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2014 Wolf Creek 840

Donald Cochran, Director of Sales for Northwood Manufacturing, announces the 2014 Wolf Creek 840, a hard side, non-slide, wet bath truck camper for long or short bed trucks.


Truck camper design evolved for forty years before the first slide-out model was introduced in the mid-1990s.  Between the mid-1950s and the mid-1990s, truck camper designers were essentially forced to focus on developing the best possible truck camper within the limitations of a non-slide floor plan.  Even as late as 2000, most truck camper manufacturers and designers were dedicated exclusively to non-slide truck camper models.

How times have changed.

When Bob Mehrer at Interior RV introduced the first production slide-out truck camper in 1995, he changed the dynamics of truck camper floor plan design forever.  Twelve years later, the first triple-slide truck camper hit the market.  Today, eight truck camper manufacturers build slide-out floor plans.  A few truck camper manufacturers have actually abandoned non-slides in favor of the possibilities, and the popularity, of slide-out campers.

So why, given the success of slide-out truck campers over the past decade, is Northwood Manufacturing introducing a third non-slide floor plan as part of their 2014 Wolf Creek line?

The answer, we believe, is in the inherent and sustaining advantages of non-slide truck campers.  First, non-slide truck campers, on average, weigh less, cost less, and are easier to maintain and service than their slide-out slinging cousins.  Second, because non-slides weigh less, they require less truck, which can also cost less, and offer more efficiency.  Third, you can always get to the bathroom in a non-slide.  Slide-out truck camper owners often have to relearn the pee-pee dance as they wait for one or more slides to go out so they can reach the bathroom.

One more point is worth making; not everyone wants or needs more floor space or a fancy slide-out floor plan.  While it’s easy to be seduced by slides, they’re not the right answer for everyone.

Speaking of a truck camper that benefits from the now sixty years of non-slide truck camper design that came before it, Northwood Manufacturing is announcing the 2014 Wolf Creek 840.  The 2014 Wolf Creek 840 sports a non-slide floor plan that’s been refined for decades, but offers a decidedly modern take on materials, manufacturing, and quality control.

To tell us more about the 2014 Wolf Creek 840, we talked to Donald Cochran, Director of Sales for Northwood Manufacturing.


2014 Wolf Creek 840 Specifications:

The 2014 Wolf Creek 840 is a hard side, non-slide, wet bath truck camper made for short or long bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the 2014 Wolf Creek 840 is 8’6” and the interior height is 6’6″.  The Wolf Creek 840 has a 29 gallon fresh tank, 6 gallon hot water heater, 27 gallon grey tank, and 20 gallon black tank.  It can accommodate two batteries and has two twenty-pound propane tanks.  The base weight of the Wolf Creek 840 is 1,992 pounds.  The base MSRP for the Wolf Creek 840 is $19,044.


Above: The exterior of the 2014 Wolf Creek 840

TCM: Tell us about the origins of the 2014 Wolf Creek 840.

Donald: The request for the 2014 Wolf Creek 840 floor plan came straight from our dealer network.  Northwood Manufacturing’s dealers regularly give us feedback on what they see as potential opportunities in the marketplace.

Our dealers have the benefit of working directly with customers on a daily basis and know what they want.  Furthermore, our dealers have extensive knowledge about what trucks our customers are looking to match with a camper.

From the ground up, the 2014 Wolf Creek 840 was designed to meet the opportunities our dealers brought to us, and match well with the trucks they specified.  For these reasons and many more, we are very excited about the all-new 840.


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