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Four Wheel Campers – New Roof and Big Move

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TCM: Does the aluminum one piece roof allow for options like solar panels?

Tom: It’s now easier to install options because we don’t have roof seams, and we continue to offer solar panels, roof racks, fans, and satellite radio installations.

TCM: Can people who own older Four Wheel Campers come in to get the new roof?

Tom: Absolutely.  They can either have their existing roof refitted with a one-piece aluminum skin, or get a completely new roof, roof frame, lift panels, and vinyl side-wall.

TCM: How does a Four Wheel Camper customer know if they should just get a new aluminum skin, or if they need a whole new roof?

We recommend the new roof option for Four Wheel Campers over ten years old.  It’s a good opportunity to renew the camper and give it new life.  If you have questions, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

TCM: How much do these roof replacement options cost?

We’re looking at $4,500 to $5,000 for a whole new roof.  For a new roof skin, it will be done case by case, but it will be significantly less expensive.

TCM: Has the aluminum one-piece roof changed the price of Four Wheel Campers?

No.  This has not added cost to the customer.  Every Four Wheel Camper is now made with a one piece roof.  We’ve been making the new roof for six months and have found that it works very well.


Above: The new Four Wheel Camper factory in Woodland, California


TCM: How are things going at Four Wheel Campers?

Tom: Lots of big things are going on.  For one, we’re moving!  We just signed a lease for a factory several times larger than the facility we’re currently in.  There will be more news, but not yet.  Business has continued to be very dynamic.  2010 was our best year  ever, and our order log is very strong, including numerous export orders in process.  The new plant will allow more implementation of our research and development, as well as expanding the production lines and having more room for equipment.

TCM: Congratulations!  That’s very exciting news.  Are you hiring?

We are absolutely hiring.  We’ve increased our production team by about 20% over the past few months and we’re looking to hire even more people soon.

TCM: We can’t wait for the further announcements.  Thanks for keeping us in the loop Tom.

Tom: You’re welcome.  And I’ll send you pictures of our move once it’s completed.  It’s going to be a big year for Four Wheel Campers.

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