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Scout Launches Pop-Up Campers

Adventurer Manufacturing releases CAD renderings and photography of the 2025 Scout Yoho Pop-Up truck camper. The next major evolution of Scout is about to pop up.

Scout Pop Up Campers Announced

Scout Campers is about to shake the truck camper marketplace, again. This time the Yakima, Washington manufacturer has its sights set on the overland pop-up truck campers. If their Scout hard sides are any indication, the Scout Yoho Pop-Up is about to change the game.

Introducing the 2025 Scout Yoho Pop-Up

In early 2020, Scout revealed an innovative hard side truck camper concept. It was simple to a logical extreme, exceptionally lightweight, highly durable, and uniquely versatile with its modular component approach. Before the end of that challenging year, Adventurer Manufacturing announced three more Scout models and became nothing less than an overland marketplace sensation.

Four years later, Scout is starting a new pop-up camper with the same concepts that made the hard side line a hit. Once more they’re employing their aluminum exoskeleton, high-density polyurethane and fiberglass composite panels, and 100 percent modular components including removable water tanks and lithium battery systems.

From there, Scout has pushed nearly every aspect of their design, materials, and partnerships to take the Scout brand and its new pop-up campers to the next level. And it all starts with a new pop-up roof.

2025 Scout Pop Up Photo Inside Factory Copy

One-Piece Vacuum-Infused Fiberglass Roof

Scout has partnered with a local manufacturer of military-spec fiberglass products to produce a one-piece vacuum-infused fiberglass roof. Scout chose vacuum-infused fiberglass for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and impermeable water-tight seal.

The vacuum-infused fiberglass roof design maintains the signature Scout curves. The front and side curves and raked angles improve aerodynamics and water shedding. The roof also angles up at the rear allowing for a taller entry door.

2025 Scout Pop Up Outside Factory

Pop-Up Soft Walls by Go Fast Campers

For 2024, Scout Campers announced a partnership with Go Fast Campers (GFC) to supply roof top tents for their hard side line. The change to GFC improved the quality of Scout’s roof top tents and made them easier to use.

Well, it turns out the GFC partnership was about more than just roof top tents. During the development of the Scout Yoho Pop-Up, Scout partnered with Go Fast Campers to design the new Scout pop-up soft wall.

This collaboration leverages GFC’s years of material, stitching, and installation experience. That experience means the soft wall itself is easy to remove and change; a priority feature of Scout campers.

Patent Pending Lift Mechanism

The manual pop-up mechanism and gas struts stay almost entirely clear of both the interior living space and six large windows in the pop-up soft wall. This is an important aspect of this design as pop-up mechanisms often block or partially block opportunities for windows in the soft walls. In the new Scout pop-up, the six windows are virtually unobscured in 360 degrees.

Another interesting facet of the six large windows is their rounded design. This gives the Scout a more modern aesthetic and further differentiates the Scout pop-up look.

It’s worth mentioning that Scout has opted not to have windows in the lower hard wall area of the driver’s side kitchen or passenger’s side dinette.

The are two roof vents including a central Fantastic Fan in the main area. We’ve also been informed that the rear door is designed for an opening window. The two roof vents and rear door window could bring light and airflow into the unit, even if the roof is down in travel position. After all, some folks like the option of climbing into their pop-up campers and sleeping when the roof is down. It’s part of the pop-up lifestyle.

Bold New Cabinet Material—Paper!

In a surprise move, Scout is manufacturing the pop-up cabinetry with hardwood-like composite panels made from—wait for it—post-consumer recycled paper and cardboard. The recycled paper is pressed into robust boards with resin that would have otherwise gone to waste. The resulting panels are certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards and certified food safe.

From our conversation with Scout, the panels passed numerous in-house stress and stain tests, and work beautifully on their CNC equipment. David Epp, CEO of Adventurer Manufacturing, explained that choosing the panels is part of his commitment to green and sustainable materials and manufacturing practices. The bold use of recycled paper cabinets is certainly a testament to that.

2025 Scout Pop Up Floor Plan 1

More Interior Details

Virtually stepping into this rendering, we see the same interior layout Scout employed with its Yoho hard side model; a straight kitchen on the driver’s side and an L-shaped dinette on the passenger’s side. Scout fans are likely to feel right at home.

That stated, there are some significant differences. The kitchen has a cooktop inset about mid-way in the bamboo countertop. To the left of that inset appliance is a larger sink.

Under the kitchen countertop is a large storage cavity. Toward the front wall is a Goal Zero Yeti 3000X. An essential part of the Scout concept is modular components and a Goal Zero portable lithium power station has been an important part of that equation since day one.

The passenger’s side is dominated by an L-shaped dinette that encompasses the front wall. The dinette features an increasingly ubiquitous Lagun table system. The front cabover is–like its hard side siblings–sans storage, but pulls out into a north-south bed with the same width as a California King.

Price and Weight

According to the updated Scout website, the MSRP for the 2025 Scout Yoho Pop-Up is $27,900 USD. The estimated base weight of the 2025 Scout Yoho Pop-Up is 976 pounds.

2025 Scout Pop Up Floor Plan 2

A Deeper Dive

For more details and information about the new Scout Yoho Pop-Up, we interviewed David Epp, CEO, and Stuart Shilling, Chief Engineer of Adventurer Manufacturing. Click here to request information about the Scout pop-ups.

Does the Scout Yoho Pop-Up feature the same aluminum exoskeleton and composite panel construction as the Scout hard sides?

David: Yes and no. We’re building on our foundation of manufacturing and materials with some advanced new technology like our vacuum-infused composite roof.

You might ask, “Why did we go in that direction?” There was an opportunity to improve the roof structure from a performance standpoint. And stylistically we wanted to match the same slopes and radius nose that everyone knows as Scout. To go with a flat roof would have taken away from the Scout recognizability. Flat roofs also allow water to sit whereas our curved roof is designed to shed water. A vacuum-infused composite roof gave us all of the advantages we were looking for.

2025 Scout Pop Up Rendering Exterior Front Three Quarter Closed

How about the lower base of the camper?

Stuart: It’s manufactured with the same aluminum exoskeleton and composite panel construction as our hard sides.

Is the Yoho pop-up 100-percent modular like the hard side Scout line?

David: Yes.

2025 Scout Pop Up Interior Cabover

You partnered with GFC – Go Fast Campers (GFC) for the soft wall design, stitching, fabrics, and installation, making the soft walls. Tell us about the soft walls.

David: Go Fast Campers is aligned with us in the same mission. We are doing what we can to support US manufacturing. For brand alignment and quality, it has been a great relationship.

After our positive experience with GFC’s rooftop tents for Scout hard sides, it was a natural progression to engage them for the pop-up material development. We have worked together and partnered on the design of the tent portion.

“One of our big goals with the Yoho Pop-Up, which goes back to the foundational element of Scout, is serviceability and simplicity.”

One of our big goals with the Yoho Pop-Up, which goes back to the foundational element of Scout, is serviceability and simplicity. Our soft walls are easy to install and remove.

Stuart: It takes five minutes to replace the soft wall, if needed. Serviceability is fast and easy.

2025 Scout Pop Up Rendering Exterior Rear Three Quarter Open

Where are the vacuum-infused fiberglass roofs made?

David: It required a partner team. We wanted to advance our knowledge and understanding of vacuum-infused fiberglass as a team and organization. Quality is also paramount. We didn’t want to go in blind or figure it out as we go.

We partnered with a local company that does similar work for the military and commercial applications. This is their first project in the recreational space. We’re fortunate that they’re a local company. That’s important from a collaborative perspective.

2025 Scout Pop Up Rendering Roof Solar Lift Struts

Tell us about the manual pop-up mechanism.

Stuart: Scout isn’t a me-too camper. It has differentiators. We wanted to solve the problems that pop-up users have. One issue is the pop-up mechanism. Staying true to the Scout way, the lift mechanism is also simple and serviceable.

We slated our creative engineer with the challenge and he came up with this mechanism. It’s a combination of mechanical advantage and gas struts to easily open and close the roof. One person can lift or lower it in seconds. We have applied for a patent on our design.

2025 Scout Pop Up Rendering Exterior Driver Profile Closed

Can you walk on the roof?

Stuart: Yes, you can walk on the roof. The roof also features an open and close vent in the cabover and a Fantastic Vent in the main living area.

Is it possible to carry kayaks and other recreational gear on the roof?

David: Yes. When it comes to load management, it’s okay for the weight and to lift the camper up and lower it down. However, we would advise people to pull a kayak or canoe off prior to popping the roof up.

2025 Scout Pop Up Rendering Exterior Drivers Open

The renderings don’t show camper jacks. Are you employing the same removable jack system utilized in the Scout hard side line.

David: Yes, we’re using the same removable camper jacks.

Why did you decide to inset the propane cooktop into the countertop?

Stuart: By insetting the LP cooktop, we create additional counter space when the stove top is not in use. It’s the same LP cooktop that we offer in our hard wall campers, and it remains removable. If you don’t opt for the cooktop, you just get a straight galley countertop.

David: We constantly review our designs to streamline, simplify, and find ways to be more efficient. With the inset cooktop, the galley is more streamlined. Anyone who appreciates cooking will find this kitchen a huge advancement. Combined with new larger sink, this camper is for all the cooks out there. We’ve made some nice improvements.

What model Goal Zero portable lithium power station comes with the Scout Yoho pop-up?

Stuart: The Goal Zero Yeti 3000X. The Yeti 3000X is now standard in all Scouts, except for the Tuktut.

2025 Scout Pop Up Interior From Doorway

Where is the storage in the Scout Yoho Pop-Up?

Stuart: Most of the storage in the Yoho Pop-Up is underneath the dinette and under the galley.

Is there a dedicated storage area for a porta-potty?

David: Yes, there is. If a porta-potty is not selected as an option, that space becomes extra storage.

Why not have storage under the cabover bed?

David: One of the important design factors is our profile. We wanted to have a slim line that matches our Scout aesthetic. Some decisions like underbed storage challenged that. The total height goes up significantly when you add underbed storage. If we add six to eight inches for underbed storage, that eliminates the low-profile purpose of a pop-up. The Yoho Pop-Up is a compact camping solution. We didn’t want to jeopardize that.

Going back to the choice for our roof construction, the vacuum-infused fiberglass roof design gave us the profile to allow for bedding. You don’t need to remove bedding to put the pop-up down.

Does the cabover bed pull-out to a north-south sleeping arrangement?

Stuart: Yes, we redesigned the bed extension so that it pulls out a full twenty-four inches.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about the Yoho pop-up?

David: Something in our camper is made with paper. What would you say about that?

Don’t take it outside if it’s raining.

David: [Laughs] Well, with the design of this camper, we reviewed everything for efficiency. We inset the cook stove, added a larger sink, and evaluated materials to lean toward more green. One product we use that’s more sustainable and renewable is bamboo. Now we are using cabinets that are made from recycled paper. That’s likely to garner some interesting dialogue.

It’s already garnering interesting dialogue here. Tell us about this material.

Stuart: The product we are using for our cabinets is used all over the commercial industry. I put it through stain testing and used kitchen cleaners on it. Everything wipes off of it. It’s durable and stain-resistant. It has a nice finish and the edges finish well. The outer surface is nice and can even be used as a chalkboard. It’s easy to clean up.

How thick is this material?

Stuart: It’s a quarter-inch thick and it’s all recycled material. It’s another step for us to get away from wood. It’s comparable in weight to the marine-grade plywood we’re currently using. A utility extrusion is how we install it which makes it heavier and cost more, but we’re getting more quality from it.

Does it work with your CNC equipment?

Stuart: Yes.

What were the tipping points to get you to choose this cabinet material?

Stuart: It wasn’t a quick decision. We evaluated six to ten materials, so it wasn’t an impulse change. We’ve been working on this for a couple of years.

David: Another use case of this material is for exterior cladding. It’s impermeable to water and is used in high-end homes and commercial applications.

2025 Scout Pop Up Driving Rendering

That will get folks talking. A final question, will you be announcing more Scout pop-ups in the future?

David: Stay tuned.

To learn more about Scout Pop-Up campers, visit their website at  Click here to request information about the Scout pop-ups.


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