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Overland Explorer Vehicles Renames Models For 2023

For 2023, Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) is renaming five of their demountable truck campers to describe each model better. Introducing the Alpine, Hudson Bay 8’, Hudson Bay 6.75’, Back Country, and new Cross Country shell model.

By their own admission, Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) has been challenged with model names. For 2023, five of their demountable truck campers are being renamed to describe better what each model is intended for.

Here are the new names:

The Camp-FX is now the Alpine.

The Camp-HBE 8’ is now the Hudson Bay 8’.

The Camp-HBE 6.75’ is now the Hudson Bay 6.75’.

The Camp-X is now the Back Country.

The Camp-XS is now the Cross Country.

The Camp-M and Aluma Tray line names remain unchanged.

Eagle-eyed readers will note that the Cross Country is actually a new model for OEV. Technically, the Cross Country is a shell model Back Country (formally Camp-X) with a starting price of $28,500 USD / $36,195 CAD. We will publish more information on the Cross Country in an upcoming OEV feature article.

For more information about the Overland Explorer Vehicles, visit OEV’s website at Click here to find out more and get a free Camp-FX brochure.


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