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2012 Phoenix Geo Den

ABOVE: National LUNA high efficiency electric refrigerator in the Geo-Den

TCM: Is the Geo-Den classified as a PULSE?

Robby: No, the Geo-Den is its own animal.  Everything about the workings of the two campers also makes them different.  For example, the new PULSE refrigerator is a free option and we only use the National LUNA high efficiency electric refrigerator in the Geo-Den.

We do use the radius corners on the Geo-Den, like in the PULSE, but we use them on all four corners of the Geo-Den.  It wouldn’t be as sleek and innovative without it.  You could say that the Geo-Den is a camper that was born from the innovations we developed for the PULSE.

TCM: You have obviously built a few Geo-Den campers already.  Tell us about the customers who bought them and what they bought them to do.

Robby: The people buying the Geo-Den want a camper that’s extremely light weight and easy to carry.  They also want less of a camper look on their truck, and want more of a cap or shell look.  But of course they always want the comforts of home, too, and that’s what the Geo-Den gets them.

TCM: The Geo-Den really does look like a truck cap or shell.  It’s very stealthy.

Robby: The Geo-Den is a camper that doesn’t look like a camper.

TCM: I wouldn’t call it a F-117 anytime soon, but it’s certainly stealthy.  Speaking of stealthy, can you sleep in the Geo-Den with the top down?

Robby: Yes.  You can use the bed area and get a drink of water with the top down.  You can also get in refrigerator and use the furnace.  You can really use anything except the stove with the top down.  With the top down, there is about eighteen inches between you and the ceiling.  With the top up, you’ve got four feet between you and the ceiling.  It feels nice and open with the top up.

I’m sitting inside the small Geo-Den right now.  I’m sitting on the bench and noticing the bottom of pop-up windows are at eye level.  Whether you’re sitting or standing, everything is situated at a nice place to feel like you are outdoors.


Geo Den bed completed 

ABOVE: Geo-Den bed assembly completed

TCM: Let’s get back to the small, medium, and large sizes the Geo-Den comes in.  The small is designed for the Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma.  How can someone sleep in only the back of a Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma?

Robby: The inside length of the small Geo-Den is 6’3”.  The entire mid-section of the Geo Den is all bed, front to back and side to side.  It’s really comfortable.  Also the entire kitchen pivots upward on gas struts which allows the Geo-Den to have a full kitchen.  When it’s bedtime, the kitchen unit lifts up and you can sleep in the entire camper.  It’s basically a convertible room and all of your equipment is out of the way.

Geo Den Tanks

ABOVE: Phoenix Geo-Den storage, fresh water tank, and auxiliary battery system with HD deep cycle battery  

TCM: What’s the fresh water capacity of the Geo-Den?

Robby: The Geo-Den has a ten gallon fresh tank.  The grey goes through the standard evacuation and can be attached to a portable outside tank.  The fresh water tank and battery are hidden beneath the seats.  You also have some dry storage, and the refrigerator below the main seating section.


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