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Announcing the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino

Fusing overland and traditional campers, the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino challenge long held design concepts with innovative layouts, features, and technology. From the entry-level Camino to the cutting-edge KRUZR, Kingstar is off-road, off-grid, and out of the box.

Announcing Kingstar Kruzr And Camino Truck Campers

For the full backstory on Kingstar Campers, check out Introducing Kingstar Campers.

We first encountered Kingstar at Overland Expo West 2023 where we met Reyes and Deedra of Exploring Still Connected and marveled at their KRUZR flatbed build. Where Angela and I are more traditional – okay old school – truck campers, Reyes and Deedra are decidedly more overland truck campers and embrace, no crave, cutting-edge camper concepts and technology. To say our conversations were fun is an understatement.

After that meeting, we started to peel the layers of Kingstar Campers to better understand the company’s product and niche within the truck camper marketplace. Through that process, we discovered feature after feature that addressed real-world truck camping, but did so with a fresh design approach. So the dinette tables come out of the cabover and off the bathroom wall? All those floor panels lift to present storage or systems? And the toilet rolls in and out of the bathroom to create a dry bath? Neat, interesting, and wow!

Kingstar KRUZR North South Cabover

These observations prompted a big question; are Kingstar campers traditional or overland truck campers? After several more experiences in Kingstar Campers, I believe the answer is yes.

Through thoughtful design, Kingstar has fused the form, function, and features of traditional truck campers with the form, function, and features of overland campers. For overland enthusiasts seeking more comfort and amenities in a versatile hard side truck camper rig, Kingstar has an answer. For traditional truck enthusiasts that eschew campgrounds and hookups and seek more off-road and off-grid experiences, Kingstar has an answer.

One thing is certain; Kingstar will have both overland and traditional truck camper enthusiasts re-evaluating what’s most important in a truck and camper rig. A lot of what Kingstar is doing has challenged our own truck camper priorities and assumptions. I bet many others will do the same when they see the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino photographs that follow, and read about what this innovative Michigan manufacturer is doing.

Are you a traditional truck camper or an overland camper? If the answer is yes, the Kingstar KRUZR and Camino belong on your shortlist.

For a deep dive into the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino, we talked to Marcus Niemela, President of The Kingstar Company.

Kingstar KRUZR 8 Floor Plan North South Configuration

Above: The Kingstar KRUZR 8 and Camino 88 floor plans can be configured with an east-west or north-south bed, a dry bath or wet bath, and you have five dining area choices.

Kingstar KRUZR 8 and Camino 88 Specifications

The 2024 Kingstar KRUZR 8 and Camino 88 are hard-side, non-slide truck campers made for long bed trucks.  The 2024 KRUZR 8 and Camino 88 have an interior floor length of 9’2”, an interior height of 6’7”, and a width of 7’7″. The center of gravity is 34″ – 36″ depending on accessories.  You can order these campers with an east-west bed or a north-south bed (as in the floor plan above).

The KRUZR 8 and Camino 88 have 32 gallons of fresh, 20 gallons of grey, and an optional 5 gallon cassette toilet.  The KRUZR 8 has a 3 gallon Truma Combi water heater and the Camino 88 has a 6 gallon Suburban water heater.  In both campers, there is room for two twenty-pound vertical propane tanks. The KRUZR 8 comes standard with three 100ah lithium batteries and the Camino 88 comes standard with one AGM battery.

Kingstar is reporting the base weight of the KRUZR 8 at 3,235 pounds and the Camino 88 at 2,887 pounds .  The cost of the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR 8 is $59,960 and the Camino 88 is $39,960. Click here to request a KRUZR 8 and Camino 88 brochure.

Kingstar Camino 66 Floor Plan

Above: The Kingstar KRUZR 6 and Camino 66 floor plans can be configured with an east-west or north-south bed, a dry bath or wet bath, and you have three dining area choices.

Kingstar KRUZR 6 and Camino 66 Specifications

The 2024 Kingstar KRUZR 6 and Camino 66 are hard-side, non-slide truck campers made for short bed trucks.  The 2024 KRUZR 6 and Camino 66 have an interior floor length of 8’0”, an interior height of 6’7”, and a width of 7’7″. The center of gravity is 34″ – 36″ depending on accessories. You can order these campers with an east-west bed or a north-south bed (as in the floor plan above).

The KRUZR 6 and Camino 66 have 25 gallons of fresh, 20 gallons of grey, and an optional 5 gallon cassette toilet.  The KRUZR 6 has a 3 gallon Truma Combi water heater and the Camino 66 has a 6 gallon Suburban water heater.  There is room for two twenty-pound vertical propane tanks. The KRUZR 6 comes standard with three 100ah lithium batteries and the Camino 66 comes standard with one AGM battery.

Kingstar is reporting the base weight of the KRUZR 6 at 3,122 pounds and the Camino 66 at 2,790 pounds.  The cost of the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR 6 is $59,960 and the Camino 66 is $39,960. Click here to request a KRUZR 6 and Camino 66 brochure.

Kingstar Lounger and open cabover feel

Above: The Lounger layout and North-South cabover option

Kingstar offers two truck camper models; the KRUZR and the Camino. What’s the difference between the two models?

The Camino is our entry-level camper that comes pre-wired for a lot of options. Customers can buy the Camino, use it for a while, and then decide what options and accessories they want to add. For example, they might decide they want our 2,000-watt inverter with 300 Ah of Battle Born lithium or our entertainment package. These are easy options to add down the road.

The KRUZR is our statement camper with state-of-the-art standard features and options. KRUZR customers have likely owned a truck camper or two, and want the Truma system, an extensive lithium battery and electrical system, and other cutting-edge technology upgrades.

Both Kingstar models come in 6 and 8 foot lengths. How does the floor plan change going from 8 foot to 6 foot?

Our 6 series is for a 6.5 foot bed and the 8 series is for an 8 foot bed. The 15 inch difference means our 6 foot campers lose a closet just inside the door on the driver’s side, and the sitting area on the passenger’s side is shortened from 72 inches to 57 inches north-south. We preserve the same spacious bathroom in our 6 and 8 foot campers, including the standard wet bath or optional dry bath. You can get our dry bath in both the 6 foot Camino and KRUZR.

Kingstar flatbed with boxes and accessories

Above: A Kingstar Camino 88 flatbed with multiple Kingstar exclusive accessories

Both Kingstar models have flatbed versions. What does going from a slide-in to a flatbed model change on a Kingstar camper?

On our website’s Price Calculator, we offer the cab-to-axle (CA) flatbed build. On the KRUZR, you can check a box to get a 5-inch wider flatbed camper.

Kingstar Flatbed Boxes

That allows you to get the optional flatbed boxes (pictured above) that run along the side and you can get the front garage.

Kingstar Flatbed Camper Exterior

Above: The five-inch wider Kingstar with the flatbed boxes attached

Five inches wider is a lot in a camper. Is it purely floor space?

Yes, it’s mostly floor space. The floor storage is wider and the battery box is wider. The cabinets on the side of the bed grow 2.5 inches wider off the side walls. It translates into a bigger living area and more storage.

Kingstar Camper With Side Steps

Above: A Kingstar in Champaign with the Rack Pack with the Rack Pack tower

Kingstar campers are available in three exterior colors; Clovermist (silver/grey), Champaign (gold/tan), and Polar White (white). Are these colors an upcharge?

The colors are included in the base cost of the camper. On our Price Calculator, you get to pick your exterior color and interior decor.

Kingstar Fastback Design

Above: A Kingstar in Polar White with the Fish and Ski locker under the side wings of the camper

Kingstar makes a line of innovative exterior accessories specifically designed for Kingstar truck campers. Tell us about these accessories and how they were developed.

I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and horseback riding. For each of these activities, you have to bring outdoor gear with you; bikes, paddle boards, etc. Part of Kingstar is having things tidy and purposeful; even on the exterior. That’s where our accessories come in.

Our Fish and Ski Locker comes to mind. There was a decent space between the overhang of the camper and the bed rail of the truck. We thought, “Let’s put something there, like fishing poles and skis”. My brother, Cal, drew it up and our engineer, Mike, developed it.

Kingstar Fish And Ski Locker Open

We also offer Rack Rails, Flatbed Garage, Flatbed Boxes, Overland Pack with Fold and Go Stairs, Side Entry/Pack Away Porch, Rack Pack, Rack Pack Tower, and Side Saddle Auxiliary Water Tanks. All of these accessories add capacity and/or storage to make truck camping more convenient and fun.

Kingstar Flatbed Garage

Are Kingstar accessories compatible with other truck camper brands?

We get that request a lot. We have to graciously decline those requests because our campers are built to handle our accessories. They have the right design and structure to support them. We don’t know where the structure is on other campers and don’t want our company associated with something that falls off or doesn’t work or look right.

Kingstar Garage With Bikes

The only exception is our Front Garage because it’s mounted to a flatbed. We could certainly sell the garage because it’s not attached to the camper. The camper would need a 44 inch high cabover to work.

Kingstar Dinette Table And Window

Kingstar campers feature glass thermal pane windows standard. Why glass windows rather than acrylic?

Acrylic windows are known to haze, scratch, and crack. And when you’re ready to call it a night, you have to open the windows and bug screens to close the windows. That can let in mosquitoes and other bugs. Those are the reasons why we go with glass windows. I get the window question a lot. Once I explain it, most concur with our reasoning.

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Kingstar Wet Bath
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Kingstar Wet Bath With Porta Potty

At the entry door, the stand-out feature is the rear bathroom. Talk to us about the two bathroom options in Kingstar truck campers.

The wet bath is standard in the Camino and KRUZR. It features a sink, shower, and Thetford Porta-Potti 565e. The KRUZR wet bath has a stainless steel surround. The Camino wet bath has a powder-coated galvanized shower surround with a stainless steel shower pan.

If you upgrade to a dry bath, you get the sliding toilet which is a Thetford cassette toilet. We can also do a compositing toilet or a Wrappon toilet. We have installed Air Head composting toilets in the past. That option is customer-driven.

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Kingstar Bathroom Mirror
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Toilet Out Sliding Privacy Wall

With the dry bath, you also get a sliding privacy wall with a full-length mirror. You also get a hanger rod that rotates in and out of the shower stall to let wet items drip. It’s a really nice benefit.

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Kingstar Sliding Toilet Dry Bath
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Kingstar Sliding Toilet Dry Bath From Above
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Kingstar Sliding Toilet Dry Bath Front View
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Kingstar Sliding Toilet Dry Bath Top
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Kingstar Sliding Toilet Shower Area Dry Bath
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Kingstar Sliding Toilet Out Into Dry Bath
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Kingstar Shower Area In Dry Bath
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Kingstar Sliding Toilet Dry Bath Cassette Pull Out

How does your sliding toilet dry bath work?

The toilet is mounted on an aluminum pan. On the east-west part of the pan, there are rollers, like roller skate wheels, that allow the toilet to slide out into the main hallway. This reveals the entire shower pan for a dry bath. Pull the shower curtain closed and the toilet remains dry.

There’s a stainless steel shower curb that keeps the water in the stall. There’s also a privacy wall on a drawer slide that covers the entrance turning the rear of the camper into a large dry bath area.

That’s definitely a unique approach to a camper dry bath. Why did you select a porta-potty for your wet bath?

Currently, it is our only option but–news flash–we believe we will be able to offer a compost and cassette toilet for our wet bath as well.

Most camper shower stalls are fiberglass. Why did you choose stainless steel for Kingstar shower stalls?

It doesn’t require maintenance. Squeegee the water off, which takes a few minutes, and it looks like the day you bought it. There’s no tarnishing or soap stains. It’s a higher quality than fiberglass.

Camino 88 with Cimmaron Decor Countertop

What materials are the cabinets and countertops made from, and are there color or finish options?

Our countertops are Wilson Art formica laminate. You get a stainless steel sink in the KRUZR and a molded sink in the Camino.

Kingstar Kruzer 8 Cascade Interior Cabinetry

The cabinetry is Russian Baltic Birch. It’s 13-ply with exposed grain. The typical cabinet grade could have voids. This is premium cabinetry material. In the Camino, the exposed edge is part of the interior look.

Kruzr 8 N S Couch With Tables With Coastal Decor

Above: Kingstar KRUZR 8, Lounger with tables in the Coastal Decor

The two Kingstar models, KRUZR and Camino, each come in three different interiors. The Camino is available in Caballero, Cimarron, and Cascade. The KRUZR is available in Outer Banks, Silverton, and Ventura. Who develops these interiors for Kingstar?

Marshall, Cal’s son, and I decide on the interior decors. Marshall’s main job is purchasing. He and I sit down with color swatches and pull these interior decors together.

Three fabrics make each decor. The black-out blinds are one of the fabrics. Then there’s one color for the seating area and a different fabric for the pillow. The valances get a different color from the selected interior palette, and the shower stall gets a patterned fabric or panel. In the Camino, the shower stall panel is the same as the ceiling.

Kruzr 8 Dinette Coastal Ceiling Material

The KRUZR comes with a soft touch ceiling with accent strips. What is a soft touch ceiling and what ceiling does the Camino get?

The Camino and KRUZR both have the same ceiling. It’s a pre-made foam panel that’s like a headliner in a car. There’s a tactile feel to it. I can’t think of how many times people have walked in and had to touch it.

It also adds a nice acoustic quality. You may notice that big auditoriums and churches have panels to absorb and diffuse sound. The wood framing, spray foam insulation, and soft-touch ceiling in a Kingstar not only keep our campers warm and dry, but also quiet.

“The wood framing, spray foam insulation, and soft-touch ceiling in a Kingstar not only keep our campers warm and dry, but also quiet.”

The Kingstar KRUZR and Camino come standard with the Open Range floor plan. In addition, you offer four optional floor plans including the Command Center, Lounger, Couch/Bunk, and The Dinette. Do these optional floor plans change more than the mid-passenger’s side?

In the 8 series, the Camino 88 or KRUZR 8, we have five floor plans for the seating area. The Open Range is standard. In addition, we have the Lounger, Couch/Bunk, The Dinette, and the Command Center.

In the 6 series, the Camino 66 or KRUZR 6, there are three floor plans for the sitting area. Again the Open Range is standard; the Couch/Bunk and Lounger are optional.

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Kingstar Open Range Floor Plan Chairs
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Kingstar Open Range Floor Plan With Tables
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Kingstar Campers Open Range Layout

The Open Range is the base unit with a wide open space. You can take your camp chairs from outside and use them inside. Or bring in a couple of German Shepherds and have them lounge in this big area. The Open Range is a big deal for pet owners.

Kingstar KRUZR 8 with dinette and wall accent

The Dinette is for people who want face-to-face seating. People who play board games or card games may prefer a big table and want a dinette.

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Kingstar Couch Bunk As Couch
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Kingstar Couch Bunk Layout

The Couch/Bunk transforms into a double-decker sleeping area. The top is 78 inches long by 43 inches wide. The bottom is 72 inches long by 43 inches wide. A Camino or KRUZR with the Couch/Bunk can sleep four pre-teens and mom and dad in the cabover. To sleep a family of six in a truck camper is huge!

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Kingstar Lounger Sofa
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Kingstar Lounger With Tables Deployed
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Kingstar Lounger With Pillows

The Lounger is by far the most comfortable seating option we have, plus it has a lot of storage. It’s a big couch where you can put your feet up and hang out.

Camino 88 N S Storage Under Lounger Cimmaron Decor

Above: Camino 88 storage under Lounger with the Cimmaron decor

The Command Center is for the digital nomads who want a versatile hybrid. You are able to do your day’s work looking out the window. It has a lot of counter space that can appear and disappear quickly. It’s good for eating, entertaining, and/or working.

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Kingstar Campers Command Center Working Mode
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Kingstar Campers Command Center Side Tables Out
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Kingstar Campers Command Center With Storage
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Kingstar Camper Command Center With Tables Out
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Kingstar Camper Command Center Overview
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Kingstar Camper Command Center As Dinette

The Command Center in the Camino doesn’t come with a 500-watt inverter and the outlets in the center console because we aren’t able to offer the battery pack to support that, but you can get the layout with the chairs and tables.

Kingstar KRUZR 8 with tables deployed

The pull-out tables on the Lounger, Couch/Bunk, and Open Range layouts are really cool. Tell us about this feature and how it works.

Pull-out tables have been in the old Class A busses that I’ve owned. That’s how that happened. A set of tables like these are in my 1979 Custom Coach Industries Class A. That was a big influence.

The tables simply lift off the bathroom wall, or pull out from the cabover bedroom and then retract back into storage position when you’re done. The pull-out tables may not be a new idea, but they’re an efficient approach for a truck camper.

Kingstar KRUZR 8 Couch Bunk Coastal

Above: A Kingstar KRUZR 8 with the Couch/Bunk in Coastal decor with the tables retracted into the storage position

Could a customer choose one floor plan today, say the Command Center, and later change to The Dinette?

Absolutely. I have a customer who did just that. He installed a Couch/Bunk and used it for three to four years with his kids. Then, he put the Lounger in. When he has grandchildren, he can put the Couch/Bunk back in.

Kingstar Dinette Into Bed

Does The Dinette layout make into a bed?

Yes. Three of our floor plans turn into bed; the Lounger, Couch/Bunk and The Dinette.

KIngstar North South Cabover

Kingstar cabovers come standard east-west with an optional north-south configuration (shown above). Why not make north-south standard?

We built our early campers with an east-west configuration, and we continued with that standard. To this day, east-west is 25 percent of our sales. I’m talking with someone right now who wants an east-west cabover.

Kingstar 800 Watts Solar On Roof

Kingstar offers different amounts of solar depending on the cabover configuration. How does choosing the east-west versus north-south configuration impact the solar options?

On an east-west model, we offer 180 and 480 watts on the Camino, and 200 and 600 watts on the KRUZR. On a north-south model, we offer 300 and 600 watts on the Camino, and 400 and 800 watts on the KRUZR.

Soon we’ll be offering 1,000 watts, It’s all about available rooftop real estate.

Kingstar Truma Systems In KRUZR Camper

Why did you select the Truma Combi heating system, Victron 3000-watt inverter, and 300 Ah Battle Born lithium batteries for the premium KRUZR model?

That goes back to the first Kingstar question; Adventure (Camino) or Expedition (KRUZR). Marshall said, “It wasn’t the Lewis and Clark adventure, it was an expedition”. Lots of planning was involved with the KRUZR.

The KRUZR camper gets the latest and greatest technology including Starlink, Peplink, a Truma Combi, a 3000-watt inverter, big lithium battery capacity, and lots of solar. The KRUZR is for full-timers or people who want to go on long expedition trips to Alaska, Newfoundland, and Mexico.

The Adventure (Camino) camper is for someone who wants a spontaneous getaway. They want to enjoy family time. The Camino offers that and can be built into an expedition camper over time. The Suburban water heater in the Camino doesn’t limit someone, but Truma does it better.

Kingstar Kruzr 6 Refrigerator

Above: Kingstar KRUZR 6 Vitrifrigo 4.0 cubic foot refrigerator

What’s the difference in refrigerators between the two models?

With the Truma Combi, the KRUZR does two appliances in one; a water heater and a furnace. That allows space for a 5.3 cubic foot refrigerator. The Camino has a Suburban water heater and a Suburban furnace under the refrigerator. That left space for a 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator. In the KRUZR 6 series, even though it has the Truma Combi, you get a 4.0 cubic foot refrigerator. They are all Vitrifrigo DC compressor refrigerators.

Kruzer With Vitrifrigo Refrigerator

Above: KRUZR with the Vitrifrigo refrigerator/freezer

Vitrifrigo is a brand we haven’t seen in a camper. Why did you select that brand?

Vitrifrigo is a really nice Italian-made refrigerator. It was relatively unknown when we got into it, but we’ve now started seeing them in more RVs.

Kingstar Side Tank

Kingstar campers come with different standard tanks and a 3.5 season grey tank. What does that mean?

The 8 series comes with a 32 gallon four season fresh tank. The 6 series comes with a 25 gallon four season fresh tank.

With the 8 series, you are able to get an additional 30 gallons to get to 62, and with the 6 series you get 25 gallons for a total of 50 gallons of fresh water. The auxiliary tanks are 3 season. The tanks are mounted on the exterior above the wheel wells and have a gravity feed into the main fresh tank.

Kingstar Auxiliary Water Tanks

You get a 20 gallon grey tank on our slide-in models and a 30 gallon grey tank for flatbed models. I call them 3.5 season because most parts of country you are above freezing year round.

Kingstar Tank Valve Quick Divert

If you encounter freezing temperatures, you can divert the grey tank in seconds for dishwater to the ground and just as quickly, divert back into the tank.

Kingstar Battle Born Batteries Under Step Up

How many batteries does the Kingstar KRUZR and Camino have and where are they located?

With the Camino, one AGM comes standard and you can upgrade to three AGM batteries. You can also get a 2000-watt Victron inverter, or 300 amp hours of Battleborn lithium batteries with the 2,000-watt inverter.

The KRUZR has 300 amp hours of Battleborn batteries and a 3,000-watt inverter standard. You can bump that up to 540 or 810 amp hours of lithium.

On both models, the batteries are located in the front center of the camper down low on the floor. That helps with the center of gravity and creates a nice step-up transition point into the overcab sleeper bunk. If you don’t get the 810 amp hour package, you have extra storage. With 300 and 540 amp hours, we put in a partition. Some folks use that area for their kitty’s litter.

How do you access the batteries?

There’s access from inside with a piano hinge. Everything is right there. With AGMs, we add ventilation. With lithium, it’s not required.

Kingstar Propane Compartment

What are the propane tank sizes in the Kingstar KRUZR or Camino? And where are those tanks located?

We have two 20 pound propane tanks located on the rear passenger’s side underneath the sink of the shower.

Water Heater Winterization

How does one winterize a Kingstar KRUZR or Camino? Are there low water drains, battery disconnects, water heater bypass?

Yes. In the water pump area, there’s an intake hose that’s plumbed on a valve. One gallon of anti-freeze will winterize the whole camper; the sink, outside shower, bathroom sink, and shower. We have valves to isolate the water tank and main tank. There are five valves total to switch from one setting to the opposite setting and you’re done.

There’s also a battery disconnect. The breakers for the battery and solar are very accessible in the battery box. Just push the button, the lever drops and you’re disconnected. On the underside of the camper is access to the bottom of the water tank when the camper is off the truck.

Is there an optional built-in generator for the Kingstar KRUZR and Camino?

Not for the campers, but with the Overland Pack and Rack Pack they are built around the dimensions of the Honda 2200 or 2000.

Kingstar Honda Generator Compartment

The Camino has an outside compartment that fits a Honda 2200 or 2000 generator and two, two-gallon gas cans. They fit on the driver’s side in a vented compartment. You won’t need to buy an accessory to carrier the Honda.

The KRUZR doesn’t need one because of the DC-to-DC charger and huge solar and battery banks we offer. In the KRUZR, you can have all the coffee you want, run the air conditioner and microwave at will, and do your work with the inverters running. It’s quite remarkable and satisfying to not be plugged in.

Kingstar campers employ 8K BTU domestic-style side wall air conditioners rather than traditional roof top units. What’s the thinking there?

We use a side-mounted air conditioner to keep our overall height down and the side-mounted units cost less, weigh less, draw less, and are very quiet as far as air conditioners are concerned.

The 8K BTU Amana (made by Whirlpool) uses 900 to 1,100 watts, depending on the day. In reality, it’s pulling an average of 600 to 700 watts because a lot of times the compressor and fan are off. This is one aspect of our design where I don’t see any trade-offs. The wall-mount air conditioner is 100 percent positive.

Kingstar Air Conditioner

Where is the air conditioner located?

It’s above the refrigerator on the side wall. We have two ways of venting it. The Camino gets a vent above it that uses a Dometic refrigerator three-way roof vent. The air conditioner pulls in air from the top and exhausts out the side with a louvered vent. We don’t have as much solar capacity on the Camino because of the roof vent.

The KRUZR has a manifold where it sucks air in and exhales it from the side. It’s not reliant on the roof vent. This approach expands our real estate for solar, but it costs more money.

Kingstar KRUZR 8 Coastal Air Conditioner Cover

Above: The air conditioner comes with a cover that can be placed on top when not in use

With the side mount air conditioner, is there any concern with vibration, heat, or noise?

It’s the quietest thing going. The roof top units are overkill, at least in our campers with the spray foam insulation. It would be a meat locker. The 8K BTU Amana is also Honda 2200 generator friendly. It only draws 900-1100 watts. 8K BTU is perfect for the space.

Kruzr Back With Rack Rail

Tell us about the Rack Rail and entry step system for the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino.

The KRUZR comes standard with the Rack Rail. That’s the horizontal bars with lighting and extra directional lighting. It’s also a universal mounting point for our Overland Pack and Rack Pack.

Kingstar Rear Bar

With the Camino, the Rack Rail and grey tank is an option, the Camino could be used with the tailgate down. In that instance, the person could use after-market scissor steps or use a built-in tailgate step system.

For KRUZR or Camino owners with the Rack Rail, the Overland Pack or Rack Pack, have a step system built in with gas can storage, grill storage, and hose and cord storage.

The Rack Pack is side entry and the Overland Pack is straight in and straight out. You can get the pack away porch which allows the stairs to pivot 90 degrees and gives you side entry with the Overland Pack. It’s all in the accessories section of our website. You’ll see the engineered drawings of accessories to show you how they operate.

Kingstar Layouts 2B

Tell us about the options for the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino.

When you click on KRUZR or Camino on our website and select a floor plan, it shows you what you get with the base price. Then, it shows you the options we offer with the pricing we offer.

Depending on the model and layout you select, we offer a good number of options including the north/south cabover, flatbed build, Entertainment package with television, DVD players and King OmiPro antenna, Communications Package with Peplink 5G mobile internet, Starlink installation, pull-out trash cans, skylight with blackout shade, huge lithium battery systems, dry bath, awnings, and our Kingstar exclusive accessories.

Kingstar Command Center

Kingstar is the first company, that we are aware of, to offer a Starlink Installation option. What does this option include?

The customer buys the Starlink system and registers it. It’s then shipped to us and we install it.

We also offer the Peplink if they want to pair it up. Peplink takes the place of a WeBoost and has a WIFI antenna in it. We’re able to bring the Peplink dish and Starlink to the back of the camper and not add height.

Kingstar Camper Side Steps

What trucks are you targeting for the Kingstar KRUZR and Camino models?

We start with single rear wheel one-ton trucks. To maximize a Kingstar build and experience, you want a dually or flatbed build. It’s not that our campers are heavy, but we offer so many accessories, have huge battery packs, and large water capacities. It’s the options, that add the weight. If we had no accessories, no inverters, no batteries, and less solar, we could be called Michigan Light. Folks buy these to put stuff in them and stuff has weight.

What do the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino weigh with standard build features?

The Camino 66 is 2,790 pounds dry. That’s our lightest camper. At the other end of the scale, the KRUZR 8 flatbed wide body built with the flatbed boxes, Rack Pack and Tower, 810 amp hours of lithium, 800 watts of solar, 62 gallons of water, and full propane weighs in at 5,200 pounds wet.

Where is the center of gravity on the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino?

The center of gravity is a moving target due to the models, options, and accessories. The water tanks, inverter, batteries, refrigerator, air conditioner, and oven are all forward of the rear axle. We have so many offerings that the center of gravity number moves, but it’s always forward of the rear axle.

What is the base MSRP for the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino with standard build features?

For the base Camino 88 or 66, it’s $39,960. For the base KRUZR 8 or 6, it’s $59,960. We just sold a KRUZR to a couple in Napa for $93,000, but that had almost everything but a garage. The garage would have taken it just north of $100,000. That’s a max build with everything.

What is the warranty for the 2024 Kingstar truck campers?

Kingstar’s warranty is a no asterisks one year bumper-to-bumper warranty. There is sometimes verbiage in other warranties about things like not using it for anything but recreation or parking under a pine tree with sap on the roof. We don’t play that game.

In addition, customers have my cell number. We are not going to have scuttle butt, we will work with our customers.

Where can someone see a Kingstar truck camper prior to purchase?

We do a handful of Overland Expos and RV shows throughout the year. Our website features an events page with where we’re going to be. Certainly coming to our factory is an option. There are always in-progress and built-out campers at our facility. Some of our current customers are open to showing off their camper. If they’re in close proximity to you, you can see one that way.

What’s the lead time on a Kingstar Camper?

Deposits taken now have a July completion date. We typically have a five month lead time, but it depends on the build. Caminos are quicker.

Kingstar in the snow

Is there anything about the 2024 Kingstar KRUZR and Camino that you would like to add?

We want to be a truck camper manufacturer that appeals to almost everyone. Our Camino is a more affordable camper that can be quickly upgraded as your budget allows and needs change. The KRUZR is our cutting-edge model for truck camper enthusiasts looking for the best in design, features, technology, off-road and off-grid capabilities in the industry.

Are there any other new model or feature announcements coming from Kingstar in 2024?

Yes. Reyes and Deedra of Exploring Still Connected are beta-testing a storage solution for us. That should be a new Kingstar exclusive accessory announced later this year.

For more information on Kingstar, visit their website at Click here to request a free Kingstar camper brochure.


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