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Torklift WobbL-Stoppr

Jack: Yes.  The lower attachment point is a clamp that goes around the jack leg.  There’s a swivel that allows it come up to a vertical position.  The WobbL-Stoppr just hinges down.  There’s one clip on the front of the mount.  Tighten the assembly and you’re done.  It only takes a few seconds.

It’s the customer’s personal preference if they want to install it themselves.  Obviously we have great dealers who are more than capable of doing this for the end users.


ABOVE: These pictures show General Manager, Jay Taylor showing Candice Boutilier, Director of Marketing, how to install the WobbL-Stoppr.  Once the bracket was attached to the camper frame, the entire process took about thirty seconds.  Candice said, “It was very simple to learn”.

TCM: How about the maintenance for the WobbL-Stoppr.  Does the WobbL-Stoppr need to be lubricated?  And should owners remove them before storing a camper for the winter?

Jack: The WobbL-Stoppr system is designed to be stored in place.  It does not need to be removed once installed.

Just like any powder coated steel product, including the legs of the camper jacks, the WobbL-Stoppr powder coated arms need to be maintained.  If the power coat gets scratched down to metal, it should be touched up to protect the seal.  Also, the locking knob that locks the arms could get lubricated at the beginning of each camping season.

If you loosen the knob up, the powder coated receiver piece can be slid off and the aluminum portion can still be held in position by the strap.  Once removed, the powder coated arms should be easier to maintain.

TCM: What does the WobbL-Stoppr cost?

Jay: $175 is the MSRP.  Keep in mind that does not include dealer’s freight or tax.  In Canada it could be $200 to $210.

TCM: Is there anything we didn’t ask about the WobbL-Stoppr that you would like to add to the interview?

Jack: If you take your camper off the truck at any point and want to feel like you are on solid ground, the WobbL-Stoppr absolutely makes that happen.

Jay: If you have your camper off your truck, think about the stress on the jacks.  From a safety standpoint, our product eliminates the wobble and extends the life of your jacks and the camper frame especially where the jacks are mounted.

TCM: Since we visited Torklift International last September, you’ve moved part of Torklift International into a new facility.  What was the reason for the move?

Jay: Torklift has been on a fast track for growth over the past two and a half years.  It became necessary to expand and increase production and to give employees a better working environment.  We also needed more space for Research and Development to do their work without interfering with production.

In December, 2010, we found a facility in Sumner, Washington that perfectly matched our need.  We moved over the Christmas holiday.  Almost everyone in our production and management staff gave of their own holiday time to get the facility moved.  We resumed full production on January 3rd.  That’s a huge compliment to the Torklift International team.


TCM: What made the new facility (seen above left) a perfect match?

Jay: It’s an additional 50,000 square feet and it’s only ten miles down the road.  Right now, customer service, finished goods, and shipping and receiving are in the new building.  Production will go into the new facility in October.  We have had success with our products in 2010 and we’re looking forward in 2011.  We also had some changes in our marketing department this year.

TCM: Last month, Jessica May, Torklift International’s Marketing Director, informed us that she was being deployed with the United States Marine Corps.

Jay: In mid-January, Jessie received orders for fourteen months of deployment in Afghanistan.  She’s a Cargo Loading Specialist for the United States Marine Corps.  Jessie was also deployed last year for two months in Africa.  Now her whole unit is going on rotation into Afghanistan.  They had thirty days to prepare.

Speaking on behalf of the Torklift International family, we will be thinking of Jessie during her service overseas and look forward to her safe return.

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