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Ford Motor Company Announces Truck Camper

Scott: Livin Lite has added three CampLite truck camper floor plans in the past three months, so we feel that we have a size and style for everyone.  The Ford truck camper will be based on the proven CampLite floor plans already in production.  From that foundation, the Ford truck campers will add the lines and styling of the 2015 Ford F-150, including the new fiberglass nose cap and other design cues from the new truck.

TCM: Did you say truck campers plural?  Will there be more than one Ford truck camper?

Scott: Yes, there will be more than one Ford truck camper.  There will be a Ford F-series of campers.  The guys who have a Ford F-250 or F-350 will also have a Ford truck camper to match to their Ford trucks.  The design lines will work with those models as well.  All of our truck camper floor plans will work well as Ford truck campers.

ford-truck-camper-bannerTCM: Will these campers be sold through Ford dealers, or through Livin Lite’s dealers?

Scott: The Ford truck campers will be sold through Livin Lite truck camper dealerships.  There will likely be some Ford dealerships who will also carry the Ford truck campers, but those Ford dealerships are already Livin Lite dealers.  Bozeman RV in Bozeman, Montana is such a dealer.  We anticipate that other Ford dealers who also sell RVs will want to participate.

We want Ford truck campers to be mainstream.  To help make that happen, we may see more automotive dealers to become Ford truck camper dealers.

TCM: When do expect the first Ford truck camper to be debuted?

Scott: Right now we’re aiming to have the first Ford truck camper ready in January.  It should be on dealer lots a month or two after that.

Ford is standing behind the new camper and will be advertising it.  We are looking forward to seeing the Ford truck camper on the aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 at SEMA and the major auto shows.

TCM: That would be exciting.  Is there anything else you can add to the announcement at this time?

Scott: Today we are announcing the partnership with Ford Motor Company, and talking about what’s coming.  That’s all I can talk about for now.  We will debut the new Ford truck camper in Truck Camper Magazine.  Look for that announcement, and photography, in the new year.

The Ford F-150 has been the number one selling vehicle for more than twenty years.  It’s truly an honor to be associated with Ford, and their extremely successful F-150 product.

For more information, you can read the official press release from Ford Motor Company here:

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