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Introducing the Torklift SuperHitch Everest

TCM: When will the Torklift Everest be available?

Jack: We are aiming to have it available by the end of July.

TCM: Tell us about the tie in with the Torklift International sponsored climbing team.

Jack: We asked Greg Vernovage of International Mountain Guides to take a Torklift flag to the top of Mount Everest.  He also had a blog running during his climb so people could watch the Torklift flag climbing the mountain.  We now have that flag signed by Greg and some of his team at our Torklift International headquarters.  That was the draw to the name Everest for this product.  It was also named Everest because it’s the highest capacity weight distribution system available.

Jay: What you might not know about Greg is that he’s a passionate truck camper who often uses his camper as a base camp when he climbs.  You may actually be familiar with him because he’s been on the Discovery Channel.  He’s one of the first climbers each year to make the summit on Everest.  This is his ninth year to go up to Everest.  He makes several summits on the highest peaks each season.  He’s a mountain guy.

This year, Greg retrofitted his truck with a Torklift SuperHitch and SuperTruss for his gear trailer.  He also installed a set of StableLoads and GlowSteps.  If you go on the International Mountain Guides website, you’ll see it.  The truck camper and Torklift gear suits his needs and he’s proud of it.

TCM: Is there anything we didn’t ask you about the Everest that you want to add?

Jack: I would like to reinforce how bullet proof the Everest is.  When the SuperHitch Magnum and Everest were being tested, they literally broke the testing equipment.  When they rebuilt the testing equipment to test the system again, they stopped the test at 6,000 pounds of tongue weight.  The Everest is built to handle tongue weights way beyond it’s rating, but we certainly don’t want to see anyone doing that.

Jay: The typical Torklift International marketing plan is to go boldly where no other company has gone before.  We like to build products where there is little to no competition.  There are probably fifty different weight distribution systems on the market, but nothing can touch the Everest for its capacity.  It’s on the outer limits.

TCM: I’ll say.  Thanks for the story.

Jack and Jay: You’re welcome.



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