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Hotomobil USA Brings Europe To Flagstaff

TCM finally meets Ned Tosyali of Hotomobil USA and makes contact with Hotomobil truck campers from Turkey. Do these one-piece fiberglass campers from Europe impress in person? Time to find out.

Overland Expo West 2024 Hotomobil

We finally met Ned Tosyali of Hotomobil USA in the camping fields at Expo West. Ned splits his time between Texas and the Hotomobil factory in Turkey and was excited to experience his first Overland Expo.

Hotomobil Camper Exterior

It was fascinating to see the Hotomobil Gladiator’s one-piece fiberglass construction up close. This is the only truck camper manufacturer to offer one-piece fiberglass; a process that we didn’t think was possible prior to Hotomobil’s January introduction.

Hotomobil Camper on Ford truck

The Hotomobil Gladiator looked fantastic on the full-size Ford F-250 short bed and it was unlike anything else we saw at Overland Expo West this year.

Hotomobil Interior Dinette Cabover Closed

Stepping into the Hotomobil, the unit was surprisingly open with a large U-shape dinette mid-ship and an East-West cabover. The thermal pane windows on the passenger’s and driver’s side bring in a ton of light, as do the two Earthroamer-style windows in the front nose.

Hotomobil Interior Dinette Cabover Open

The dinette table opens up to double the table space. The air-powered single-post table lifts up and pushes down. The table is lifted and lowered by engaging a lever located in the black round disk located in the center of the table. Once you understand how it works, it’s really slick.

Hotomobil Interior Kitchen Upper

The kitchen is compact and well-appointed. The slim 12-volt refrigerator contains a freezer. The flush-mount combination cooktop has two burners and the sink has a large enough basin to be functional. And we definitely admired the storage top and bottom. Oh, and check out the small kitchen window that opens!

Hotomobil Interior Kitchen Lower

The lower kitchen has more storage and maintenance access panels.

Hotomobil Interior Bathroom

Hotomobil’s European aesthetic is in full effect in the walled wet bath. Note the Thetford cassette toilet, sink, counter space, and storage (there’s more out of frame). The sink faucet lifts up to become the shower nozzle. We will have more to say about this camper in the near future.

Hotomobil Exterior 4

For more information on Hotomobil truck campers, visit Hotomobil USA website at  Click here to request more information about the Hotomobil Campers.


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