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Adventurer 90FWS Video View and Cats Edition

The Adventurer 90FWS is a hard side, non-slide, wet bath truck camper for long bed trucks.  We took this camper cross country.  Don’t miss the special cat edition.  Meow!

Adventurer 90FWS truck camper

To see the following videos in high definition, click on the play button and then select “720p HD” in the lower right corner.    Allow a few minutes for the video to load in high definition before playing.  If the video does not work on your computer, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Many of you already know that our cat, Harley, is the real creative genius around here.  This second video was all his idea, which will make sense after you see it.

To see more adventures with our Adventurer, read Newbie Adventure in an Adventurer.

What is a Video View?

A Video View is something between a camper overview and a critical review.  The purpose of a Video View is to give you an overview of a particular camper and show you what makes the camper unique in the marketplace.  We will also share with you our first impressions of the camper and its features.

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