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Happijac Announces Next Generation Jacks

Happijac has updated their camper jacks with zinc plating, a new wiper, and higher tolerances for quieter and more corrosive resistant jacks.


Recently a manufacturer teased us with details about their 2013 updates and changes and one item almost literally jumped off the page; next generation Happijac camper jacks.  Immediately we contacted Aaron Rasmussen, Happijac Company’s General Manager, and asked about their new camper jack products.

As it turns out, the new jacks are based on the existing Happijac line, but add some very important upgrades to improve corrosion resistance.  Specifically, the new jacks are zinc plated, a process that’s used to protect metal from oxidation.  The new jacks also get a wiper that removes water and debris from the inner jack leg and some adjustments to the overall assembly and tolerances to reduce motor noise.

For the inside scoop on their next generation of camper jacks, we talked to Aaron.

TCM: Tell us about your new truck camper jacks.  Are these completely new camper jacks, or an evolution of your previous models?

Aaron: They’re an evolution.  We have added high quality zinc plating to the outer and inner tube and a wiper to prevent contaminants from entering the tubes.  In addition to the zinc plating, the outer tubes are powder coated.  Where the previous generation inner leg was powder coated black, the new jack inner legs are zinc plated.  With these changes, the new jacks will provide superior corrosion resistance, longevity, and finish.

TCM: Happijac manufactures three jacks; the 4150 Acme Jack, the 4500 Ball Screw Jack, and the 4600 Ball Screw Jack.  Are all three models being upgraded?

Aaron: Yes, but the new model numbers are 4160, 4560, and 4660.  The “60” on the end designates the new jacks.  Customers will also notice the silver-looking zinc plating on the inner tube and the new wiper on the bottom of the outer tube.

TCM: We detailed the Happijac camper jack maintenance process in the article, “Maintaining Happijac Camper Jacks”.

Does this new zinc plating and wiper boot change the way a Happijac jack needs to be maintained?

Aaron: There are no changes in how they should be maintained.  As stated in that article, please continue to wash and wax the inner and outer tubes and lubricate the crank sockets.

TCM: The jack tubes are welded by a welding robot at Happijac.  Are they then still sand blasted, primed, and powder coated?

Aaron: Our welding robot is using the same process with the same steel and parts, but the jacks are no longer sand blasted, primed, and powder coated.

Now the jack is welded by the robot and then zinc plated.  The outer tube is then powder coated.  We no longer sand blast because it’s not necessary for zinc plating.  From our testing, the powder coat adheres very well to zinc. 


Above: In this photograph you can see the new wiper and the zinc plating on the inner jack leg.

TCM: Is the zinc plating done in house?

Aaron: The zinc plating is not done in house.  We use a local plating specialist to zinc plate the jacks.  The company does business nationally and we’re very fortunate that they’re near our facility.  The inner and outer legs are dipped into the zinc plating with electric current which bonds the zinc to the steel.  The plating company has very high standards, and has impressed us with their expertise and results.


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