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Kingstar Announces Cassette Toilet Upgrade

As a rolling change for 2024, all Kingstar truck campers now feature Thetford cassette toilet systems. If you’re a weekend camper, remote location camper, winter camper, or just hate dump stations, this is a significant upgrade.

Kingstar Announces Cassette Toilet Standard

Rolling changes are a common practice in the greater truck camper industry. Rather than wait for a model year update, manufacturers make changes to their campers when the product or design opportunity presents itself. As the thinking goes, why wait for a formal model year change when they can make the campers better now?

Kingstar Wet Bath Now Has Cassette

Above: This is in a Kingstar Camino, but you can also get a wet bath in the KRUZR

At Overland Expo West, Marcus Niemela, President of The Kingstar Company, showed us one of their latest rolling changes; a new cassette toilet system installation. The implementation is similar to the porta-potty system Kingstar had employed previously, but utilizes a 4.75 gallon Thetford cassette.

Kingstar Thetford Cassette In Bath

Above: The grate sits on a stainless steel drain pan and can be moved

The Thetford cassette system is—arguably—the most versatile built-in toilet system on the market. Where a built-in RV flush toilet and holding tanks require open and operating dump stations, a Thetford cassette system can be dumped in any standard residential toilet or portable restroom.

Kingstar Wet Bath Cassette

Above: On the top is the fresh water reservoir and on the bottom is the portable cassette

If you’re a weekend camper, prefer more remote camping locations (far from dump stations), or a winter camper (when dump stations are often closed), a Thetford cassette toilet system might be ideal for you.

To see a short video we recorded of Marcus presenting the cassette toilet in a 2024 Kingstar Camino 88, check out our Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

For more information on Kingstar, visit their website at Click here to request a free Kingstar camper brochure.



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