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Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stopper

Torklift International has married their proven FastGun technology with the Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer to create an all-new product; the FastGun Wobble Stopper.


Sometimes I think the Torklift International team sits around a big table and spitballs combinations and variations of their current products, just to see if something sticks.

I can imagine the meeting:

“Dirt Fortress!  No, that won’t work.”

“How about Extended Gaslock!”

“Sounds painful.  How about Power Talons!”

“Or Magnum Load!  Or Glow Destroyer!  I think we’re getting somewhere.”

“Wait, I know.  FastGun Wobble Stoppers!”

“I love it!  But what is it?”

Okay, I kid.  Torklift International is nothing if not clever at coming up with product names that get our attention.  After all, who could forget last Spring’s Lock and Load?  If it wasn’t a product, I’d want to see it in the theater.

So exactly what is the FastGun Wobble Stopper?  Most of us know the original Wobble Stopper, a product that debuted about fourteen years ago to combat sway in demounted truck campers.  Most of us also know Torklift International’s FastGun turnbuckles.  Is this one of those magic chocolate and peanut butter combinations, or has the Torklift team finally mixed one too many?  There’s only one way to find out.

We talked to Jack Kay, President of Torklift International about the new FastGun Wobble Stopper, with Gas.  Just kidding.

To watch the above video in HD, press play, click on the quality “gear” symbol in the lower right corner, and select 720p or 1080p.  HD video takes longer to load and play.  Click on the box in the lower right corner to view the video full screen.

TCM: Torklift International debuted the original Wobble Stopper around 2001.  Give us a quick refresh of what this product is, and how it came to be.

Jack: Torklift International is fortunate to be located near the original town of Boeing Company.  We are surrounded by all types of engineers and different aircraft part manufacturers.

The Wobble Stopper product was originally designed by a Boeing engineer who also happened to be an avid truck camper.  When the engineer would unload his camper, he noticed a considerable amount of motion inside the unit.  This motion got him thinking about the forces involved and what those forces could be doing to his camper frame and jacks.  All of these parts were moving, and fatiguing.

From that point, he began testing different devices to stop the camper motion.  During that research, he developed a product he called the Wobble Stopper.

As a loyal and avid Torklift fan, he brought the product to us for production and bringing the Wobble Stopper to market, which we did.

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