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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2024 Cirrus 920

nuCamp debuts a completely redesigned and all-electric Cirrus 920. This groundbreaking camper pushes the already forward-leaning Cirrus brand to the forefront and plugs into an all-electric future. And there’s an all-new dry bath!

Cirrus 920 All Electric Camper

In September of 2018, nuCamp loaned us a 2019 Cirrus 920 to temporarily replace our personal camper. For the following seven months, our camper was rebuilt following our car accident, and we lived full-time in the Cirrus 920. When we returned the 920, the nuCamp leadership and design teams asked us for a detailed analysis of the long bed camper; the positives, the negatives, and suggestions. We gave them a 12-page report.

Four years later, Scott Hubble, CEO of nuCamp, called us with some exciting news; the Cirrus 920 was being brought back for 2024. Furthermore, most if not all of our suggestions (and those of many Cirrus dealers and owners) were being implemented. Oh, and the new 2024 Cirrus 920 will be an all-electric truck camper design.

That last detail immediately sparked our attention. While a few custom camper manufacturers have produced all-electric campers, none of the production camper companies have taken the electric-only leap. How would nuCamp tackle the massive power demands of air conditioning and heat? What calculations had they done for the required lithium battery bank, solar panel array, and electrical system? And what pray tell would the resulting camper cost?

Cirrus 920 Exterior Awnings

Scott explained that the nuCamp team was working directly with Dragonfly Energy on a complete and carefully calculated system including advanced solar panels, Battle Born lithium batteries, Victron components, and cutting-edge 12-volt appliances. They were really going for it. And when we asked our usual, “Yeah, but what about…” he told us about a back up propane tank and portable gas generator that turns the camper into the truck camper equivalent of a hybrid car. Onboard batteries running low? Fire up the generator. No worries.

All of this sounds incredible, but how would the final camper actually come together? More importantly, would all the careful calculations prove themselves in actual truck camping situations? You know; the heat of summer, the cold of winter, the never-ending northeast cloud bank from about mid-November to mid-April. Real world truck camping.

It’s time to find out. The all-new, all-electric (with a back up plan) Cirrus 920 is here. This camper could quite possibly represent the future of truck camping. Are you ready for an all-electric truck camper?

To plug into the specifics, we talked to Scott Hubble, CEO, and Jeff Schlabach, Engineering Manager, for nuCamp.

The New Cirrus 920 Floor Plan

Above: The floor plan for the 2024 Cirrus 920

2024 Cirrus 920 Specifications

The 2024 Cirrus 920 is a hard side, non-slide, dry bath truck camper for long bed trucks. The interior floor length of the Cirrus 920 is 10’6”, the width is 8′, and the interior height is 6’6″. The center of gravity is 50 inches from the front wall.

It has a 45-gallon fresh water tank, a 35-gallon grey tank, and a 25-gallon black tank. The camper comes with three batteries totaling 810 amp hours, three solar panels totaling 930 watts, and one 20 pound propane tank.

nuCamp is reporting the base dry weight of the Cirrus 920 at 4,361 pounds. The base price MSRP for the 2024 Cirrus 920 is $89,900.  Click here for more information and updates about the Cirrus 920.

Cirrus 920 Exterior Rear Bumper

Before we talk about the new Cirrus 920, tell us why the original 920 was discontinued.

Scott: When we launched the 820, we had a lot of requests for a long bed version. To meet this request, we added 18-inches to the 820, added extra cabinets and a built-in generator option, and thus, created the 920.

While the 920 was well received, looking back, we were not fully tuned into what a long bed camper should entail. For example, our long bed non-slide competitors offered a wider floor plan with more features. In comparison, the original 920 was lacking.

At that same time, the marketplace was asking us for something smaller and lighter, which we knew we could knock out of the park. To focus on what would become the Cirrus 620, we discontinued the 920 and put it into what I call the ‘parking lot’.

Our intention was to bring the 920 back, but it needed to be redesigned to not only meet, but significantly exceed, marketplace expectations. I believe our new Cirrus 920 accomplishes that.

Cirrus 920 Exterior Wider

Why did you decide to make the new 920 ten inches wider?

Scott: We had some amazing help. You and Angela lived in a Cirrus 920 for seven months and gave us tremendous feedback. The extra 10-inch width was something we got directly from you guys.

As you pointed out, adding 10-inches of width brought the Cirrus 920 in line with the industry standard. Why wouldn’t we adhere to this standard, and give new 920 owners another 100 cubic feet of living space? That was a clear choice and makes the new 920 even more fresh.

We also talked to our dealer network and numerous Cirrus owners about what needed to be changed. That feedback gave us a solid list.

Since the original 920, we re-tooled our engineering department and added a lot of talent. We literally started from scratch for the new 920 and reevaluated every facet of the new design.

Cirrus 920 Exterior Driver Front

The extra 10-inches of width is significant, especially in a truck camper. Are there any other dimensional changes to the new 920?

Scott: Yes. We raised the basement height by 4-inches to improve the fitment and clearance for different truck cabs. We wanted to make sure the new 920 looks awesome on Ford, Ram, and GM trucks.

The overall length and interior height are about the same with a full 6’6” of headroom inside. The ceiling is a touch lower around the air conditioner shroud and our new drop panel lighting fixture.

Cirrus 920 Kitchen Wide

Above: The 2024 Cirrus 920 features a significant increase in storage

Other than the dimensional changes, is the new 920 built any differently than the original 920?

Scott: The new 920 is built the same way as all Cirrus campers: an all-aluminum frame with laminated and CNC-routed side walls, front walls, rear walls, and roof.

However, material-wise, there are two important differences. On the back wall, we use some Coosa composite. We also employ Coosa composite in the back walls of our 620 and 820.

The new 920 roof utilizes TransCore, a composite material that is incredibly durable; as in sledgehammer proof, and waterproof. As a result, the new 920 roof is a full walk-on roof. Of course, you wouldn’t want to walk on the solar panels.

We use the same TransCore composite in our towable product floors. It’s truly bulletproof as far as the weather and elements. It’s never going to rot.

Cirrus 920 Dinette

One of the stand-out headlines is the 920’s ability to run exclusively on lithium batteries. Why was this an objective for the new 920?

Scott: There’s a lot of marketplace interest in lithium battery banks and the ability to be 100-percent powered from solar panels. There’s also a lot of interest in getting away from propane and generators.

During our development of the new 920, we explored this challenge with our partners at Dragonfly Energy, the company behind Battle Born batteries. With their calculations and expertise, we quickly realized an all-electric 920 was an achievable goal.

“The new 920’s all-electric capabilities will allow owners to spend more time off-grid in comfort.”

With tons of roof space for solar panels, a taller basement for lithium batteries, and Dragonfly Energy at our side, we made the decision. The new 920’s all-electric capabilities will allow owners to spend more time off-grid in comfort. It’s also a headline for Cirrus campers and a statement about our leadership in the RV industry.

Cirrus 920 Battleborn Lithium Battery Access

The 920 comes with 810 amp hours of lithium batteries. How did you decide that was the right size battery bank for the new 920?

Scott: We opened our doors to the Dragonfly Energy team, told them what components we were installing on the new 920, and what we wanted the camper and systems to be able to accomplish.

They came to us with calculations, component, and battery solutions. We then exceeded the calculated solar panel and battery bank requirements.

Was the Dragonfly Team hands-on at nuCamp during the 920 development?

Scott: Yes. They’ve been here multiple times working with us from imagination to implementation.

Cirrus 920 Roof At Factory

Above: The 2024 Cirrus 920 roof and solar panels on the nuCamp production line

The 920 comes standard with three 310-watt solar panels. We haven’t seen 310-watt solar panels installed on a truck camper before. Who makes the solar panels you’re using?

Scott: The 310-watt solar panels we are using on the new 920 are custom-made for nuCamp by SunFlare Solar. A few years ago, we gave SunFlare our dream specifications for solar panels and they delivered. The 310-watt panels offer incredible quality, capability, and efficiency.

We also worked with Dragonfly Energy to calculate how much solar panel wattage was enough. They designed a complete solar panel, solar controller, and electrical system for the 920.

Cirrus 920 Victron And Inverter

Are the 310-watt solar panels 24 volts?

Jeff: They’re actually 40 volts. Dragonfly Energy created a custom component panel and recommended a Victron solar charge controller and combination sine wave inverter and charger. The Victron Solar Charge Controller reduces the solar panel voltage to 12 volts for the batteries and electrical system. Most of the components in the new 920 are Victron, but the 920 also features a REDARC DC to DC charger.

How did you calculate that the 920 needed 930 watts of solar?

Scott: The actual solar requirements were lower than that, but I pushed the solar panel watts as high as possible for an extra safety net.

Even with the 930 watts of solar, and the 810 amp hour lithium battery bank, you decided to include a propane tank and optional generator. What was the thinking behind adding propane and an optional generator?

Scott: It was incumbent upon us to do the calculations and homework to ensure customer confidence in an all-electric design. We thought, “Let’s make it worry-free.”

The propane tank and the compartment specifically designed for a generator are additional extra safety nets. By making the battery bank and solar panel array larger than needed, and offering space for a back up generator, the electric 920 is ready for four seasons, different use cases, and weather scenarios. As long as you have sunlight, and/or don’t run out of propane, you’re good to go.

Cirrus 920 Bumper Storage

What generator are you offering for the new 920?

Scott: Actually, the generator isn’t standard or even an option.

We created a compartment based on the dimensions of a portable Honda EU3200i generator. Consumers who want a generator can buy the Honda EU3200i separately and for additional peace of mind.

Jeff: The Honda EU3200i offers the best match for the Victron MultiPlus and provides more than enough power for everything. We originally considered the Honda EU2200i, but it’s slightly underpowered for the 920.

Scott: We believe most 920 customers will find they don’t need a generator, but understand some will want one, while others will be camping in situations that require it. Customers can always rent a Honda EU3200i and see if it’s even necessary before committing to a purchase.

Why not have an option for a built-in generator?

Scott: We considered a built-in Onan QG-series generator, but we decided we didn’t want our customers to deal with the noise and potentially, unnecessary cost.

Cirrus 920 Vertical Propane Tank

What size propane tank is installed in the 920?

Scott: A single 20-pound vertical tank.

Most folks who install massive solar and lithium battery systems do it to be able to run air conditioning off-grid for extended periods of time. What make and model of air conditioner are you using?

Scott: We have a partnership with Alde in everything we do. Truma is a sister company to Alde. With that positive partnership, we selected the Truma Aventa eco air conditioner for the new 920. Based on the performance and efficiency of the Aventa eco, we are confident in it.

That stated, we will be running extensive stress tests on the new 920 over the next few weeks. The stress tests will include powering the Aventa eco and reporting on its power draw and run time.

That will be interesting. Even more than air conditioning, heat is the biggest challenge for an all-electric truck camper. How did you solve the heat challenge in an all-electric design?

Scott: Alde has been a wonderful partner, so the solution was obvious. Alde hydronic heating systems operate on 110-volts, but also give you the option to operate on propane.

Jeff: Alde is launching a new boiler (model 3030+) that houses instant hot water versus requiring a separate flow unit. We were able to incorporate the new Alde 3030+ into the 920 and operate it via the Victron MultiPlus. The amp draw from the Alde 3030+ gives us the option to run on electric only in 1W or 2kW mode.

Can solar and battery keep up with Alde 3030+ on electric?

Scott: Yes. However, if anybody is going camping in very cold temperatures, we recommend bringing the LP tank along. Getting down to the mid-30s is no problem for running on electric, but going down to -5 (for example) and running the heat 24/7 will likely require propane operation.

Cirrus 920 Isotherm Refrigerator

Keeping with the all-electric theme, the 920 features an 8 cubic foot 12-volt refrigerator. That’s a huge refrigerator for a truck camper. Does it take up more space than a more standard 6 cubic foot model?

Scott: It consumes the storage space that’s above the refrigerator on the 820. Since the 920 is 10-inches wider, there’s a lot more storage throughout the unit to make up for that.

Cirrus 920 Isotherm Refrigerator Door Open

What model refrigerator are you using on the new 920?

Scott: The refrigerator is an uber-efficient 12-volt Isotherm 226L. The Isotherm 226L is a new model they started prototyping when we were in development with the new 920. It offers a low-power draw, an efficient footprint, and great functionality. Isotherm is another great nuCamp partner.

Cirrus 920 Induction Cooktop

The Cirrus 920 forgoes a traditional propane cooktop and oven unit for a separate built-in induction stove and electric oven. Tell us about these components.

Scott: The two-burner induction cooktop and electric oven units are both made by Furrion. Stylistically the two units are in the same product family, but they are functionally separate.

When we have shore power, we use a single burner portable induction cooktop to save propane. It’s an 1,800-watt unit. What is the power requirement for the built-in induction cooktop?

Scott: It’s also 1,800 watts.

Cirrus 920 Oven

Do you see Cirrus 920 owners running into challenges if they run some of their more power-demanding systems at the same time?

Scott: We don’t see every component in the 920 being run concurrently.

Calculating the power requirements of every component in the 920 took several months of research. From that research, we believe the 920’s solar panels, battery bank, and electrical system are more than enough to support the components installed in the camper.

Cirrus 920 Dry Bath

The dry bath in the 920 is going to excite a lot of people who want a dry bath in a long bed non-slide truck camper. Is the dry bath a new design, or is it based on another nuCamp bathroom?

Scott: The new 920 features a brand-new dry bath with a hard entry door.

Cirrus 920 Shower

Cirrus 920 Bathroom Sink

It also has a porcelain toilet, a porcelain corner sink, a medicine cabinet, and a walk-in shower. Another new stand-out feature is the skylight.

Cirrus 920 Dinette Full Booth

The 920 dinette looks identical to the 2023 Cirrus 820 with an elevated step-up, improved legroom, and storage under the seats. Is that accurate?

Scott: The dinette is very similar to the current dinette in the 820 with a few important differences. First, we made it deeper for more comfort and adjusted the cushions. Second, we’re using a side rail table with a leg that drops down. The dinette was definitely inspired by the 820. While it is not much bigger, we were focused on making it more comfortable.

Cirrus 920 Dinette Into Bed

Is the new dinette longer and wider than the 820?

The north-south length is the same as the 820, but the east-west is wider. The 920 dinette dimensions are 37 inches by 69 inches. It also converts into a bed.

Cirrus 920 Kitchen Storage

The 920 kitchen also appears to be a larger and enhanced design.

Scott: For the new 920, we wanted a large kitchen with clean lines and a lot of work space. We traditionally have glass top sinks, but opted for a drop-in barn-style sink and a custom cutting board made locally here in Ohio.

Cirrus 920 Pantry For Food

The new 920 kitchen also offers boatloads of storage and a massive sliding pantry.

Cirrus 920 Bed And Froli System

That bigger and better design mission appears to carry into the new 920 cabover. Tell us about the cabover.

Scott: The bed in the 920 is a true queen with a thicker mattress and our signature Froli bed system.

Cirrus 920 Penguin In Cabover

With the 10-inches of additional width, we made the side hampers and front nose cabinets wider.

Cirrus 920 Clothes Closet

For the first time, we were also able to include a wardrobe in the cabover. There’s a larger wardrobe when you enter the camper, and now the smaller wardrobe on the passenger side cabover.

Cirrus 920 Swing Out Television

On the driver side, there’s a 32-inch television and a Fusion stereo head unit. We made that overall space more functional with more storage. The television can also swing toward the dinette.

Cirrus 920 Overcab Wall And Curtain Privacy

To give the cabover a little more privacy, we created a larger barrier behind the dinette, along with a heavy divider curtain. The cabover is a little more closed off than the 820 making the cabover feel more private and cozy.

Cirrus 920 premium cabinetry

The 920 features the same premium soft-close cabinetry that’s found in nuCamp’s 320 and 400 TAB teardrop trailers. How is this cabinetry different than what’s in the 820?

Scott: The core of the 920 cabinetry is still 100-percent solid real wood with the same thicknesses. The change is in the look and color of the cabinetry. We wanted a consistent polished feel throughout the camper.

Cirrus 920 Hamper With Two Doors

To accomplish that, we selected an Elm premium paper finish by Schattdecor. Schattdecor is a world leader in high-quality furniture and floor decors and surfaces. Not only does the finish look fantastic, but you can literally feel the grain in the Schattdecor-finished 920 cabinetry.

Cirrus 920 Kitchen Countertop

Are the windows the same acrylic thermopane design that you use on the 820?

Jeff: Yes. The cabover and dinette use the same exact windows as the current 820. The one window we enlarged was the kitchen window. For the kitchen window, we brought over a window from our TAB 400.

Cirrus 920 Exterior Passenger Rear

Was the new 920 rear bumper designed and manufactured in-house?

Scott: Yes. Our team custom-designed this new bumper and it is manufactured right down the road by one of our local vendor partners. We started with the basic shape of the current 820 bumpers and added large storage containers on the top, a couple of storage compartments on the sides, and waterproof seals. The storage containers are perfect for electrical cords, camping equipment, or muddy shoes and gear.

We maintained the sewer hose from the current 820 bumper design and added an additional storage compartment on the opposite side. For a step system, we’ve complemented the bumper with a Torklift flip-up Glowstep.

Cirrus 920 Bumper In Nucamp Factory

How deep is the bumper for entry and exit?

It’s just under 16-inches.

Are you offering a roof rack for the 920?

We had a challenge with balancing the need for solar power with the requirement of some customers for a roof rack. Roof racks can block sunlight and diminish the effectiveness of solar panel systems.

For a solution, we provide the towers needed for a roof rack, and placed the roof rack bars in the large bumper storage compartments. That way the choice to install the roof rack bars is up to the owner.

“There are no options for the new 920. You get everything standard.”

What options are available for the new Cirrus 920?

Scott: There are no options for the new 920.

You get everything standard including the 810 amp hour lithium battery bank, 930 watts of solar, Alde 3030+ hydronic heating system, Isotherm 226L 8-cubic foot 12-volt refrigerator, built-in induction cooktop, electric oven, microwave, 32-inch television, soft-close cabinetry with premium Schattdecor finish, new dry bath, and new custom storage bumper. You also get rear and side awnings, standard.

Cirrus 920 Exterior Access Center

That’s another bold move. Tell us about the size of the holding tanks in the new 920 and why you made the tanks that size.

Scott: The holding tanks are 45 gallons of fresh, 35 grey, and 25 black.

To heat the basement-mounted holding tanks, we have an Alde heat convector and blower to move the hot air around the basement, and heating pads on the tanks.

Cirrus 920 At Hershey RV Show

What does the 2024 Cirrus 920 weigh with standard build features?

Scott: The weight of our prototype unit is 4,361 pounds.  We are taking the first prototype of the new 920 to the Hershey RV Show in Pennsylvania which runs this week from September 13-17.   We invite you to come see it in person at the show.

“We are taking the prototype of the new 920 to the Hershey RV Show this week.  We invite you to come see it in person.”

Cirrus 920 Exterior Passenger Side

What is the center of gravity on the 2024 Cirrus 920?

Scott: It’s just under 50 inches from the front wall.

What is the MSRP for the 2024 Cirrus 920?

Scott: The MSRP is targeted to be $89,900. There are no options, so that includes everything.

What is the warranty for the 2024 Cirrus 920?

Scott: There is a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a three-year transferable structural warranty. We have never extended the one-year warranty on any of our products, but we felt that this state-of-the-art camper deserved a more substantial warranty. Of course, the individual components have their own warranties.

While not yet complete for the 920, we will also be offering our 7-year Ultimate Protection Plan (UPP) that covers everything ‘tip-to-tail’ on our nuCamp campers. The UPP has no deductibles and covers everything on a Cirrus for 7 years.

When will the 2024 Cirrus 920 be available?

Scott: We are currently slated to have the new 920 available for the first quarter of 2024. We are still working through some vendor issues, but are on track to start building the unit toward the end of this year.

Is there anything else about the new 920 that we didn’t ask about?

Scott: We installed a wrap on the outside of the camper with a design and motif connecting to the all-electric capabilities of the new 920.

Cirrus 920 Dinette Under Storage

There’s a little more storage under the dinette, and a new shoe holder under the driver side wardrobe when you enter the unit.

Cirrus 920 Wardrobe As Walk In

That area is ideal for hanging your jacket and putting your shoes away.

Cirrus 920 Smart Plug

Jeff: We’re using a Smart Plug system for connecting to shore power. It clicks into the shore power outlet instead of twisting on with a collar. The Smart Plug system is a more secure and waterproof connection.

Scott: We also installed luxury vinyl planking instead of linoleum. It’s similar to laying hardware flooring in that it literally locks into each other like hardwood planks. It also looks and feels more like hardwood. The maintenance and repair of this vinyl planking is easier because you can replace the planks individually as opposed to laying an entire new floor.

Will the advances made in the 920 make it to a future version of the 820?

Scott: Yes. The first thing we’ll bring to the 820 will be the Schattdecor finished cabinetry. The 920 cushions and mattress options will also likely move to the 820. Lithium batteries are already standard in everything, but other 920 features may be cost-dependent.

Has nuCamp made updates to the Cirrus 820 and 620 for 2024?

Scott: Yes, but not a lot. We started production of our 2024 models a few weeks ago. On the 2024 Cirrus 620, we implemented an operational front window instead of a fixed front window and applied a new style of wallpaper. Meanwhile, the Cirrus 820 underwent some cabinetry changes – most notably in the kitchen. There’s also a new sink. We will get you that information to share with your readers.

Are there any other new model announcements coming from nuCamp in 2024?

Scott: The timing has yet to be determined, but the new Cirrus 720 will be next. There are some towable nuCamp units that come first, so the new 720 won’t debut until at least the second half of 2024. The new 720 will get some exciting updates from the 620, 820, and 920, and the bathroom from our TAB 320.

For more information on the Cirrus 920, visit the 920 page on their website at  Click here to request more information about the Cirrus 920.


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