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Happijac Wireless Remote Jack System

Today’s product announcement from the National RV Trade show in Louisville, Kentucky comes from Happijac with their new wireless remote system.

Happijac wireless remote

A close-up of the new Happijac wireless remote

Marty Rasmussen, Happijac's founder

Marty Rasmussen, Happijac’s founder, and his new wireless remote

Receiver for Happijacs wireless remote system

The receiver for Happijacs wireless remote system

The wireless system is compatible with older wired Happijac systems.  To upgrade to the wireless system, the old wired remote receiver is unplugged and a wireless receiver is installed.

The Happijac wireless remote system features a battery voltage sensing system that prevents system damage during low voltage conditions.  Another safety feature is the systems automatic safety timeouts; a one minute operational safety timeout and a two minute standby shutoff.

Each Happijac remote system has a unique coded address to prevent the inadvertent operation of other nearby remote systems.  In case your remotes AA batteries have lost their charge, the remote can be operated both wireless or wired.  Lost or damaged remote controls can be replaced and programmed to communicate with the existing installed wireless receiver.

An accessory switch on the remote can provide wireless operation of an additional device such as a room slide or door lock.  And finally, Happijac claims exceptional wireless range for their system and no dead spots.

For more information about Happijac, visit their website at


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