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Northern Lite Raises the Roof

The foreheads of tall people everywhere can rejoice as the air conditioner in Northern Lite 10’2″ CD Special Edition has been lifted up, up, and away.  The new camper molds are here!


Keith Donkin, General Manager for Northern Lite, was starting to leak the exciting news at the 2011 Springfield RV Show last February.  The new fiberglass molds for the Northern Lite 10’2” CD Special Edition were done and taller campers were just around the corner.

As someone who’s 6’3”, this was very welcome news.  The interior of Northern Lite truck campers have always been just tall enough to allow me to stand and walk around comfortably.  That is, until I hit the air conditioner.  Right smack dab center of Northern Lite truck campers, the underside of the air conditioner would hit me right smack dab in the center of my forehead.  And there’s nothing to ruin an otherwise favorable camper impression than a whack to the noggin.

I had voiced my concern to Keith a number of times.  He’d grin and say, “Just duck”.  I guess that’s funny coming from the guy with geese on his campers.  Anyway, for the past five years I’ve “ducked” and covered Northern Lite truck campers figuring most folks aren’t 6’3” or are clever enough to avoid a header.

Getting back to the 2011 Springfield RV Show, it was amazing how many tall guys kept coming out the Northern Lite 10’2” CD Special Edition and saying, “I love that camper, but I wish it were a little taller inside”.  Oh no, the dreaded air conditioner strikes again!  But this time, Keith would grin and say, “Just wait”.  He was about to take it higher.


ABOVE: There I am standing 6’3″ tall and clearing the air conditioner.  And yes, I need a haircut.

TCM: Off the top of my head, I can think of at least one reason why you decided to raise the interior height of the Northern Lite 10’2” Special Edition.  But what’s the official story?

Keith: It was a combination of two things that made us change the interior height of our truck campers.  First, we keep track of what changes our customers want to our campers.  My father and I go to RV shows throughout the season and listen to what customers and potential customers have to say.  One thing that was brought to our attention was that people wanted additional head room, especially if they wanted an air conditioner.

TCM: I’ll take some of the credit for that.  I know we talked about it a few times.  Ahem.

Keith: Yes we did.  The second reason we changed the height of our campers was that customers didn’t like to use lift kits in the new trucks.  Changing the molds eliminates the need for lift kits.


ABOVE: Here I am standing in the bathroom.  I took this picture myself so I have no one to blame for what has to be the worst picture ever.  Get a haircut you hippy!

TCM: As a molded fiberglass truck camper company, you can’t just adjust the frame jig on the line to accommodate the new trucks.

Keith: That’s right.  Because Northern Lites are made from a fiberglass mold, it’s harder than other manufacturers to just change the height of our campers.

TCM: Did both the top and bottom molds change, or just one of the two?

Keith: We actually just needed to build a new bottom mold.  The top mold is the same.


ABOVE: This photograph was taken from the rear door facing towards the cabover bedroom.  Notice the space above the cabover bedroom entry.

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