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Torklift SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles

TCM: You know, we didn’t know that.  How about the Anchor Guard?

Jay: The Anchor Guard came along a few years back when many people had so many problems with other tie-down and turnbuckle systems.  For example, the other turnbuckles could get water filled.  The Anchor Guard works with bed mounted systems and avoids the problems of other systems.

Jack: They are also 100% stainless steel.

TCM: Can you use the Derringers with the Anchor Guard system?

Jay: Yes.  You simply cut off the hook on the long end of hook bolt assembly and you can attach Derringers to the anchor guards.  You then have a quick disconnect that’s lockable.  The Derringer handles are unique.  They can go with any turnbuckle except for the Original Fastgun as the Fastgun already has those handles.

TCM: It sounds like the Derringers are an under appreciated Torklift product.

Jack: Agreed.  And I’m glad you brought them up.  Turnbuckles are a very important part of a truck camper rig.  They take an incredible amount of stress during travel.  Some people spend a lot of money on their trucks and campers and then use chains to tie their rig together.  Think about how much damage this can cause over time, especially to the camper anchor points.  People just don’t realize how important a spring loaded turnbuckle is to the longevity of a truck camper rig.  With the Basic SpringLoad, SpringLoad XL or Original Fastguns, customers have more options to match their needs with the proper turnbuckle and tie down system.

TCM: What is the MSRP for the SpringLoad XL?

Jay: $124.75 per pair, which includes two turnbuckles per pair.

TCM: How does someone go about contacting Torklift International about a possible warranty claim?

Jay: When you buy a Torklift International product from your Torklift dealer, you will get an instruction booklet.  In that booklet, there is information to register your Torklift product.  You send the registration to us and it goes to our customer service department.  You can register online on our website and go to the warranty page.  Our Torklift Certified Dealers are trained to know this.  We encourage people to buy a product through our certified dealers.  You’ll get a thank you and gift for registering your product.

TCM: Oh boy!  A gift?  What’s the gift?

Jay: A Torklift survival flashlight.

TCM: A survival flashlight?

Jack: Have you ever had a flashlight that’s gone out on you?  The survival light is a battery-less flashlight that has a crank on it in the body of flashlight.  With one minute of cranking, you have twenty minutes of flashlight light.  It even has an emergency flash setting.  If that’s not cool enough for you, you also get a USB connection and any device can be plugged into the flashlight and be charged.

Anne and Joe Brown's Wobbl-StoppR


TCM: Okay, that’s cool enough for us.  Joe and Anne Brown recently visited Torklift with their brand new 2011 Chalet 116DS rig.  Tell us about their experience at Torklift.

Jack: They are awesome people.  While at the factory here, they got WobbL-Stopprs installed.  Their rig has jack extensions because they have a dually truck.  Those swing out brackets add quite a bit of additional movement and additional strain on the camper.  I mentioned to Anne and Joe the amount of strain on the jacks and that front jacks are taking most of the weight.  We were able to get our techs to do the installation of WobbL-Stopprs while they were here.  The results were instant.  The camper was rock steady.

TCM: What did you think of their Chalet DS116?

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