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2014 Hallmark EXC

Wood interior cabinetry support material is standard with the EXC and all Hallmark campers.  Aluminum is an $2,000 up-charge and Coosa is a $4000 up-charge.


Above: The cabinetry can be supported with wood, aluminum, or Coosa

TCM: What interior cabinetry support material do you recommend?

Matt: We recommend wood.  Ninety percent of Hallmark customers still choose wood for their interior cabinetry support material.  It offers the best bite for a screw, the best weight to strength ratio, and the highest value.

As long as you maintain your exterior seals, wood interior cabinetry support material will last for decades.  We often see twenty plus year old wood Hallmarks still on the road and in incredible condition.  For these reasons and others, we recommend wood interior cabinetry support material.  Coosa would be our second choice.


Above: Oak cabinetry in a Hallmark EXC

TCM: Oak cabinetry is standard in all Hallmark campers.  Can customers opt for Cherry, Bamboo, or Walnut cabinetry in the EXC?

Matt: Yes.  Oak is standard, but you can choose another cabinetry material if you so choose.  Dark Bamboo is free for the first month of the EXC’s existence.  A wood change to Walnut or Cherry would be $1,200.


Above (left to right): Maple, Coosa, light Bamboo, dark Bamboo, and Oak

TCM: How long will the free dark Bamboo cabinetry run for?

Matt: For the free dark Bamboo, customers would need to order their campers before the end of October of 2013.


Above (left to right): Chocolate, Earth, and Lental fabric choices

TCM: What are those fabric choices for the EXC?

Matt: There are three interior fabrics available for the EXC; Chocolate, Earth, and Lental.  Customers can also choose from a full list of fabrics at


Above: The Hallmark EXC battery storage compartment is on the front wall

TCM: Why does the Hallmark EXC not feature built-in batteries?

Matt: By not including batteries in the EXC we can keep the weight down.  Batteries are a very heavy part of any truck camper weighing in around sixty-five pounds each.

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