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2011 CampLite 8.5

Rick: I certainly will.

The following is an email interview with Scott Tuttle, President of LivinLite RV, on the design and development of the new CampLite 8.5.

TCM: Tell us about the design and development of the CampLite hard side truck campers.  How did you begin research and development?

Scott: It was a team effort.  It began with a couple of our dealers asking us if we would ever consider building a truck camper utilizing our already established CampLite travel trailer construction.  We had dabbled in the truck camper market with our Quicksilver all aluminum soft top truck camper, so we knew that there was a market for smaller, lightweight truck campers.

When we started to look at what was available on the market, what we found was a lot of very large, fairly expensive truck campers that required a pretty hefty truck to utilize.  So we designed our CampLite truck camper with the small to medium truck owners in mind.

We started out by designing the basic structure of the camper on SolidWorks/CAD, which allowed us to model it in three dimensions.  We then tried our best to keep the design of the LP system and wet bath as close to what we do in our CampLite travel trailer as possible.  We started the prototype and basically built it off the line at one station.

TCM: Tell us about the materials other than aluminum that are used in these campers.  For example, tell us about the composites, why you use them, and how.

Scott: It is our policy at LivinLite to not use any wood at all in our campers.  This provides our owners with a truck camper that will last for generations.  To do that, we start out with all aluminum construction, including our cabinetry and flooring.  We then utilize Azdel composite material on our interior wall board and ceiling board.  This composite material is wood-free and is impervious to moisture or molding.

Instead of using presswood in our counter tops, we utilize an ultra lightweight composite foam board that, again, is not negatively affected by water or moisture of any kind.   The windows in the CampLite are made of a European composite instead of the glass and metal design of so many others.  This not only saves weight, but is recyclable, as is basically 98% of the CampLite camper.

TCM: Is there anything else you would like for people to know about the design, materials, or construction of the CampLite campers?

Scott: Now that we have entered the truck camper marketplace, we are getting a tremendous amount of design ideas and input from consumers around the country.  People love our construction and are eager for us to come out with more floor plans and larger models.

We have to tell them to be patient with us, as we grow into a truck camper manufacturer that we want to be – one that focuses on quality and that is going to impact the market for a number of years to come through our innovative, long-lasting designs.


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