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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Capri Cowboy XL

Capri raises the roof on the standard Cowboy by a foot and turns a cabover-less sleeper into a cabover-less camper.  Stand up and meet the 2016 Capri Cowboy XL.

2016 Capri Cowboy XL camper

In truck campers, we get excited about inches.  Give us a foot and we’re elated.  Of course we’re usually talking about floor width created by building above the wheel wells or truck rails, or adding one, two, or even three slide-outs.

Naturally, there is another dimension that’s critical to the interior feel of a truck camper; height.  No where is this more evident than with pop-up truck campers.

From camping experience, we can report that crawling into a pop-up camper with the top down and sitting at the dinette is not only possible, but often surprisingly comfortable.  We also know pop-up truck camper owners who routinely sleep in their campers in the down position for stealth and/or simplicity.  With the top down, pop-up campers essentially become sleepers.

This brings us to the topic of today’s announcement; the 2016 Capri Cowboy XL.  Based on the standard Cowboy model, it adds exactly one foot of interior height.  In a way, the standard Cowboy is like a pop-up camper with the top down; a sleeper that gets you out of the elements, affords some privacy, and provides a place to catch a few Zs.

In contrast, the new Cowboy XL is like a pop-up with the top up; a true walk-in, stand-up truck camper.  Anyone who has been in a pop-up with the top up and down knows exactly what we’re getting at.  The difference isn’t subtle.

Perhaps what’s even more interesting is how an additional foot of height in the Cowboy XL allows for changes to the interior floor plan and the addition of options that are impossible with the standard Cowboy.  How can a foot in height allow for different floor plans?  It starts with the door.

To learn more about why Capri is debuting the Cowboy XL, and why adding a foot of height is a big deal, we talked to Pete D’Acosta, President of Capri Campers.


Above: Click to enlarge the Cowboy floor plans

2016 Capri Cowboy XL Specifications

The 2016 Capri Cowboy XL is a hard side, non-slide camper made for short or long bed trucks.  The short bed Cowboy XL interior floor length is 6’ 6” in a short bed and the long bed Cowboy XL interior floor length is 8’0”.  The 2016 Capri Cowboy XL has a 30 gallon fresh water tank, no grey tank, and no black tank.  It can accommodate batteries if customized and has a twenty pound propane tank.  Capri Camper is reporting the base weight of the Capri Cowboy XL to be 900 to 950 pounds depending on options.  The base MSRP for the 2016 Capri Cowboy XL is $5,795.


Above: The Capri Cowboy XL – click to enlarge

TCM: Does the new Capri Cowboy XL replace any older models in the Capri line?

Pete: No, the Cowboy XL is a new model for Capri.  The Cowboy XL is six feet tall, versus the standard Cowboy that’s five feet tall.

This additional foot allows us to offer almost the entire option list for the XL.  You can even put a shower stall in this camper.  We can also put in counter tops, cook tops, refrigerators, and sinks.  Adding an additional foot of height makes for a much more functional Cowboy concept.


Above: The Capri Cowboy XL – click to enlarge

TCM: What distinguishes the 2016 Capri Cowboy XL in the Capri product line?

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