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Announcing the 2024 Citation Explore 10-2 and 9-6

General Coach Canada presents two all-new truck campers; the full-wall slide-out Citation Explore 10-2 and the non-slide hard side Citation Explore 9-6. Where did Citation Explore’s bold new look come from? The movie business!

Announcing The Citation Explore 10-2 And 9-6

For the full backstory on Citation truck campers, check out Introducing Citation Truck Campers.

When they founded the new Citation truck camper line, General Coach Canada started with their rich history of making not only truck campers, but also mobile offices, manufactured homes, and high-end theatrical production trailers for the film industry.

That’s right. General Coach builds star wagons for movie stars in Europe and America. In fact, several of the design decisions are based on innovations they developed while making the trailers where movie stars hang out, read scripts, and get ready for their close-ups.

This helps to explain how Citation’s camper designs are completely devoid of the dark and dated RV aesthetics. In particular, the Citation interiors are bright, engaging, and decidedly modern. The biggest detail that stood out to us was the use of fiberglass for the inside walls. Where did that idea come from? Film production trailers.

Of course, most of us start our truck camper pre-purchase research with the materials, processes, and selected components that go into a camper. Here General Coach started with the best aspects of Citation truck campers from years past; aluminum framing, vacuum-bonded walls, and a keen focus on four-season insulation. Then they fully embraced current advances in manufacturing including CNC, light-weight and waterproof composites, and cutting-edge appliances from Truma and Furrion.

The result is a camper that takes full advantage of the decades of camper, trailer, and manufactured home manufacturing experience of General Coach, and then takes things up a notch with a dose of movie trailer magic. One thing is for sure. This isn’t your dad’s Citation.

For a deep dive into the 2024 Citation 9-6 non-slide and the 10-2 full-wall slide-out, we talked to Chris Faulkner, Vice President of General Coach Canada.

2024 Citation 10-2 Specifications

The Citation 10-2 is a hard side, single-slide, wet bath truck camper made for long bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the Citation 10-2 is 10’2”, the width is 8’3”, and the interior height is 6’6″.

The Citation 10-2 has a 40 gallon fresh tank, 2.6 gallon water heater, 23 gallon grey tank, and 23 gallon black tank.  It can accommodate one Group 24 battery and has two twenty-pound propane tanks.

The base weight of the Citation 10-2 is 4,998 pounds.  The base MSRP for the 2024 Citation 10-2 is $86,510 US ($117,140 CAD). Click here to request information about the Citation 10-2 truck camper.

2024 Citation 9-6 Specifications

The Citation 9-6 is a hard side, non-slide, wet bath truck camper made for long bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the Citation 9-6 is 9’6”, the width is 8’3”, and the interior height is 6’6″.

The Citation 9-6 has a 20 gallon fresh tank, 2.6 gallon water heater, 17 gallon grey tank, and 23 gallon black tank.  It can accommodate one Group 24 battery and has two twenty-pound propane tanks.

The base weight of the Citation 9-6 is 4,475 pounds.  The base MSRP for the 2024 Citation 9-6 is $81,601 US ($110,500 CAD). Click here to request information about the Citation 9-6 truck camper.

Citation 10-2 Rig

Above: Citation 10-2 slide-out truck camper

Citation truck campers feature an aluminum riser frame bolted to the underbelly of the campers. What is this riser frame and why is it necessary?

The aluminum riser frame is additional aluminum tubing on the underbelly of the camper to raise the unit up and out of the truck bed to clear truck cabs and antennas.

Can the aluminum riser frame be removed for truck and camper combinations that don’t need it?

Yes, you can remove it.

Citation Explore Truck Campers Rear Step

Above: The Citation Escape rear bumper by Torklift International

Was the aluminum storage bumper designed and developed in-house, or was another company brought in for that element?

Our aluminum storage bumpers are made by Torklift International. It was designed with their engineering department to perfectly fit our campers.

Citation Explore Truck Campers Front End Cap

The fiberglass front nose caps feature a front window. This is definitely a departure from the previous iteration of Citation. Why did you decide to incorporate a front window?

The front cap design stems from our Reward travel trailer. We believe the two products complement each other. One of the key features of the Reward is the front window. So, when we started designing the camper, this was one of the elements we wanted to include.

The window is custom-designed and manufactured by Custom Glass in Ohio. It is not your typical RV window. It comes directly from the automotive industry and boosts the same installation requirements as your car or truck. Each window install is outsourced to a professional local contractor to ensure a proper seal that eliminates the chance of leaking.

Citation truck campers were 100 inches wide (8’4”). How did you decide on the right floor length, width, height, and overhang for the new Citation line?

Having made truck campers in the past with success, we didn’t mess with the overall dimensions too much. The new Citation truck campers are 99 inches wide (8’3”). The overall length, height, and width are also nearly identical to the original models.

What is the basement height in Citation truck campers?

The basement compartment is 11 ½” high; roughly wheel well height. The only thing that changed drastically was the interior cabover height. The cabover height is now taller to accommodate the new front fiberglass nose cap and the automotive window.

Citation Explore Frameless Windows

Tell us about the windows selected for Citation truck campers and why you chose those windows.

Trying to keep up with the changing marketplace and technologies, we selected frameless thermal pane windows for the new Citation series. We know our customers are using their campers during the heat of summer and the cold of winter and selected some of the best insulated windows on the market. Citation truck campers have always been known for their superior insulation and the new frameless insulated windows reflect that. The size and placement of the windows are nearly identical to the older models.

Citation Explore Camper Skylight

Above: Note the skylight in the cabover of this Citation Explore with Sapphire cabinetry

The skylights look huge in the new Citation campers. What size are they?

The main skylight is 22 inches by 34 inches with a smaller version in the bathroom for additional headroom. More importantly, both skylights are thermal pane, so your heat loss is kept to a minimum. Although slightly different from the original skylights used on earlier models, we stuck with a residential style. There’s a reduced weight factor while still providing a superior product.

Citation Explore 9-6 Kitchen And Refrigerator

Above: The Citation Explore 9-6 kitchen with the Agate interior

One stand-out aspect of the new Citation campers is the use of high gloss fiberglass on the interior walls. This is something we haven’t seen from any other brand. Why does Citation use high gloss fiberglass on the interior walls?

It moves us away from traditional paneling and provides a cleaner and brighter look. It also further differentiates Citation in the marketplace.

This is not new to us. We started using high gloss fiberglass on the interior walls with our theatrical trailer line built for the European movie industry. They wanted something clean, bright, and rich-looking to offer a high-end feeling. Your standard paneling wasn’t going to cut it. The high gloss fiberglass interior changed the whole look of the unit and we have been implementing it in other product lines ever since.

“The high gloss fiberglass interior changed the whole look of the unit and we have been implementing it in other product lines ever since.”

Citation Explore 9-6 Dinette And Bathroom

Above: The Citation Explore 9-6 dinette with the Agate interior

Are you using the exact same fiberglass inside and out?

We use Crane Composite fiberglass inside and out. We have used Crane for many years. We previously had issues with another fiberglass company, switched to Crane, and have never looked back. Okaply, the local vendor that does our vacuum bonding, also has a relationship with them.

Citation Explore Camper Sapphire Kitchen

Above: Citation Explore with the Sapphire interior

How does a Citation owner care for the fiberglass walls inside their campers?

There’s no maintenance necessary. Simply wipe the walls down if they get dirty.

Can you hang things on the interior fiberglass walls?

You can’t put holes in the wall, but as an alternative, you can use things like 3M Command Hooks that stick to flat surfaces.

Citation Drawer Open

The cabinets in Citation truck campers are described as lightweight, plywood modular cabinets. Are these cabinets made in-house?

Yes, we make our cabinetry in-house out of a lightweight plywood material called Garnica. It is lighter and stronger than plywood, MDF, or particle board. Once more, we’ve selected the lightest high-end product we could find.

Citation Storage Compartment Bed

What does it mean that the cabinets are modular?

In a residential house, your cabinets are modular. Each cabinet is in its own box; top, bottom, and two sides. That’s a modular cabinet.

Structurally, modular cabinets are better than the ubiquitous face frame cabinetry construction used throughout the RV industry. Our modular cabinets have the full structure for dramatically improved strength, durability, and quality.

This evolution started with our park models several years ago. We purchased all the machinery required to build everything in-house. Today, modular cabinets are used in all of the products we produce. At the end of the day, it’s a better product.

Citation 10-2 Blue Cabinet Interior

Above: The Citation 10-2 with the Sapphire interior

In some photographs, the cabinetry is grey and in others it’s blue. Talk to us about the cabinet color choices in Citation truck campers.

We currently have three interior cabinet color choices; matte blue, a licorice black wood grain, and a matte grey. We will most likely limit this to two once we get feedback from the field.

Are there interior fabric choices for Citation truck campers?

The dinette seat cushions are available in charcoal grey or a neutral tan. Everything else is the same in every camper; the roller blinds, bedspread, and other materials and colors are all neutral greys.

Citation 10-2 Overcab And Kitchen

Above: Citation 10-2 overcab with the Sapphire interior

Citation campers use Olympia ceiling and front end wall sponge headliner. Tell us about this material.

Olympia headliner is a foam-like material that covers the entire ceiling. The advantage is that you don’t have to use gimp. Olympia headliner has eliminated it. There’s also no paneling on the ceiling. It’s a cleaner look, is easier to clean, doesn’t absorb odors, and allows us to put on components like the air conditioners without trims.

What slide mechanism are you using for the Citation 10-2 slide-out model?

We are using the Schwintek slide-out mechanism and have had no issues. We have successfully used these mechanisms in some of our other products as well.

Citation Explore Camper Interior Slide In

On the Citation 10-2, can you access the bathroom with the slide-out in?

It’s tight, but you can get into it. Speaking of the bathrooms, we use Corian countertops in the10-2 bathrooms. Corian gives the 10-2 bathroom a very high-end look.

Citation Explore Camper Countertop Detail

In the kitchen, we use a Formica countertop to save weight.

Citation Explore 9-6 Kitchen

Above: Citation Explore 9-6 Kitchen

General Coach selected Furrion ovens, cooktops, 12-volt compressor refrigerators, and microwaves for Citation truck campers. Why Furrion?

We like the quality and the availability. We were originally using a Dometic refrigerator, but we had quality and sourcing issues. The Furrion products work well and have better availability. We also like to keep everything as one brand.

Truma Combi In Citation Campers

Above: The Truma Combi can be accessed through an exterior compartment door for maintenance

General Coach selected Truma air conditioners and Truma Combi water heaters and furnaces for Citation truck campers. Why Truma?

We like the Truma systems because they’re quieter. Truma also has a solid reputation and is in other higher-end RV products. We didn’t want to come out with high-end unit with a lower-quality air conditioner than our competitors. Using the Truma Combi came down to space. It’s a water heater and furnace in one, so it has a smaller footprint. Again, we use this same product in our Reward trailer and have been very happy with the results and reliability.

“We like the Truma systems because they’re quieter. Truma also has a solid reputation and is in other higher-end RV products.”

What model of Truma air conditioner are you using in Citation truck campers?

The Truma Aventa Comfort.

Do you offer a built-in generator option for the Citation 9-6 or 10-2?

We are not offering a built-in generator, but a portable 2,000-watt suitcase-style generator will fit in the cargo compartments of both the 9-6 and the 10-2. We also have a specific space for a 3,000-watt GoPower inverter.

Can a portable Honda EU2200i run the Truma air conditioner?

At this point, no. Truma is coming out with an air conditioner with a soft start.

Citation Explore Bath 9 6

Above: The Citation Explore 9-6 wet bath

What size holding tanks do the Citation truck campers have?

The 10-2 has a 40 gallon fresh tank, 23 gallon grey tank, and 23 gallon black tank. The 9-6 has a 20 gallon fresh tank, 17 gallon grey tank, and 23 gallon black tank. The holding tank sizes were determined by the space in the basement and the tanks that were available to us.

Citation Explore Battery Compartment

Where are the battery compartments in Citation truck campers?

They are on the exterior. On the 10-2, the battery compartment is on the driver’s side back wall. On the 9-6, it’s on the driver’s side on the side wall.

How many batteries will the compartments accommodate?

The battery compartments hold a single Go Power 100 Ah lithium battery. It’s a smart battery with Bluetooth and an integrated heater.

Citation 9-6 Truck Camper Roof Finish

How many watts of solar are standard?

We are installing 400-watts of solar standard.

What size propane tanks are in the Citation units?

The 9-6 and the 10-2 have two 20-pound vertical propane tanks on slide-out trays.

Propane Slider

What options are available for Citation truck campers?

The rearview camera and 3,000-watt inverter could be optioned, but there are really no options. Everything is included in the price and weight of the unit.

What do the 2024 Citation truck camper models weigh with standard build features?

Our first production model 10-2 was 4,998 pounds. Our first production model of the 9-6 was 4,475 pounds. When we build the new units during our second run, we project that we will save between 400 and 500 pounds from changes to the cabinetry construction and removal of the slide-out tray.

Where is the center of gravity on the 2024 Citation models?

The 10-2 is 45 inches from the front wall. The 9-6 is 41.5 inches from the front wall.

Is the center of gravity marked on the side of the camper?

Yes, we can do that.

Citation Explore Truck Camper On The Road

What is the MSRP for the 2024 Citation models with standard build features?

The MSRP for the 2024 Citation 10-2 is $86,510 US ($117,140 CAD).

The MSRP for the 2024 Citation 9-6 is $81,601 US ($110,500 CAD).

What is the warranty for the 2024 Citation truck campers?

Citation truck campers have a five-year structural warranty. All of the components have their own warranties. Our five-year warranty covers anything we build here structurally that is not affected by lack of maintenance. If the window leaks because it was put in wrong, we will cover it. If the corners leak because you didn’t caulk and seal, it will not be covered. We’ve been here since 1950 and we back our warranty.

When will the 2024 Citations be available?

There are six prototypes available now. Full production of 2024 Citation 9-6 and 10-2 campers will be coming off the line at the end of April.

For more information on Citation, visit their website at Click here to request a free Citation truck camper brochure.


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