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nuCamp Debuts Cirrus 670 Prototype

nuCamp RV unveils a highly innovative prototype hard-side truck camper. Here’s our first look at this all-new floor plan complete with extensive interior and exterior photography.  Do not miss the ingenious wet bath.

Cirrus 670 Prototype Camper

If anyone still doesn’t believe that nuCamp is fearless about innovation, the Cirrus 670 prototype will put an end to that notion.  From the second you enter the unit, it’s completely and totally fresh.  Everywhere we looked we discovered details, design elements, and components we had never seen in a truck camper – or in any other RV product for that matter.

nuCamp rolled out the Cirrus 670 prototype last month at the Hershey RV Show.  Their aim was to generate buzz and to gather feedback from consumers.  Within hours of the show opening, we started to receive emails and social media pokes from readers who had experienced the 670 in person.  We had the opportunity to see the camper at the Elkhart Open House a week later.

The 2019 Cirrus 670 featured in this article is actually the second prototype.  There is at least one more iteration of this ground-breaking camper to follow before it’s approved for production.  For starters, the nuCamp team is not yet happy with the weight of the unit and is still wrestling on whether it should target half-ton or three-quarter ton trucks.

Cirrus 670 Exterior Passenger Side

In my conversations with the nuCamp design and management team, the goals for the exterior graphics were to distinguish the prototype from the Cirrus 820/920 aesthetic, give the unit a unique visual flair, and get our collective attention.  I think it’s fair to say, “Mission accomplished”.

Cirrus 670 Truck Camper Wild Graphics

Not everyone at the Elkhart Open House was taken by this exterior presentation with some sharing concerns that the radiant grey and blue motif would not marry with some truck colors.  nuCamp alluded that this would not likely be the final production 670 look.

Cirrus 670 Camper Front Passenger

Overall the graphics turned a lot of heads and even pulled a few non-truck camper dealers towards the concept. We liked the bold look, but were unsure if we would want it on our rig.

I do wish nuCamp had some renderings on hand to show what the 670 could look like with other colors and graphics packages. “Oh, you don’t like the blue and grey?  Well, how about this?”

Wait, I have Photoshop.  Let’s take out the color and see what the 670 looks like in black and white.

Cirrus 670 In Black And White

Above: My black and white rendering of what the Cirrus 670 could look like.

Cirrus 670 Camper Drivers Side

nuCamp was also short on nouns and adjectives when we asked about the construction approach used for the 670 prototype.  We were informed that they have utilized a new composite material, but the full story on exactly what material they used and how it impacted the overall build and weight of the camper will have to wait for the formal production debut.  What a tease!

Cirrus 670 Rear Three Quarters

The 670 prototype shares a number of design and component elements from the 820 and 920 series including laminated walls, thermal pane acrylic windows, rounded entry door, front window, and Rieco-Titan jacks.  Beyond that, we believe there will be a few “hidden” surprises when 670 production interview drops.

Cirrus 670 Exterior Passenger Rear Compartment

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