the camper raise and lower as Bryan gives us the walk around tour.


On Friday, Bryan Wheat, President of Alaskan Campers, sent us a link to his video debut.  Completely star struck, we promptly stopped our electron press and pushed this important moment in Alaskan Camper history to the top of our queue.  We also took the opportunity to check in with Bryan with a few questions on the video and how things are going at Alaskan.

TCM: Tell us about your new video.

Bryan: We just noticed that other camper manufacturers were producing videos.  It’s fun and the more fishing poles in the water, the more likely you’re going to get a bite.

TCM: Is this video the presentation that a prospective Alaskan customer gets?

Bryan: No, the video was much more vague.  We’ll do another video with much more detail including all the options you can get with an Alaskan.

TCM: What’s up with the snaps in the beginning?

Bryan: (laughs) Dorrie wouldn’t edit them out for me.  I guess I was nervous.  She did all the editing and filming.

TCM: And you recommend dumping the cassette in, “…your neighbor’s yard”?

Bryan: (more laughs) Years and years ago, I watched dad showing Alaskan Campers to people.  Dad has quite the sense of humor and used that line when presenting the cassette toilets.  I thought it was funny, and I kept that as part of my thing.  We don’t condone it though.

TCM: How are things going with the Alaskan Mini that Truck Camper Magazine debuted in March?

Bryan: We haven’t posted the Mini on our website yet.  We refer people to the Truck Camper Magazine article and we’re actually getting a lot of calls about it.  We want to tweak it, possibly with a cabover.

TCM: You were without an Alaskan Camper of your own for a while.  Have you built one for yourself yet?

Bryan: I haven’t gotten around to building another camper for me.  Things are still pretty slow.  Once the orders come rolling in, I’ll get around to it.  I sold a camper this morning, so we’re chugging along.  We can weather the storm, it’s just not as much fun.

TCM: Thanks Bryan.  Don’t have too much fun there.

Bryan: (laughs) We most certainly won’t.

For more information about Alaskan Campers, visit their website at

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