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2009 Arctic Fox 865 Video View

Shot in three states, this Arctic Fox 865 video shows a walkthrough and review of our sponsored truck camper for the 2010 season.  Check it out.


We are finally announcing our new sponsored truck camper for the 2009 / 2010 season, a 2009 Arctic Fox 865!  In our first ever high definition video, we explore our new camper at locations from Long Island to Rhode Island to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

To see this video in high definition, click on the play button and then select “HD” in the lower right corner.  Allow a few minutes for the video to load in high definition before playing.

For more information about Northwood Manufacturing and Arctic Fox truck campers, visit their website at

What is a Video View?

A Video View is something between a camper overview and a critical review.  The purpose of a Video View is to give you an overview of a particular camper and show you what makes the camper unique in the marketplace.  We will also share with you our first impressions of the camper and its features.

We produced a fun and entertaining video of us using the Arctic Fox 865 when we went to the Everglades in Florida.

Thank you for reading, and for watching, Truck Camper Magazine.


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