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Introducing the Torklift SuperHitch Everest

The safety towing guide talks about appropriate and inappropriate amounts of towing weight and shows how to correctly calculate your tongue weight.  The guide also tells you how to calculate your tongue weight at home with nothing more than a regular bathroom scale.

TCM: Is this safety towing guide available online for our readers to download?

Jack: Yes it is.

TCM: In the product description for the Everest, one of the named features are speed lube yokes.  What are speed lube yokes?

Jack: Speed lube yokes are a feature that help Everest owners to properly lubricate the Everest weight distribution system.  With a weight distribution system, the trailer ball and two weight distribution spring bars need to hinge when you drive around a corner.  If you were to tow a trailer without lubricating hitch lube grease at the trailer ball, the friction from the metal to metal connection would damage the trailer ball.

Our Everest weight distribution system is cross drilled creating a passageway via the yokes for hitch lube grease.  With these speed lube yokes, the hitch lube grease properly lubricates the trailer ball and weight distribution spring bars quickly and easily without making a mess.  I think our customers are going to love this feature.


Above: The adjustable chain collars on a Torklift SuperHitch Everest

TCM: The Everest features adjustable chain collars.  How do adjustable chain collars  improve the use and function of the product?

Jack: With other weight distribution systems, there’s a chain that’s fixed on the end of the bar with no ability for adjustment.  Having chains in a fixed position can be extremely inconvenient for the end user.  Some weight distribution systems require hundreds of dollars in modifications to work with a trailer because the chains interfere with a propane bottle or battery box.

The Everest features adjustable chain collars so the chain can be moved to allow the user to accommodate their towing needs.  It’s a simple feature with profound importance for the end user.


Above: Another photograph of the adjustable chain collars on a Torklift SuperHitch Everest.  This also shows the spring tension bar.


Above: The dual drop shank on a Torklift SuperHitch Everest

TCM: The Everest features a dual shank.  What is a dual shank?

Jack: The part that the ball mount attaches to is referred to as a drop shank.  It drops into the trailer hitch on the truck.  The hitch pin goes horizontally and holds the ball mount in place.  It’s a piece two inches by two inches.  The dual shank has extremely high capacities on the Everest.  It’s not a single shank, it’s a dual shank.  It actually has two of those shanks instead of one.


Above: The hook-up clips and dual shield receiver clip on a Torklift SuperHitch Everest

TCM: And the double reinforced pin?

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