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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2010 Lance 850

TCM: What’s in store for your larger camper models like the 1181 and 1191?  Any changes to these campers for 2010?

Les: Basically we’re upgrading the entire product line.  The rear awnings will now be flat against the rear wall.  The external speakers are now on the curbside wall.  The noses are more aerodynamic.  All units have sliding bathroom doors, new decor panels, and new accent panels.  The upholstery is camel back or rounded across the top.

One important change is Atwood’s new remote control system for our electric jacks.  They have a new controller and remote that will operate the slide-outs.

Gary: The new Atwood controller is unique to each camper.  In order to operate jacks with the remote, you can’t use any Atwood remote.

TCM: Talk to us about what trucks these new campers are designed for.

Gary: We build to a class of truck when we build a camper and each new camper is going to fit a specific truck.  For example, the 850 is going to fit 2500 series long bed trucks or bigger.  The 865 is built for 1500 series short bed trucks.  The 855 is built for 2500 series short bed trucks.  And the 950 is made for 2500 series long bed trucks or larger.

TCM: We can’t wait to see the 850 at Louisville and share it with our readers.  Thanks for the interview Gary and Les.

Gary and Les: See you in a couple weeks.

To learn more about Lance Campers, visit their website at

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