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Eagle Cap is Back: On the Line and Out the Door

Greg: Absolutely.  That is an important part of the structure Eagle Cap is known for.  We are using the same framing and two inch walls all the way through.

TCM: Eagle Cap sealed their roof with Sikaflex 715.  When we were at the factory in July of last year, they were also testing Sikaflex for the side wall seals.  Has the new production line adapted Sikaflex for the camper seals?

Greg: We’re using the same Sikaflex sealant on the Eagle Cap line.  Again, we want to make sure everything is the same or better on the new Eagle Cap line.


ABOVE: The Eagle Cap cabinets for 2012 will be made out of a light cherry wood

TCM: The interior of Eagle Cap campers featured solid hardwood cabinetry.  Do the new Eagle Cap campers feature solid hardwood cabinetry?

Greg: Yes, they do.  The new 2012 Eagle Cap models feature a light cherry wood with a rich and elegant look.  It really matches the high quality of the Eagle Cap line.  People who have visited the plant are excited when they see it.  Dealers have visited the Eagle Cap line during production and are impressed with it.  It really raises the interior look.


ABOVE: The fiberglass bathroom in a 2012 Eagle Cap 850

TCM: Eagle Cap also manufactured their own one piece molded fiberglass bathroom stalls.  Will those be retained in the new Eagle Cap campers?

Greg: We purchased all of the molds and shower stalls from the old Eagle Cap.  Anything that was fiberglass in the old Eagle Cap we’re going to keep fiberglass in the new Eagle Cap.  That’s what Miles Fiberglass & Composites is doing for us.

granite coat tops on the dinette table

ABOVE: The granite coat table in the dinette of a 2012 Eagle Cap 850

TCM: Another important in-house manufactured Eagle Cap feature was their light weight granite coat counter tops.  Will the new Eagle Cap campers feature the granite coat fiberglass table and counter tops?

Greg: Yes.  The granite coat counter tops and tables are unique to Eagle Cap.  Other manufacturers have tried to copy them, but have failed.  They’re a really nice granite gel coat counter top and table top, that really add to the interior elegance and quality of an Eagle Cap.

Again, this is why we’re working with Miles Fiberglass & Composites.  We’ve long understood that if an outside company specializes in a product, it’s much better for quality control to have that outside company provide that product rather than attempt to do it in house.  We’ll get a consistent quality from Miles that we couldn’t match in house.

The Eagle Cap 850

ABOVE: An overall view of a 2012 Eagle Cap 850

TCM: Are you building the same floor plans as the old Eagle Cap or are you working on new floor plans?

Greg: We will be building the same floor plans as the old Eagle Cap with the exception of the 711, 811, and 800, which will be discontinued.  Dealer and customer orders will dictate our model production runs.  We’ll let the dealers and the public tell us what they want.

We are making a change on the 1160 which is to adopt the basement style of the 1165 triple-slide.  Now both the 1160 and the 1165 will have a floor that is over the rails of the truck allowing for more storage, wider body and more floor space.

TCM: So you’re going to continue the 1165 triple slide?

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