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nuCamp RV Service Center Tour

Truck Camper Magazine visits the nuCamp RV Service center and discovers one of the most versatile and capable facilities in the industry. Need some camper work done in Ohio? Take it to Sugarcreek!

NuCamp Service Center Repairs All Campers Ohio

Most RV manufacturers have an area at their factory to handle service and repairs for their own brands. This is especially important for warranty or repair work that’s beyond the capability of a local dealership.

nuCamp RV’s original service center was a small 4,800 square foot brick building adjacent to the main factory. It did the job, but lacked the capacity nuCamp needs as their customer base grows.

nuCamp RV Service Center

NuCamp Service Center Front Sign

In the summer of 2022, nuCamp opened a brand new service center directly across the street from the nuCamp factory.

NuCamp Service Center Dump Station Propane

The 50,000 square foot building has twenty service bays, a full-hookup campground, a lounge to relax or work, a propane station, and a dump station. Pictured above is easily one of the nicest dump stations we’ve ever seen. And if you have a service center appointment, a propane fill-up is free.

NuCamp Service Center Campground 1

We rolled into the nuCamp RV Service Center in early June and did something we hardly ever do—camped in a campground! We may prefer to be off-grid and on our own, but it was admittedly nice to have 30 amp power, fresh water, and a dump within feet of our rig.

For nuCamp service center customers, this is exceptionally convenient. No worries about finding a dump station prior to your arrival. No concerns if you need power to run an air conditioner when you arrive. And you can leave ‘Fullempty’ – full propane tanks, full fresh water tank, empty grey and black tanks, and ready to camp. Everything is on tap.

NuCamp Service Center Exterior Check In

RVs are checked in a few feet beyond the dump and propane station. To our surprise, we saw a fair number of non-nuCamp RVs there to be serviced. Note the travel trailer in the background that’s easily four to five Tab 320s long.

When we asked about the non-nuCamp trailers in the parking lot, we learned that nuCamp’s RV Service accepts all makes and models of travel trailers and truck campers. They are not authorized for warranty work for non-nuCamp brands, but they actively service trailers and campers from all brands.

NuCamp Service Center Bays 1

Inside the service center, we found ample space to repair campers and trailers.

NuCamp Service Center Woodshop And Material Inventory 2

We also found a dedicated shop with the tools and materials to make all kinds of repairs.

NuCamp Service Center Woodshop And Material Inventory 3

nuCamp designed the service center to be able to handle any repair on a nuCamp product.

NuCamp Service Center Parts 1

NuCamp Service Center Parts 2

As we continued to explore the service center, we found more tools, materials, parts, and components. The organization was typical nuCamp—exceptionally well thought out and presented.

NuCamp Service Center Wire

Within reason, there’s very little the service team shouldn’t be able to handle. Naturally, you should always call ahead and ask about your repairs and their capabilities before you show up.

nuCamp University and Customer Lounge

NuCamp Service Center Main Entrance

The Service Center entrance and bay doors are located at the back of the building. If you walk around the front, you’ll discover several additional functions this facility provides.

NuCamp Service Center Lobby And Lounge

Inside the front doors you’ll find a comfortable lounge, a coffee maker, restrooms, free WIFI, and a couple nuCamp trailers to explore.

NuCamp Service Center Classroom

Just off the lounge is a large classroom for nuCamp University. nuCamp University is aimed at both nuCamp dealers and customers and offers in-depth classes on nuCamp products, systems, and maintenance.

NuCamp Service Center Trainer Electrical System

As part of nuCamp University, nuCamp has created demonstration plumbing and electrical systems as teaching aids.

NuCamp Service Center Trainer Water System

There’s always something to learn about the function and maintenance of modern camper systems, especially as they become more involved over time. And there’s something about being able to access and interact with every facet of a system. When you turn these panels around, you can also see how everything is connected.

While we were there, a class was getting a detailed walkthrough of a nuCamp trailer with the service center’s top tech. The class is $495 per person or $695 per couple, and includes lunch and supplies. If the class saves a visit or two to a dealer, or prevents a trip from being cut short, it will pay for itself.

As a side note, nuCamp has yet to sign up a class of Cirrus truck camper owners. They said they’re ready to go, but no Cirrus owners have signed up. If you attend, please let us know how it goes!

NuCamp Service Center Upstairs Work Area

Upstairs is where folks who work on the road can find a quiet desk. Had we found this space when we first arrived, we might have worked up here ourselves.

A Swiss Army Knife of Versatility

The team at nuCamp must have had fun designing this building as it contains a myriad of functions and capabilities to serve the factory team, service team, customers, and even local high school students who want to learn a trade.

NuCamp Service Center Units Awaiting Windows

We found rows of TAG trailers safely parked inside as they await a shipment of windows.

NuCamp Service Center Barefoot Production

We found the final assembly line for Barefoot travel trailers—in pearl pink no less. If Barbie needs an escape pod, she should call nuCamp.

NuCamp Service Center Wash

And finally, we found an automated drive-through vehicle wash that’s big enough for the local school busses. For the record, this is the only drive-through car wash we know of in the truck camper industry.

I bet a few truck camper manufacturers are looking at this article thinking, “We could really use a building like that.” It’s as if nuCamp had a wish list for capabilities they needed, and put them all under one roof. Even better, they thought of their customer needs, and the needs of non-nuCamp travel trailer and truck camper owners too.

Click here for more information about nuCamp’s Service Center and repair capabilities, and more information about nuCamp University.  Click here for a Service Center or Cirrus Camper brochure.


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