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Goal Zero Charges Into The Future

Goal Zero points out a powerful trend in off-grid lithium battery systems at Expo West and electrifies future thinking for many manufacturers in attendance. Want to see what has camper companies talking? Escape.

Overland Expo West 2024 Goal Zero

This year Goal Zero went all out at Overland Expo West. Not only did they get a large booth in a fantastic spot, but they brought a ton of products to display and showcased them in a way that invited you in to explore.

GoalZero Yeti Pro 4000 Booth Pano

Of course, we made a beeline right to the Goal Zero Yeti Pro 4000 Escape System. The concept of an all-in-one lithium battery, converter, solar controller, DC-to-DC charger, and 110-volt inverter is about to explode across the greater overland marketplace, and is likely to catch on in the greater RV marketplace as well.

Goal Zero Yeti Pro 4000

To help Expo attendees comprehend the implications of the Escape System, Goal Zero had Yeti Pro 4000 units integrated into a Taxa Outdoors travel trailer and a teardrop trailer.

GoalZero Yeti Pro 4000

The Taxa install included a stacked Yeti 4000 Tank and the partnering Escape System monitor. This compact system gives this Taxa trailer 630 amp hours of lithium power. If that’s not enough raw lithium power to trigger a, “Bru-ha-ha-ha!” laugh, I don’t know what is.

GoalZero Yeti Pro 4000

The back of the Taxa install reveals the various inputs and outputs of the Yeti Pro 4000. Note the central 30-amp connection and the 110-volt port ready to accept shore power.

Goal Zero Yeti 4000 Back Up Close

Everything is clearly labeled and easy to access.

GoalZero Yeti Pro 4000

The teardrop install was simply the Yeti Pro 4000 with its built-in 315 amp hours. What’s fantastic about both installations is that the units are easy to remove to use in a home for backup power or to move into another trailer, RV, or camper.

Goal Zero Yeti 4000 Up Close

If you’re wondering, “How would this Escape System work in a truck camper?”, stay tuned! That question is about to be answered.

For more information on Goal Zero’s products, visit their website at Click here for a Goal Zero brochure.


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