TCM EXCLUSIVE: Adventurer 950 B With Slide-Out Bunk

Adventurer 950 B With Slide-Out Bunk Adventurer 950B Camper Step system into the Adventurer 950 B
Adventurer 950 B Overcab Adventurer 950 B Kitchen Adventurer 950B Slide-Out Bunk Model

Jim Giesbrecht, Sales Manager, Adventurer Manufacturing Ltd., has issued TCM a press release with exclusive photography on the all new 2008 Adventurer 950 B.  The stand out feature of this new model is an electric slide-out bunkhouse with bunk beds, an industry first according to Jim.

Four Sleeping Areas

In addition to the 60” x 80” Queen-size cabover bedroom, the Adventurer 950 B features two 32” x 72” bunk beds in a single slide.  The convertible dinette also converts into a 41” x 80” bed.

In the press release, Bill Savoy, General Manager, states, “This camper is designed to meet the needs of families with children that want to take their boat, horses, or ATV’s with them and still enjoy spacious sleeping areas. Hunters, fishermen, downhill boarding, and winter sports enthusiasts will also no longer have to share a bunk with their snoring cohorts when on the guy’s weekend out.”

Tru-Composite Construction

The 950 B is aluminum framed and built using Adventurer’s proprietary Tru-Composite construction method. Adventurer claims that the Tru-Composite method has been proven successful in increasing structural strength and reducing weight by up to 12%.  For more information about Adventurer’s Tru-Composite Construction, read Adventurer Part 1: Something New to TCC, and Adventurer Part 2: Assembly Line and Laminate Shop.

The Sport Package

The 950 B featured in the press release photography features Adventurer’s Sport Package which includes an exterior graphics package, exterior stereo speakers, exterior aluminum checker plate Comfort Step bumper, and interior leather accents. The Comfort Step is designed to give easier access to the camper.  The Sports Package will be available for select other models for 2009.

Capacities, Weight, and Price

The tank capacities on the 950B are 44 gallons of fresh, 31 gallons of grey, and 18 gallons of black. Adventurer is reporting the dry weight of the 950B as 2,850 pounds.

The MSRP has been set at $27,700 for both CND and USD.  Adventurer’s three-year structural warranty is included with the 950B.

For more information about Adventurer Manufacturing, Ltd., visit their website at

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