TCM EXCLUSIVE: The Northstar Freedom

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Northstar Freedom Camper overcab Northstar Freedom kitchen Northstar Freedom Camper dinette
Northstar Freedom refrigerator Northstar Freedom bathroom Northstar Freedom toilet turns

Northstar campers is introducing the all new eight-foot Northstar Freedom hard-side truck camper.  The Freedom features a wrap-around rear and extended wings allowing it to fit all short-bed half-ton trucks including the F-150 SuperCrew, Toyota Crew Max, Toyota Double Cab (as pictured), Dodge Mega Cab and short bed, and the 2007 and newer half-ton short-bed Chevrolet 1500’s.

Standard features and equipment for the new Northstar Freedom include an aluminum exterior, battery storage, take out front window, inner spring mattress, four corner jacks, insulated windows, block insulation, exit vent, walk-on roof, white ladder, LED tail lights, and a screen door.

Standard features in the kitchen area include a 3.7 cubic foot refrigerator, two-burner stove with an exhaust vent, and a sink.  The Northstar Freedom also features a versatile table-let system that allows campers to push the table out of the way or pull it back for computer use or kitchen countertop space.

The tank capacities are 20 gallons fresh and 17 gallons grey.  A C200 cassette toilet and interior shower also comes standard.  The C200 toilet seat swivels to create more space when you shower.  A domed roof in the bathroom also creates more space.

The camper comes pre-wired for roof air-conditioning and solar and has a 30-amp power cord and adapter.

Northstar reports the total weight of the camper as 1,740 pounds with all standard equipment.  The target retail MSRP is $13,804 plus freight.



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