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Before she left, Jessie was completing the Torklift International marketing plan for 2011.  She was also training Candice Boutilier to take over her marketing responsibilities.  Candice is going to take Torklift’s marketing forward and will work with Jessie when she returns.  Having Jessie and Candice working together will be a great benefit for Torklift.

TCM: The next question is for Candice.  Tell us how you came to work for Torklift.

Candice: Before coming on board with Torklift, I graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. Afterward, I worked with the Columbia Herald in Moses Lake for four years as their city reporter, assistant editor and photographer.  During those four years with the Herald, I was cross-trained in advertising and marketing.  That was the direction I wanted to go in for my career, so I quit my job at the newspaper and came to work for Torklift.

Torklift is a strong company and I see how fast they are growing.  This is where I want to be.

TCM: Congratulations on your new position.  Have you ever been truck camping?

Candice: Not yet, but it’s a mandatory requirement for all Torklift employees to take the company truck and camper and go camping at least once a year.  I’m really looking forward to that experience.  I’m very excited!

Jack: Once the nice weather comes out, there tends to be a waiting list for the camper.  That’s definitely something that Candice will do.

TCM: We know that Torklift is a big believer in cross-training.  Tell us about your training so far at Torklift.  Have they had you installing Torklift turnbuckles and tie-downs yet?

Candice: So far my training has been really focused on learning about this industry.  Next week I’ll be with Jack learning how to install the products on a truck.  This week I’ll be learning about the WobbL-Stoppr and get some hands on training.

TCM: Thank you Jack, Jay, and Candice.  We’ll keep our thoughts with Jessica until she’s home safe from serving our country in Afghanistan.  Thanks for the interview.

Torklift team: You’re welcome.




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