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nuCamp Debuts Cirrus 670 Prototype

nuCamp RV unveils a highly innovative prototype hard-side truck camper. Here’s our first look at this all-new floor plan complete with extensive interior and exterior photography.  Do not miss the ingenious wet bath.

Cirrus 670 Prototype Camper

If anyone still doesn’t believe that nuCamp is fearless about innovation, the Cirrus 670 prototype will put an end to that notion.  From the second you enter the unit, it’s completely and totally fresh.  Everywhere we looked we discovered details, design elements, and components we had never seen in a truck camper – or in any other RV product for that matter.

nuCamp rolled out the Cirrus 670 prototype last month at the Hershey RV Show.  Their aim was to generate buzz and to gather feedback from consumers.  Within hours of the show opening, we started to receive emails and social media pokes from readers who had experienced the 670 in person.  We had the opportunity to see the camper at the Elkhart Open House a week later.

The 2019 Cirrus 670 featured in this article is actually the second prototype.  There is at least one more iteration of this ground-breaking camper to follow before it’s approved for production.  For starters, the nuCamp team is not yet happy with the weight of the unit and is still wrestling on whether it should target half-ton or three-quarter ton trucks.

Cirrus 670 Exterior Passenger Side

In my conversations with the nuCamp design and management team, the goals for the exterior graphics were to distinguish the prototype from the Cirrus 820/920 aesthetic, give the unit a unique visual flair, and get our collective attention.  I think it’s fair to say, “Mission accomplished”.

Cirrus 670 Truck Camper Wild Graphics

Not everyone at the Elkhart Open House was taken by this exterior presentation with some sharing concerns that the radiant grey and blue motif would not marry with some truck colors.  nuCamp alluded that this would not likely be the final production 670 look.

Cirrus 670 Camper Front Passenger

Overall the graphics turned a lot of heads and even pulled a few non-truck camper dealers towards the concept. We liked the bold look, but were unsure if we would want it on our rig.

I do wish nuCamp had some renderings on hand to show what the 670 could look like with other colors and graphics packages. “Oh, you don’t like the blue and grey?  Well, how about this?”

Wait, I have Photoshop.  Let’s take out the color and see what the 670 looks like in black and white.

Cirrus 670 In Black And White

Above: My black and white rendering of what the Cirrus 670 could look like.

Cirrus 670 Camper Drivers Side

nuCamp was also short on nouns and adjectives when we asked about the construction approach used for the 670 prototype.  We were informed that they have utilized a new composite material, but the full story on exactly what material they used and how it impacted the overall build and weight of the camper will have to wait for the formal production debut.  What a tease!

Cirrus 670 Rear Three Quarters

The 670 prototype shares a number of design and component elements from the 820 and 920 series including laminated walls, thermal pane acrylic windows, rounded entry door, front window, and Rieco-Titan jacks.  Beyond that, we believe there will be a few “hidden” surprises when 670 production interview drops.

Cirrus 670 Exterior Passenger Rear Compartment

On the passenger’s side rear we found a tall exterior storage compartment including the Rieco-Titan receiver box, Rieco-Titan activation switch, battery disconnect switch, and a Gloso 40-amp waterproof circuit breaker.  In the taller part of the compartment there are switches for the exterior porch lights and awning.

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Cirrus 670 Exterior Detail Rear Camera

Rear Camera

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Cirrus 670 Rear Tail Lights

Rear Tail Lights

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Cirrus 670 Exterior Detail Outside Shower Compartment

Outside Shower

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Cirrus 670 Exterior Rieco Controller

Rieco-Titan Controller

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Cirrus 670 Exterior Sewer Outlet Pulls

Holding Tank Pulls

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Cirrus 670 Exterior Detail Propane

20-pound Propane Tank

nuCamp was not discussing the specifications or capacities of the 670 prototype, but there were a few clues as we walked around the unit.

Cirrus 670 Cassette Toilet

For example, the camper has one 20-pound vertical propane tank and a 4.75-gallon Thetford C220 cassette toilet system.

Cirrus 670 Camper Interior

If the exterior color and graphics somehow didn’t get your attention, the interior design most certainly should.  At a time when most truck camper manufacturers tell us, “There’s only so many things you can do with truck camper” or, “We’re sticking with the same old floor plans that sell”, nuCamp has boldly developed what appears be a very unique floor plan.

Yes, there are several design elements in the 670 prototype from previous truck camper floor plans, but there’s nothing quite like this on the market now.  This fact becomes even more apparent as you look closer at the individual areas and components of the 670.

Cirrus 670 Inside Front To Back

As we looked around the inside of the camper, we kept saying, “Look at that” and, “What is this?” and, “Wow, that’s really different.”

Cirrus 670 Wet Bath Floor Open

Beyond any doubt, the real show stopper in the 670 prototype is the wet bath.  Located on the driver’s side just inside the entry door, we have never seen anything like this in a truck camper.  The two-piece, horizontal, flexible “tambour” door uses recessed tracks to slide open and closed.

Wait, what?  Even when we saw it in person it was a bit hard to fully comprehend how the doors worked and operated.  To show how the wet bath opens and closes, I created a simple animation.

Cirrus 670 Moving Bathroom Door

With the doors closed, the wet bath and shower pan is closed off from the main living area.  With the doors open, the shower pan is exposed and essentially becomes part of the main living area.

Cirrus 670 Interior Wet Bath Paper Toilet Sink

The cassette toilet, sink and large mirrored vanity don’t fully appear until you’ve opened the doors.  You really can’t see the whole toilet, sink, and vanity (much less use them) until you’re inside the wet bath with the doors closed behind you.

Cirrus 670 Wet Bath Door Angela

I had a good laugh when Angela stood in the shower stall with the doors open looking like she was about to say, “Beam me up Scotty!”  Finally, a matter to energy transporter in a truck camper. Energize!

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Cirrus 670 Interior Wet Bath Detail Shower Head Close Up

Shower Head Close Up

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Cirrus 670 Interior Wet Bath Faucet Close Up

Faucet Close Up

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Cirrus 670 Interior Wet Bath Fantastic Fan

Fantastic Fan

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Cirrus 670 Interior Wet Bath Detail Open Vanity Storage

Open Vanity Storage

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Cirrus 670 Interior Wet Bath Detail Mirror Storage

Vanity Storage with a Mirror

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Cirrus 670 Interior Wet Bath Detail Inside Shower Closed

Inside Shower Closed

Details abound in this stunningly innovative wet bath design. The modern sink faucet pulls out and up to become the shower head.  There’s a Fantastic Fan at the top of the shower stall.  The double door and mirrored vanity has a stunning amount of storage.

There’s a little storage shelf under the vanity, and a 110-volt outlet – in a wet bath!  Or is this a dry bath when you pull the curtain?  So many questions!

Cirrus 670 Interior Wet Bath Water Pump

Just when you think you’ve started to wrap your head around this wet bath design, you notice a square in the flooring just outside of the shower pan.  With a house key, you pry it up and find – a sump pump!

With the shower pan and drain on the floor, gravity cannot be relied upon to move the shower water to the grey tank.  To move the shower water to the grey tank, nuCamp has employed a mini sump pump.

Never before have we seen a sump pump used in a truck camper – or any RV for that matter.  Is this sheer brilliance, or total madness?

Cirrus 670 Kitchen

The wet bath is such a stunning achievement that it nearly overshadows the rest of the camper.  That’s unfortunate because the kitchen, dinette, and cabover have some equally compelling design elements.

Cirrus 670 Interior Kitchen Countertop Closed

The kitchen employs a new integrated cooktop and sink.  We saw this same cooktop and sink in a few other RVs at the Elkhart Open House but – at least for now – this is the only truck camper with this new combo.

Cirrus 670 Interior Kitchen Countertop Open

The cooktop features three propane burners in three sizes; small, medium, and large.  In theory, the different size burners allows the owner to select the right size burner for a given cooking task.  At least we hope that’s the idea as the burners are a bit tight for three pots/pans.

Cirrus 670 Interior Kitchen Lower Drawers Open

Look at the gorgeous curves in the four (count them) pull-our drawers.  These drawers actually open a lot further, but I wanted you to see the symmetry and curves.  Just beautiful.  Hey Airstream, eat your aluminum riveted hearts out!

Cirrus 670 Interior Kitchen Upper Storage Closed

Above the kitchen and dinette on the passenger’s side is a row of four compartment doors.  Strongly resembling the upper cargo storage in a luxury aircraft, these curved cabinets present a lot of capacity in a camper that’s already impressive in its storage offerings.

Cirrus 670 Interior Kitchen Upper Storage Detail

Also note the ambient lighting behind the top of the cabinets.

Cirrus 670 Kitchen Closet Open

Back to the rear passenger’s side wall is a perfect closet for a few jackets, but not too much more.

Cirrus 670 Interior Kitchen Lower Pantry Open

Under the closet is a small pantry.  It’s truly amazing how much storage this camper has, especially given its relatively small size.

Cirrus 670 Interior Kitchen Alde Monitors Outlet Stack

Immediately behind the sink is a full stack of monitors, controls, and outlets.  From the top, the nuCamp-branded touchscreen includes the tank monitors, battery monitor, water pump switch, interior battery switches, backup camera switch, and a 12-volt refrigerator switch.

Under that panel is the Alde Compact 3020 HE hydronic heat and hot water system panel.  The Alde 3020 HE is based on the Alde 3010 installed in the Cirrus 820 and 920, but adds a flow boiler for continuous hot water and high altitude settings.

nuCamp has not announced whether they will be switching the Cirrus 820 and 920 to this updated Alde model but, given its inclusion in the 670 prototype, the upgrade seems likely.

Cirrus 670 Interior Kitchen Refrigerator Open

Immediately across from the main kitchen is a Norcold N3104, a 3.7 cubic foot, three-way (gas, electric, and 12-volt) refrigerator and freezer.  This refrigerator is in the same Norcold product group as the slim-line N3141 refrigerator launched in the Cirrus 920.

Cirrus 670 Interior Drivers Side Closer

Under the refrigerator is a storage pantry.

Cirrus 670 Interior Storage

To the right of the refrigerator is an upper cabinet similar to the row on the passenger’s side.

Cirrus 670 Dinette Lagun table to the side

Since my first experience with a Cirrus 800, I have never liked the overall dimensions or comfort of Cirrus dinettes.  Even in the current 820 and 920 models, I find the dinette seat heights too low and narrow.  I have threatened to incessantly throw tiny rocks at the office windows of the nuCamp design team, but they just moved their desks inside the building.  They’re quite wily.

Hold on a minute!  The dinette in the Cirrus 670 prototype is (a) the right height and depth, and (b) outrageously comfortable.  It’s fabulous!  Angela and I found ourselves genuinely lounging in this dinette.  If this design carries over to the production version, it will be one of the most comfortable dinettes in the business.  They really did it!

Cirrus 670 Scott And Jesse

Here’s Scott Hubble, CEO (left), and Jesse Mullet, Chief Operating Officer (right), of nuCamp RV kicking back in the 670 dinette.  Don’t they look comfortable?

Well done nuCamp team!  This dinette is darn near perfect.  Now please put this into the 820 and 920.  Love it.

The dinette table employs the adjustable Lagun table system that’s become increasingly popular.  The Lagun can be moved to one side or the other, centered, rotated, and tightened down.  It can also be quickly removed.  In a camper this size, the Lagun is a high quality and versatile table solution.

Cirrus 670 Cabover

With its two large thermal pane windows, large front window, and north-south design, the cabover in the 670 is very inviting.

Cirrus Cabover Hamper And Penguin Closed

The side hampers and front nose storage compartments are equally sized and open with the same style of aluminum “tambour” doors utilized for the wet bath.

Cirrus 670 Interior Cabover Hamper Open

Our jury is out on whether design details like these aluminum rolling doors in the cabover are as functional day-to-day as they are aesthetically attractive.  After a few moments hands-on with the doors, we believe pull-open wood doors would be more practical.  It’s not worth throwing pebbles for (this time) but convenience and usability always come first in our book.

The metal grille toward the window is for the Alde heat convectors.

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Cirrus 670 Interior Cabover Detail Outlets Reading Light

Outlets and Reading Light

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Cirrus 670 Interior Cabover Froli System

Froli System

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Cirrus 670 Interior Cabover Audio Video System

Audio Video System

Once again, details abound.  The Froli system under the bed provides support similar to a box spring mattress. Both sides of the cabover have a LED reading light, USB outlets, and a 110-volt outlet.  And the front of the driver’s side cabover features a 12-volt Jensen audio-video system.

Cirrus 670 Interior Ceiling Lights and Speaker

Speaking of audio-video systems, the Cirrus 670 prototype features another twist – a ceiling-mounted central Furrion speaker system that played with excellent clarity and volume.  The nuCamp design team seemed especially pleased with this addition, and it definitely rocked the house.

The ceiling also featured a Coleman Mach air conditioner, LED spot lights, and more ambient lighting.

Cirrus 670 Interior Entry Door And TV

The television is located above the rear entry door.  The entry door itself is a new model for Cirrus incorporating a vertical window, storage pockets, a small trash can, and a fire extinguisher.  Never before has a truck camper entry door had so many functions.

Cirrus 670 Dinette Back To Front

nuCamp made it clear to us that this prototype is probably 90-percent of what will actually rolling down the Cirrus production line in a few months time. There are some features and elements they are revising and improving, but most of what you see above will make it to a Cirrus dealer in early 2019.

The biggest issues still on the table are weight and fitment.  In other words, what truck category should nuCamp target with the production 670?  That announcement will have to wait until the final production model is approved, weighed, and formally debuted.

The exclusive will be in Truck Camper Magazine in early 2019.  We can’t wait.

For more information on Cirrus Campers, visit their website at  Click here to request a Cirrus brochure.


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