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Torklift WobbL-Stoppr

Jack: There is no limitation for jack design or camper weight.  It is a simple installation and an easy concept for people to grasp.  WobbL-Stopprs work.

TCM: How do you install the WobbL-Stoppr?

Jack: The mounting point on the front of the camper is going to attach to the front of the camper with screws.  It’s going to be a very small permanent attachment on the front of the camper in two locations.


Here is the install process step-by-step:

WobbL-Stoppr Installation Step 1

Step One: Unfasten the the WobbL-Stoppr from the jack leg.


WobbL-Stoppr Installation Step 2

Step Two: Engage the arm by removing it from the jack leg toward the camper frame.


WobbL-Stoppr Installation Step 3

Step Three: Secure the arm with a pin to the bracket that is attached to the frame.


WobbL-Stoppr Installation Step 4

Step Four: Adjust the tension between the jack leg and the frame with the knob to prevent sway and tipping.


WobbL-Stoppr Installation Step 5

Step Five: Yay, you are done!

TCM: Do you supply sealant for the screws with the kit?

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