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Roadmaster Announces the Nighthawk Tow Bar

Roadmaster debuts their state-of-the-art Nighthawk tow bar incorporating their latest crossbar-free tow bar design, technology, and weather proof LED lights.

Roadmaster Nighthawk Tow Bar

Admittedly, putting LED lights on a tow bar seemed like a gimmick when we first saw the Roadmaster Nighthawk.  Then we talked to David Robinson of Roadmaster, Inc. and got the full story.

It turns out there’s a lot more to the Roadmaster Nighthawk than some admittedly fancy LED lights.  First, the Nighthawk is rated to 8,000 pounds and has the longest tow arms on the market.

Second, it features an innovative design that does not require a crossbar.  And third, the Nighthawk comes with the required safety and power cables (usually purchased separately) and features channels to keep these cables contained within the system.  This is one smart and sexy tow bar set up.

If you missed it, we strongly encourage reading our primer on using tow bars in a truck camper rig cleverly titled, “Tow Bars and Truck Campers”.  The article offers an overview of tow bar types, installations, and usage and should be considered mandatory reading for anyone considering towing a vehicle behind their truck camper; car, Jeep, or SUV.

To get the full details on the Roadmaster Nighthawk, we talked to David Robinson of Roadmaster, Inc.

Roadmaster Nighthawk Tow Bar LED lights

TCM: Other than the LED lights, what sets the Roadmaster Nighthawk apart from other tow bars on the market?

David: There are many features that set the Roadmaster Nighthawk apart both from our current product line and our competition.

First, The Nighthawk is the first tow bar we have produced that’s designed for Roadmaster’s EZ5, MX, and MS tow bar mounting brackets.  These brackets incorporate the strength of the crossbar into the mounting bracket.  As a result, the Roadmaster Nighthawk does not require a crossbar.

All of our previous tow bars have featured a crossbar, which goes from the driver’s side bracket on the front of the car to the passenger’s side.  By eliminating the need for a cross bar, there’s one less thing to connect and disconnect.  It’s also a cleaner and sleeker installation.  With the EZ5, MX, and MS brackets, in just a couple of seconds you can remove the bracket arms from the front, and you would be hard-pressed to know the vehicle is a towed car.

The safety cables and power cord come standard with the Nighthawk tow bar.  Usually these are something people buy after purchasing their tow bar.

Roadmaster cables half straight, half coiled

Above: The cables and power cord are half straight and half coiled

The Nighthawk’s cables and power cord are quite unique in that they are half straight and half coiled.  The straight portion goes through the Nighthawk’s internal channels for a clean, uncluttered look.  The coiled portion allows the cables and cords to extend several more feet to accommodate a drop hitch or hitch extension.

Lastly, Roadmaster has made the longest tow bars in the industry for decades.  But the Nighthawk is 2-inches longer.  This extra length greatly improves towing characteristics while also allowing more room between the vehicles.  This is important because, with some brands of tow bars, the vehicles can clip each other in very tight turns.

Nighthawk tow bar lights

TCM: The first thing most folks will notice is the LED lights.  Why was this an important feature to debut?

David: The LED lights give the Nighthawk a wow factor and a safety element.  When you are towing a car at night there is a dark space from the back of a RV or truck camper all the way to the rear of the towed vehicle.  In most cases there is no lighting for maybe 15 to 20-feet behind the RV or truck camper.  When people are merging, they may not see the vehicle being towed.

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