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The AI Future of Truck Camper Design

Truck Camper Magazine engages advanced generative artificial intelligence to envision possible futures for truck camper floor plans and design. The results are beyond…

The AI Future Of Truck Camper Design

Human creative professionals and journalists the world over have been experiencing something of an equally terrifying and fascinating moment as they become aware of and then interact with generative AI. On one hand, these dynamic technologies pose a direct threat to our developed skill set and livelihood. On the other, generative AI presents new tools that could expand our creative and productive capacity and potential far beyond what had been imagined before.

Admittedly, I had something of a mental breakdown and sit down rethink when I first experienced these technologies for myself. It’s difficult and disturbing to comprehend that computers can effectively mimic your most marketable ability and/or creative talent. There can be little doubt that this technology will transform nearly every aspect of human existence much like the internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Deep breath, Gordon. It’s going to be okay – probably.

When I finally peeled myself from the ceiling, I wondered how generative AI would impact the truck camper industry. Could generative AI help the truck camper industry be more productive, efficient, and profitable? Most of the answers I came up with remain theoretical, except for one.

Artifical Intelligence Future Of Truck Camper Design 4

Above: These images were created by generative AI in less than 30 seconds.

Generative AI Truck Camper Design

One of the last truly transformative truck camper floor plans to debut was the 2006 Okanagan 117DBL. Two years later, Okanagan RV shut down during the Great Recession, but the 117DB floor plan continued in production with multiple manufacturers. Seventeen years after the 117DB launch, one major truck manufacturer still builds the floor plan. That’s quite an impact.

Since then truck camper design has been more iterative than transformative. It’s difficult to justify the time, expense, and risk required for new designs when the economy is continuously vacillating between unprecedented booms and busts (both courtesy of the pandemic), and demand for what you are producing remains strong. It’s also not easy to come up with new ideas for truck camper layouts. Many a truck camper design team has told us that all the design possibilities are done, or have been done.

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Artificial Intelligence Future Of Truck Camper Floor Plans
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The AI Future Of Truck Camper Floor Plans

Above: Generative AI can also create floor plans. Click the plus (+) symbol to expand.

Enter generative AI. We engaged generative artificial intelligence engines to envision the future of truck camper design and floor plans. Some of what followed made no sense, but other ideas were striking. What’s really on display here is the potential for this technology to help break long-established creative and design log jams and come up with never-before-imagined ideas.

Here’s how generative artificial intelligence envisions truck camper design.  You will notice that not all of the truck campers rendered by the AI are demountable.  That’s a detail the AI is still learning.

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The AI Future Of Truck Camper Design 1
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The AI Future Of Truck Camper Design 2
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AI Future Of Truck Camper Design 3
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The AI Future Of Truck Camper Design 5
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The AI Future Of Truck Camper Design 7
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The AI Future Of Truck Camper Design 8

Above: Click the plus (+) symbol to expand the images. Each set of four campers were AI generated in less than one minute with text only prompts

Future Truck Camper Visions

These are the early days of generative AI, similar to where the internet was at the turn of the century. The generative AI engines are rapidly improving as they absorb more images across the internet and learn from the queries of human users, and what we select as the best results. Put another way, what you see above is nothing compared to what’s coming. Terrified? Excited? Me too.

Taking another deep breath, I want to encourage the truck camper marketplace to embrace this technology much like how I encouraged our industry to embrace the idea of an online-only magazine in 2007. The potential for AI to revolutionize every aspect of truck camper design is waiting in silicon wings. The possibilities are literally beyond our imaginations.

What will a generative AI-designed truck camper look like in 2025? That’s exactly the right question. Ask it.


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