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Photos From Overland Expo 2013

Pickups, Jeeps, Land Rovers, Unimogs, Pinzgauers, Fusos, and many one-of-a-kind, strange, wild, and otherwise completely insane things are what we saw at Overland Expo 2013.  Is that an ambulance?


No, you haven’t come to the wrong website.  Yes, this is still Truck Camper Magazine.

So what in the heck are we doing showing you all these vehicles that don’t exactly fit the description of a demountable truck camper rig?

Simple.  We think you’ll find what we discovered at the Overland Expo both entertaining and inspiring.  And there’s no sin in being inspired by ideas from other marketplaces and communities.

After being at the Overland Expo for a few days, we were asking all kinds of, “What if…” and, “Why not…” questions about truck campers.  Camper mod maniacs sit up and take notice.  We guarantee you’ll see a thing or two worth thinking about.

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